Peter Balkus
Peter Balkus
May 8, 2016

It's hot today,
for hell's sake. Heatwave
came back.
Women flash nipples,
or actually nipples
flash themselves,
don't asking for permission,
big nipples are on a mission
to save men's world.

It's officially nipples day,
so it's okay to show them to the world,
no hiding away, no shame,
more like shouting to look at them,
to take them to your lips and suck,
ready to stuck in your mouth,
ripe, big, brown, see-through,
men's eyes bite them,
nibble around the hard edges,
and they get bigger and bigger,
and bigger. And they look like they buck and stare
at you.
And women don't care
they wouldn't if they could,
but they can't. They've lost control
over them.

Untamed, hot nipples on the loose
waiting for fingers and hands
to cool them down
by burning out.
Just touch
let them burn. They will

Touch them
and you will burn


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Cat Fiske
Cat Fiske
Apr 27, 2015

It all started,
When you removed my top,
and that's when you made me less composed,

I though then that we were going to become parted,
But you just dropped,
and you made my body opposed,

This is when things got-started,
and my body frozen, and shocked,
because you went to a part of me I had left closed,

4: Talk about the thing you regret most so far.
Feb 14, 2016

Deviance and crime tend to go together
But they are not the same
One is a defying act of our society's norms
The other a violation of law

So ladies
When it’s hot as hell degrees
And you are sweating profusely
Or you’d just rather not wear a shirt
You have every right enjoy the relief
To get rid of the heat enhancing tee

Indecent exposure does not apply
Nipples can’t be considered
Just take a look at the shirtless guy
Whether he just decided to feel the breeze
On the upper portion of his body
Or on team skins during a game
There won’t be any police

What about the overweight man
Who’s extra body fat
Shapes his chest correspondingly
Should he too cover his so called “man boobies”

Society has deemed the breast of women
As nothing more than use for sexual pleasure
When in reality the only purpose
Is to provide a baby with proper nourishment

So ladies if you are comfortable it
Take your shirts off
And fuck those who contest this

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Aug 23, 2014

I have bruises like amethyst
But the truth is I’m the catalyst
When I see colours of bismuth
I know you mean business
Bruises like amethyst
But you say you’re a pacifist
An analyst an activist

But you held my mind so it contorts, distorts
And aborts so it can’t resonate or fabricate
Or rationalise a world inside
That doesn't exist and insists
That I can’t be kissed and won’t be missed

I've got a black heart like tourmaline
But I'm the alkaline to your acid time
Trust me I am fine, I'm a pale blue
Crystalline Structural perfection
Don’t need your affection or your ways
Of objections did my bra strap give you an

You could say I'm a feminist
But I'm more of a scientist
Busting body myths like biologist
You say ‘but tits are sexual organs’
Listen you morons, all nipples are a erogenous zone
Regardless of gender , boys nips literally have no purpose
Except when they get nervous for getting a little lip service

Trust me I'm fine, I'm a pale white crystalline
Structural perfection I don’t need your objection
Not a gem stone for your collar bone I don’t give a fuck about
Your muscle tone, I'm a cyclone all alone I could spend a
1,000 years on my own.

sorry not sorry ok
I have a third nipple.
Isaiah Herpes
Isaiah Herpes
Nov 16, 2013

I have a third nipple.
That doesn't mean I'm cripple.
It's on the left side.
Some people think its weird like Jekyll and Hyde.
But there really actually wrong.
Because my nipple just makes me a lot more strong.
People either love it or they hate it.
Either way they wish they had one and usually throw a fit.

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