In the pit of my stomach,
14 hours ago

I get the feeling
In the pit of my stomach,
It's here.

I get the feeling
In the pit of my stomach,
I don't need to fear.

I get the feeling
In the pit of my stomach,
This is going to last for years.

Guys, meet stomach
The Quiet Wallflower
The Quiet Wallflower
Jun 15, 2013      Jun 16, 2013

Guys, meet stomach
Stomach meet everyone

Stomach loves to shrink
stomach loves to puke
stomach loves to ache
Stomach loves to churn
Stomach loves to
Oh it's breakfast?
I don't feel like it
Oh it's lunch
Pfft you're kidding

Stomach is weak
Stomach is annoying
In short,
Stomach is an asshole

Story about stomach.
liz paula
liz paula
Feb 4, 2013

Those hot peppers you feed me
tsssss all the way down
smoke is in the intestines
and esophagus

have you punched me?
i am sore.

and caffine
i am woozy from you
a wooden ship on rough seas

swallowed enough air for zeppelins
under your shirt hides a fleshy balloon

have I wronged you?
i am sensetive
and vengeful

It's Mother's milk I burn for
You with cinnamon
To tuck you in
With Dizzy dreams to wish
Memories of evil men
Video and Audio your
Life records on tape
to disk to dvd and
The world views you on
Giant screen not to mention
HD-flaws burn bright in
Closed red minds
Those minds whose thoughts
Lie with his neighbor's wife
As he recites the bible in his
Triple X underwear
Heads filled full with echoing gossip
Too Loud to even hear the beating they let
Be taken by their son the 'queer'
Who hides at night in fear and Prayer
To the man you put on his pedestal
Damning his intuition of what feels right
and what's told wrong

there is a second stomach
Apr 30, 2013      May 1, 2013

there is a second stomach
and it is where words and sentences go
when you swallow them
instead of saying them out loud
And this process has become such
a mundane and common routine
that my second stomach is
overloaded with ugly
and unforgiving words
and if I am not careful
I will vomit all over you

My stomach is really upset with me

My stomach is really upset with me
It wants me to spend some quality time with my one and only true love

In my stomach
Olivia King
Olivia King
Jan 22, 2013

I hate this empty feeling
In my stomach
Acidic and cold
Like someone punched it

I feel sick
I think I combusted
Wouldn't be surprised
If you loved it

I hate myself
I hardly speak
Because I hate what's underneath

I'm horrible
Understand that

Dada Olowo Eyo
Dada Olowo Eyo
Oct 31, 2013

My insides guide me,
Tell me what and when,
Whether before ten,
Or well past three.

I took too much aspirin
and when I finally got in place
next to her, comfortably,
my fucking ears were screaming
like they'd just seen a constellation
of invading 8-bit aliens
and I was a blind leader.
The shit part is that the pain
didn't even go away;
was not "relieved".
Well, you driveling dolts, as is;
I see no danger yet, so
I'll take another aspirin.

#pain   #bullshit   #comfort   #aspirin  
I have this feeling in the pit of my stomach that
Nyesha Lashay
Nyesha Lashay
Jul 14, 2013

I have this feeling in the pit of my stomach that
Reminds me of you.
It makes me want to
Throw up.
Give up.
On you.
For good.

It makes me want to tear up
Your pictures
Our memories
For good.

It makes me want to write you
Fight you
Punch you in the face and
erase it
For good.

This feeling in my stomach,
It won't go away.
This lingering feeling
Is not welcome to stay so
Maybe if I stick my finger in the back of my throat
I'll be able to
Throw up,
Give up,
On you,
For good.

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