Rajat Ubhaykar
Jul 16, 2014

A cursed affliction of the heart

A human condition that drives us hither

And thither chasing a ghostly calling

On a restless search for mirages

We are all actors

Playing our role

Said a great sonnet writer

We use to quote platitudes

But what of those who wander

A crossroad of diverging futures

Where one role does not satisfy

Their boundless hopes and desires

A poet one moment

A grave digger the next

Who shovels mud in the darkness

And finds meaning in the light

A role fit for a novel maybe

Or at least a bad play

Starring unknown faces

Gesticulating to an empty theatre

Some find solace behind the pages

Of a tattered copy of  Crime and Punishment

Leading a vicarious life of alcoholics and whoremongers

And some become what they don’t read

Blessed is the mind whose devotion

Is pure, untainted by the spectre

Of what is and what could be

Charting a singleminded road that plods on

To heights heavenward

To places unexplored

In a narrow field of vision

Towards a sunlit horizon

And not be stuck in the bogs

Of indecisive action

Of halfhearted measures

In a dreary haze of possibilities

But it’s only a cosmic joke one would say

For why did the Almighty in his wisdom

Make a world so vast and beautiful

Our ambitions so conspicuously lofty

And our fleeting lives so very inadequate?

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I'm fickle-minded
Apr 17, 2014

When I like a song
I'll play it a hundred thousand times
And when that's done,
I'll avoid it like the plague,
Skipping it on my iPod.

When I like a craft
I'll put my all in it,
And when that's done,
I'll slowly lose interest,
Finding another hobby.

I'm fickle-minded
Can't make up my mind,
Jumping from one thing
To the next.

That's why
I've never told you that
I love you.

I have commitment issues, really.
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How fickle
Jan 1

How fickle
emotions are
Elation and joy
seem so far

Darkness perceived
by others
inwardly ignored
hiding true colors

Concerns, meaningless
Help, ignored
Time, limited
Pride roared

Ultimatum faced
with grim humor
Appointments faced
with bold horror

#darkness   #inside   #fickle   #minded  
Jan 22

I know
a single thing that
you don't know

It's hiding below the car's
seat belt!

laces knotted like phrases,
not praises
and astounded with

dusty in my heart's

clean leathers you don't love

like distant hands

Manila, 2015
#love   #car   #fickle  
Jul 6, 2014      Jul 6, 2014

I like you today
then not tomorrow

You were my forever yesterday
He is my love in this hour

Green is my favorite color
Next week, in my eyes, it'll be sour

See, I'm this kind of person
Pleased with everybody
With no particular reason
Hates somebody
For the gaze he shots

In a few months
I'll surely come back
In your extended arms
That's where I want
To look up
At the stars

Doxa J Zannou
Doxa J Zannou
Apr 26, 2014


You hang on

To life---

But it's


to die.

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Fickle is a thing called love
Mary Stanworth
Mary Stanworth
Apr 28, 2012

Fickle is a thing called love
Its fleeting
Its brief
Its deep
Its passionate
Its lasts only a moment
Or lasts a lifetime
Or is it us that’s fickle with love
Self doubt
Confused thoughts
So many questions
So few answers
These last only a moment
Or can last a lifetime
Fickle is a thing called love
Or is it us that’s fickle with love ??

is such a fickle thing
Jul 10, 2014

The happiness of people
is such a fickle thing

i am so fickle on my own
Jan 13

i'm not cold or breaking
i'm not mad or shaking
i'm only laying on my side
crying for this isolation
that i have won and highly prized
i am so fickle on my own

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