iii. “Seppuku, stomach cutting, is a form of Japanese ritual s
Aug 12, 2014

i. I can’t continue to fall asleep in the practice rooms down the hall to the band room.
I can’t continue to cry on the floor of the girl’s bathroom on the way to art class.
I can’t continue to do what I have been doing to you.

ii. I am hugging the toilet bowl and saying “please” over and over.
My breakfast comes back all at once and I begin to cry.
I will not eat for the next week and survive off of 7-up and drown in missed homework.

iii. “Seppuku, stomach cutting, is a form of Japanese ritual suicide by disembowelment.”
I parade around the stage like a model and banter with Connor in a thick French accent. My stomach is bleeding out, and my underwear is stained red even though I had my period two weeks ago.
Tre wraps his arms around my waist and rests his hands on my stomach.

iv. “I should have kissed you. Every time in my car,” you said. My hands were pressed on your shoulders and you were looking right at me.
After we kissed, my stomach felt like it was ablaze. I left school and went to the doctor; she asked if I was stressed about anything.
I told her not anymore.
v. Satan’s Saxophones was playing in your car as we took Tre home. He kept laughing and you kept asking him about his therapy, about his home life. There was ice cream drowning in root beer and I was irritated.
We dropped Tre off
“Have you ever been in love?” you asked me.
Not with you.
Not yet, anyway.

vi. She was a walking skeleton in her pink prom dress.
“Jesus Christ, look at her collarbones.”
My stomach made sounds like white noise on a television. I tapped on my own collarbones and laid my head on Quinn’s shoulder.

vii. I stuck my finger down my throat and nothing really happened.
I stuck my sister’s toothbrush down my throat and she told me she was fat.
He stuck his tongue down my throat and I pushed him away.
I stuck my finger down my throat and nothing really happened.

viii. I went to the bathroom six times before we left Emily’s house.
I want my body to make up her mind.

In the pit of my stomach,
Apr 18, 2014

I get the feeling
In the pit of my stomach,
It's here.

I get the feeling
In the pit of my stomach,
I don't need to fear.

I get the feeling
In the pit of my stomach,
This is going to last for years.

You make me forget my stomach hurts
Sep 11, 2014

You have a leaf on your shoe,
I bet that was noticeable for you
By the time you got to my house I had the flu
Stuck in bed,
I have to fix what's inside my head
You're so nice to be around,
You make me forget my stomach hurts
Normally I would vomit at the sight of anybody else,
But I guess that's just because you're afraid of vomit,
When people are much more terrifying

pit of your stomach
Autumn Whipple

do you know the feeling
the twisted tremors
the slippery shivers
that linger in the
pit of your stomach
the feeling that something is wrong
the feeling that you
are left out
messed up
when you did nothing
and it seems that maybe
if given the chance
you could've done something
been somewhere
accomplished something
but the feeling in the pit of your stomach
only serves to remind you
of time wasted

i have this feeling right now... not my best poem but eh.
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"You feel everything in your stomach."
Dec 12, 2014      Dec 13, 2014

"Whenever you're stressed,
you internalize it to your gut"
my doctor told me.

My mother always said:
"You feel everything in your stomach."

And it all makes sense now,
How I got knots and twists,
when you said goodbye.
And how I got nauseous,
when I saw you holding her hand.

But if that's true,
why does my chest hurt so much?

I have a really bad stomach ~
βέƦẙḽ Dṏṽ the Smartass Rabbi

I have a really bad stomach ~
first it robbed a bank and then it took hostages.

Guys, meet stomach
The Quiet Wallflower
The Quiet Wallflower
Jun 15, 2013      Jun 16, 2013

Guys, meet stomach
Stomach meet everyone

Stomach loves to shrink
stomach loves to puke
stomach loves to ache
Stomach loves to churn
Stomach loves to
Oh it's breakfast?
I don't feel like it
Oh it's lunch
Pfft you're kidding

Stomach is weak
Stomach is annoying
In short,
Stomach is an asshole

Story about stomach.
Jan 18

You can only play on a joke so much
Before it isn't a joke to someone anymore

liz paula
liz paula
Feb 4, 2013

Those hot peppers you feed me
tsssss all the way down
smoke is in the intestines
and esophagus

have you punched me?
i am sore.

and caffine
i am woozy from you
a wooden ship on rough seas

swallowed enough air for zeppelins
under your shirt hides a fleshy balloon

have I wronged you?
i am sensetive
and vengeful

Jeanne Midtowns
Jeanne Midtowns
Mar 26, 2014

It's Mother's milk I burn for
You with cinnamon
To tuck you in
With Dizzy dreams to wish
Memories of evil men
Video and Audio your
Life records on tape
to disk to dvd and
The world views you on
Giant screen not to mention
HD-flaws burn bright in
Closed red minds
Those minds whose thoughts
Lie with his neighbor's wife
As he recites the bible in his
Triple X underwear
Heads filled full with echoing gossip
Too Loud to even hear the beating they let
Be taken by their son the 'queer'
Who hides at night in fear and Prayer
To the man you put on his pedestal
Damning his intuition of what feels right
and what's told wrong

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