*A cacophony
Just Caleigh
Just Caleigh
Mar 16, 2015

A cacophony
Of instruments tuning up--
Birds in a willow

in the woods. Cacophony birds
Prabhu Iyer
Prabhu Iyer
May 24, 2014

A noon-time beat plays in the head
Tea-time brawl revisited now.
Lisping out a song later. 'Really?'
The fridge is empty. The late cuckoo
tugs at the heart; Summer sweat
on evening's brow. Deep down
glow, inner lit springs shadowed
in the woods. Cacophony birds
returning home. Cook, cook, cook.
Filling up sink. 'Ah, am I that bad?'
Insecticide can; Make something up:
the noisy fan; Lady in hood, rising
from the lake. 'Could I have....just
done it another way?' Walking by
the bund as the sky slips away
veiled among the blinking stars.

An attempt at linguistic abstract expressionism - presenting a persistent pattern underlying a stream of thoughts.
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a chorus cacophony born
Jun 30, 2014

i subsist on verbs
and postulate on chords
a symphony of synonomy
a chorus cacophony born
in hymns
and antonyms playing
on violins
paper pen
a concerto operatic

of the cacophony and the chaos
Nyssa Elena Jacobsen

The warbling calls
of the peace and the calm
seem pacified and subdued
far from the ears of man

The shattered cries
of the cacophony and the chaos
too loud and incessant
close to the thoughts of youth

With blood spilled,
splashed over years
of adversity and trial,
we stand tired and stained
waiting for everyone
to change

To see the world through
a peaceful gaze
is to see the world in beauty

A beauty that is not often attained.

Amitav Radiance
Amitav Radiance
May 31, 2014

As silence sets in your heart
You are aware of the feelings
And the mind becomes agile
The calming effect of silence
Will help to rearrange beliefs
Silence is the subconscious
Speaks louder than words
It is built on a solid foundation
Firm against sinister forces
Silence is a bundle of energy
It withstands barrage of baloney
Unwavering support of silence
Cocoons the soul in happiness
Silence is retaliation
Of the soul which is strong
Only the strong can wield silence
To make an emphatic statement
Silence is not absence of action
Words are a spent force
When it holds no meaning
Some, hiding behind its guile
Douse the ominous intentions
With silence as your defense
Silence is deafening to a noisy world

© Amitav (Radiance)

Silent Deprecation
Silent Deprecation
Jan 22, 2015

Who is there when the screams turn to silence

#sad   #anger   #hate   #silent   #scream   #bitter   #apathy   #murmur  
Apr 24, 2015

i am
one note
of a
but i am

#life   #people   #music   #personality   #chord  
May 5, 2015

Screeching of harpies,
cacophonous sounds from hell.
The song of deceit.

#haiku   #song   #sound  
Aug 2, 2013

Like a discordant chord striking the piano deaf,
Or a saxophone that lost its swanky sex appeal,
When you breathe down the neck of my violin,
      The horsehair refuses to bow,
When you huff out your limitations into my harmonica,
      You disrupt my harmony,
Throwing me

[But I refuse to be beaten].

unless I'm a drum and you've got the right rhythm....
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