In the pit of my stomach,
Apr 18

I get the feeling
In the pit of my stomach,
It's here.

I get the feeling
In the pit of my stomach,
I don't need to fear.

I get the feeling
In the pit of my stomach,
This is going to last for years.

It's not as much butterflies in my stomach anymore.
Lani Foronda
Lani Foronda
Jun 25      Jun 26

It's not as much butterflies in my stomach anymore.
They've migrated to my throat,
Choking me off.
I want to say something beautiful
Paint a picture of eloquence that would take your breath away,
But apparently I'm the one lacking air.
What used to fill my whole being with a flush anticipation
Has caused a fickle for my respiration.
Under the cluster of wings in my throat
I feel each movement-
The hum of so called life.
But will I still be living when I lack air?
These butterflies have lone gone from wonderful and turned
It makes me wonder how something so beautifully fragile could turn so

I have a really bad stomach ~
ḆέƦẙḽ Dṏṽ

I have a really bad stomach ~
first it robbed a bank and then it took hostages.

Guys, meet stomach
The Quiet Wallflower
The Quiet Wallflower
Jun 15, 2013      Jun 16, 2013

Guys, meet stomach
Stomach meet everyone

Stomach loves to shrink
stomach loves to puke
stomach loves to ache
Stomach loves to churn
Stomach loves to
Oh it's breakfast?
I don't feel like it
Oh it's lunch
Pfft you're kidding

Stomach is weak
Stomach is annoying
In short,
Stomach is an asshole

Story about stomach.
liz paula
liz paula
Feb 4, 2013

Those hot peppers you feed me
tsssss all the way down
smoke is in the intestines
and esophagus

have you punched me?
i am sore.

and caffine
i am woozy from you
a wooden ship on rough seas

swallowed enough air for zeppelins
under your shirt hides a fleshy balloon

have I wronged you?
i am sensetive
and vengeful

It's Mother's milk I burn for
You with cinnamon
To tuck you in
With Dizzy dreams to wish
Memories of evil men
Video and Audio your
Life records on tape
to disk to dvd and
The world views you on
Giant screen not to mention
HD-flaws burn bright in
Closed red minds
Those minds whose thoughts
Lie with his neighbor's wife
As he recites the bible in his
Triple X underwear
Heads filled full with echoing gossip
Too Loud to even hear the beating they let
Be taken by their son the 'queer'
Who hides at night in fear and Prayer
To the man you put on his pedestal
Damning his intuition of what feels right
and what's told wrong

Stomach ache
b r o k e n

Stomach ache
Stomach ache
I'll flash a smile, they wont notice its fake.
Stomach pain
Stomach pain
I'll force myself its fine, because i dont wanna gain.
Stomach ache
Stomach ache
I will do whatever it takes
Stomach pain
Stomach pain
Stop, not again.
Stomach ache
Stomach ache
Im going to control myself, for Pete's sake.
Stomach pain
Stomach pain
I know im insane
But you cant stop me, never again.
Because by feeling such PAINS and ACHES
Makes me stronger, and Im strong enough to handle this.
I am not the slave of my body.


Yup, me right now.

I'm so hungry I could eat a whore
I'm sure she could use the money
I wonder if she charges hourly
I'm so slutty I could eat a dollar bill
Money is the root of all evil
All evil sits in the pit of hunger.

#greed   #twisted   #cliches  
Dada Olowo Eyo
Dada Olowo Eyo
Oct 31, 2013

My insides guide me,
Tell me what and when,
Whether before ten,
Or well past three.

Harry J Baxter
Harry J Baxter
Mar 28, 2013

Being poor,
Has become a certainty for me,
I have rejected my dad's money
To go off on my own
And how do I survive it?
I can survive because
I'd kill and eat your family's
Precious little dog
Before I'd let myself starve

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