Julianna Eisner
Apr 15, 2014

Inside these dimensions of my prison,
paralyzed, immobilized,
shattered in fragments of fear,
I utter stifled screams
from my body heap,
piled on the hardwood floor





trapped, desolate and
wretched in mind,
what is left of me after invasion and ravage?

Chase away this these vultures and thieves,
so to shut out this duality
blinding me,
a rabbit caught in headlights    
                                                  ­ up
                   ­        pick

For now I have remained silent,
less the words I have spoken to you,
to reconstruct and repair
this shattered Self,
seeking guidance.
(Until further notice)

i love you.


Felicia C
Felicia C
Jul 11, 2014

My nutritionist told me I need to increase my caloric intake and eat more carbs. I asked my nutritionist, “aren’t carbs bad for you?”
She said, “No. Carbs are not bad for you, carbs are an immediate energy source for your body to use, what’s bad for you is not eating enough and passing out at the end of the day like some pussy bitch. Now eat some carbs and get some meat on those bones before I order you a goddamn pizza myself.”

I should mention that my nutritionist is also my best friend. I call her Lady Reptar, because she is one. A lady, not a reptar, even though she’s twenty times more awesome than a dinosaur and fifty times nicer. She’s beautiful like a motherfucking daisy in the woods and she’s sharp and wittier than her cooking knives and she’s warmer than her father’s woodstove.

"So, do poppy seeds count as protein?"

August 2013
Bulging from your nutrition
Joshua Haines
Joshua Haines
Feb 28, 2014

Bulging from your nutrition
My life suspended
Don’t let me go
I don’t want to be bruised

not of nutrition
Darrell Wade Elverum

Soul to feed,
from origins
of the first love,
not greed,
not of nutrition
but fruition,
and of need.

Starts with belief.

As promised!
Famished of nutrition
Flawless Contradictions

Velvet lovers swim into a purple nest
Meeting at a hysteria they cant resist
A thousand  molecules crowding at their  skin
Famished of nutrition
But sustained by birth

Do you ever feel like you can't leave a person?  When in  a new relationship everything seems so nice but give it time.  He is not the man you thought he was. You stay as he is bashing your face in.  I don't mean ever guy is like this. Women have  issues as well.
At first—a scant nutrition
Emily Dickinson


Deprived of other Banquet,
I entertained Myself—
At first—a scant nutrition—
An insufficient Loaf—

But grown by slender addings
To so esteemed a size
’Tis sumptuous enough for me—
And almost to suffice

A Robin’s famine able—
Red Pilgrim, He and I—
A Berry from our table
Reserve—for charity—

our morning Nutrition:
Mar 4, 2013

finding this morning
awareness of loss
the obituary entry
this physical sense..
those lesser deaths
portrayed as loss
fill electronic news..
Approaching loss
or loss Approaching..?
loss seems woven
into our fabric..
our morning Nutrition:
approaching is longing
to locate disclosures
of buried light
under the garments
we wear...

In an orgy of ill-advised but sensual nutrition
Bob Sterry
Bob Sterry
Jul 25, 2014

Soft curdled interior now at its eutectic
Holds a bifurcated square of gluten
Equally carbonized together
In an orgy of ill-advised but sensual nutrition

In a poetic city this could be a menu item. Comes with a small green salad?
#food   #sensuality   #toast   #cheese   #gluten  
nutrition from my
Kimberly C Brown
Kimberly C Brown
Oct 7, 2010

What is it that you're thinking
tell me what you
while you watch me
doubled over.
As you watch me doubled over
and spit
and breakfasts meal.
Does it disgust you when I choke
and cough
half digested
----not even fully digested----
nutrition from my
acid scarred throat?
Or do you just stand there
feeling nothing.

its public but I would love input and ideas for improvement.
Waiting for the delicious nutrition soon to come.
Jun 3, 2010

Water bubbling merrily!
Pots filled with vegetables
All bright colors and anticipation
Waiting for the delicious nutrition soon to come.
I smell barbecue chicken in the oven too.

When all your sense know it's there
You know it's dinner time.

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