I'm fickle-minded
7 days ago

When I like a song
I'll play it a hundred thousand times
And when that's done,
I'll avoid it like the plague,
Skipping it on my iPod.

When I like a craft
I'll put my all in it,
And when that's done,
I'll slowly lose interest,
Finding another hobby.

I'm fickle-minded
Can't make up my mind,
Jumping from one thing
To the next.

That's why
I've never told you that
I love you.

I have commitment issues, really.
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Fickle is a thing called love
Mary Stanworth
Mary Stanworth
Apr 28, 2012

Fickle is a thing called love
Its fleeting
Its brief
Its deep
Its passionate
Its lasts only a moment
Or lasts a lifetime
Or is it us that’s fickle with love
Self doubt
Confused thoughts
So many questions
So few answers
These last only a moment
Or can last a lifetime
Fickle is a thing called love
Or is it us that’s fickle with love ??

Infamous one
Infamous one
Mar 16, 2013

Sitting alone listening to music
Typing it out getting it out of my system
Eyes judgement full of disgust
Not buying or believing the bs
I'm doing my own not worried about yours
Mindin my business not trying to get caught
You talk about everyone else nothing going on with you
Drama and trouble all that's important is the truth
Not trying to prove myself I've already done it
Venting but I've said too much maybe not enough
Feeling the change within not going back
Already know don't tell me how to act
Im doing good your the one who overreacts

how fickle is life....
wolf spirit aka quinfinn

how fickle is life....
at once so young,
only to become
by our experiences.
wishing for what used to be
while grateful
at having outgrown
that precocious notion,
so precious..
how fickle are we
were once
what we shall always be?

I'm too fickle to be in love
Jul 31, 2013

I'm too fickle to be in love
For any measurable
Amount of time

The length it takes to
Catch your breath
After a first kiss

The space between
Two bodies making love
Souls afire

I'm already gone
Wistful, looking toward
The next great fall

does that not suggest how fickle humans are?
Jenna Houston
Jenna Houston
Oct 2, 2013

what if we'd never met,
maybe I wouldn't be in this mess.
I do blame you,
have no right,
and I'm disappointed,
you never put up a fight.

I'm angry with you,
the tension is growing,
you can sense it,
I know you can.

I've stopped calling,
stopped texting,
stopped walking,
stopped trying.

I've given up,
on hope of love,
because the truth is,
it only breaks you.

too many people,
fall in and out of love,
does that not suggest how fickle humans are?
maybe love is just not for me.

Are a fickle illusion
May 5, 2013      May 6, 2013

My feelings for you
Are a fickle illusion
At times clear as day
Beaming brightly
Stinging my eyes
Yet at other times
Leaving only an echo
Of an illusion
That once shined so brightly
It hurt my eyes

Weakness is a fickle thing
Jul 27, 2011

Weakness is a fickle thing
it grows inside me and causes pain
It makes me fear the openness
of which you seem so fond of

I hide behind this attitude,
pretending I do not care
While you slowly fade away

I'll push and shove you,
all the while wishing you could see
That I really want you never to leave

I grow so cold with longing for you,
but can never find my voice
To tell you that I love you more than my own life
So I'll keep on telling you to go away
And silently I'll pray
that you can see past my anger
to the fear that keeps me at bay

Pete E Coneway
Jun 4, 2010

I understand
that one man
can't look
into a book
to see
that he
can be
but one man
can understand
to take a stand
and lend a hand
to a dark and blind
hollow empty mind
to a soul
not quite whole
if you lend
a hand to mend
a soul at it's end
you will then
start to begin
that you can
one man
better than
he understands
his own hand
in a band
of a brother
from a different mother

Originally written 12/20/01 for a dear friend George.
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