John K Trainer
John K Trainer
Oct 12, 2014

See the people watcher
Still as a mantis
Endless ambient sounds, unidentifiable
Does not prevent his gaze
He studies her eyes; her smile
And undresses her mind
The watcher finds himself
Her thoughts are not easily uncovered
A coffin, sealed; undefiled
The watcher will only find him,
Looking out as he looks in

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Apr 24      Apr 25

A Watcher in the distance
Emotionally charged stares
Thinking I'll speak to you
Keeping a close eye out
I feel your glares
You keep watching me
But you won't get me back
This time it's too late
So keep watching
That's all you'll ever be now
A stranger Watching me
Watching me be free
Watching me walking away
never looking back on yesterday
Watching life pass
Because of stubborn pride
Thinking of the days we were happy
The day a piece of me died
Keep watching you can see
I am happy now
So much better than I used to be
A wonderful life now
I was set free
Go on now, stop watching me

property of Elizabeth Campbell all rights reserved

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On brown earth and fields of clovers,
a glade has grown to be.
Its cool breeze and green leaves
offer peace and solace to me.

Spears of sun pierce through the shade
and paint the thirsty wood.
Its tendriled veins writhe and stretch,
beneath a canopied hood.

Atop the ferns a parascope rises
swaying back and forth.
It moves to the left, it moves to the right,
and then I hear a snort.

My dog eared friend brings to me,
a long and pointed gift.
But such a prize is recognized
to leave just as quick.

The air is filled with warbeled songs
from treetops far and near.
But an incessant buzz cuts like unkindness
and comes to fill my ear.

I see it plain above my zenith,
a machine of flying plastic.
Its rotors spin in four successions,
it floats and moves - stochastic.

This hovering sentinel watches all
with a tiny gazing eye.
But who's to gain, learn, intrigue,
by spying from the other side?

From up so far a world so small:
he sees himself a king.
Out of dangers, out of touch,
to him no harm can bring.

And though he thinks that he remains
concealed, secure, untracked.
He does not know, below the grove,
I am staring back.

playing fetch with my dog when our fun was interrupted by a nosy R/C drone.  5/21/2015
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David W
David W
Oct 7

     The watcher.
           Far removed,
                          ­Still distant;
                      Keep Vigil!
                 Watch over,
           Leave us not,
Our watcher —
                                                                ­                                       — Spyglassman

This one is just a comedic piece I wrote while watching an old man surveying the sea with his spyglass the other day. I was just reflecting on life and the ways in which we amuse ourselves. I'd be happy to hear thoughts, critiques, or feedback, but know that this is more an over-dramatization of a character I observed from a distance for a few hours. It is not something I have put great thought, effort, or care into.

He follows you around
He watches your every move
He reads your every letter
And he's listening to you
He knows exactly where you are
And everything you do
He's a stalker some may say
But they haven't got a clue
So if you think your being watched
And spied on in your home
Remember to thank the NSA
For watching you everyday

There is a big movement going around trying to get the patriot act recalled, so I wrote this poem to support it.
So the watchers both stayed
Nov 28, 2012

The watcher of night
hid from the day
and fled from the light
because she could not stay.

The watcher of day
saw this sweet sight
as they played this new game
and he ran from the night.

But the watcher of night
did not want to run
so she ended her flight
and stood in the sun.

The watcher of day
was soon full of fright.
Should he, too, stay
or cower in her might?

So the watchers both stayed
and they faced on another.
The night wasn't afraid
so she stood with her brother.

As the night and day blend
Death come for the watchers
and one life did end --
and that life was her's.

A new watcher of night
now runs from the day.
She flees from the light --
She is forbidden to stay.

The watcher of day
is not pleased by the sight
but he still plays the game
and runs from the night.

You Tuber watcher
me a Tuber watcher
I watch it most nights
then some of the days
I watch it from June
till the end of May
Yes I am a You Tuber
been since 2004
and you know something
it opened many a door
from metaphysics
to Palaeontology
you really can see all
so tonight dear friend
go have yourself a ball

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris

Jul 13, 2014

I am lost in the desert
where the high sun
shapes shadows
sending them sprawling
across the parched land
I can see your silhouette
against the setting sun
darkness lined with brilliance
illuminating the horizon
burning your image into my eyes
I hear your heartbeat
as the moon rises
and my lonely spirit howls
calling out to you
my mysterious stranger
I wonder...
who are you?

As Watchers hang upon the East,
Emily Dickinson


As Watchers hang upon the East,
As Beggars revel at a feast
By savory Fancy spread—
As brooks in deserts babble sweet
On ear too far for the delight,
Heaven beguiles the tired.

As that same watcher, when the East
Opens the lid of Amethyst
And lets the morning go—
That Beggar, when an honored Guest,
Those thirsty lips to flagons pressed,
Heaven to us, if true.

Hollie Stutzman
Feb 5, 2013

The Night Watcher pleads
“Oh, say, say, say”
He slips each rotting corpse beneath gray epitaphs bread and water
     prisoners of six feet, dirt, wood, fate

"Please speak, please say"
Mumbling under a thick dark blanketing the moon
The Night Watcher floats between stones
     awing statues adorned with shiny gifts and flowery colors
     trinkets of the worthy

     kneels longer at dusty crosses
     gives them spare bread

"Ha! Say, do say!" He laughs
    pursuing conversation with the silent sleepers
No answer comes through the soil
    applause of dead men silenced
    crossed arms stiff in cramped coffins
The Night Watcher lays among strangers
counts the lone stars

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