Why are you yellow?
"Just because I am."
Why are you mushy?
"Just because I am"
How would you fare in a game of chess?
"I... Dont... Know..."
Ha! I Got You Didn't I?

was a banana.
ryan pemberton
ryan pemberton
Sep 30, 2012      Oct 1, 2012

I wanted to write a letter
for this girl on the bus,
but all i had to write on
was a banana.
so I wrote:

"when i saw you,
just now,
you are the most
spectacularly beautiful thing
i've ever seen
just now,
when I saw you."

she ran away.
she didn't touch
my banana.

I left this poem on the bus seat across from her, along with my full name. She has not attempted to contact me.
Anna Banana
Anna Banana
Mar 9, 2013

I stand in the middle of a glorious bright room
With a smile spread across my face
Laughter escapes from my lips
As my eyes twinkle with joy.

In a dark corner I hear a voice;
My name sofly being called.
Pleading my to join the darkness
I slowly walk over.

I find myself in a burning flame
Scorching me to the core
Trapped and unable to break free
My eyes sting with tears.

Others still see my blithe self
My smile though remains.
My heart becomes demolished
As my unseen soul cries out for help.

Oh banana peel,
Nicholas Alexander

Oh banana peel,
your colors vibrant and fluctuating.
The 3-D spots of speckled brown,
deep and pure,
yellow and sun sprayed,
swaying in the trees,
lackadaisical in manner.

Oh banana peel,
protect you from our bile.

If i could have a peel of my own,
a comfy womb;
yellow and sweet.
I too would sway in the trees
lackadaisical in manner.
The Sunday, sun spray sprawled across,
my green to yellow to brown,
my sour to sweet,
to soft and cream

Oh banana peel,
others discard you hastily
in the banana peel sunset.
But to me,
you are beautiful.

beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so why judge?
Anna Banana
Anna Banana
Mar 9, 2013

A dazzling silver light radiates from above
Cryptic little diamonds glimmer in the sky
Fire blazing around me
As I am engulfed in a calming flame.

My heart fills with wonder
There, a glowing hand awaits me
I reach out barely touching it
Stillness overwhelms me.

I open an eye
The fire diminishes,
The hand vanishes,
As my dream slips through my fingertips.

Anna Banana
Anna Banana
Mar 9, 2013

Thank you Lord for the sky so blue,
For the strength of an eagle as it soared and flew,
For the tumbling sound of a flowing stream,
For the face of a child in the midst of a dream.

Thank you too for the stars up high,
As it twinkles and sparkles in the midnight sky.
For the leaves on a willow swaying to and fro
As a gust of wind come and go.

But thank you most for the eyes I see
That have such love and pride in me.
When you take care of all my needs.
Thank you Lord for those indeed.

The road is
A hundred highways
  Coast to Coast

landscapes in the Mist
       Death Valley night drive
  " Love is the Devil”

Like the wind
Like the ocean we part

Like dreamers do
I dream in neon

Moving in phases
Floating underwater
watching waves

I Don’t Know How
         to find
           my way back to you

This is not my City
It needs reconstruction surgery
At gods speed

When the Road turns

to White   S  an d and
t  r u  e Blue skies in the horizon
Dear dirty beaches...
Don’t let the Devil find you

Lord knows best

Composing song titles from one artist's entire discography
Anna Banana
Anna Banana
Mar 9, 2013      Mar 11, 2013

The love between them was so very deep.
He held them with care even in his sleep
The laughters they shared were so very dear
In times of sadness he poured out every tear.

Never has anyone seen such love between a boy and his toys.
He spent much more time with them than other little girls and boys
Those toys loved the companion of their dear friend
They enjoyed each waking hours that they spent.

But an end must come to even the best of things
Those toys never again heard the little boy's cheerful greetings
Instead dreadful wheezy coughs took that place
And no more of his soft rosy face.

The toys could not understand why they played no more
They wanted to be loved again, instead they lay on the floor
Days, weeks, months went by but he only got worse
Then one day those lonely toys saw everyone weep, even the nurse

"He was such a beautiful boy!" they heard people say
Those toys did not understand, they just wanted to play
They sat waiting, waiting for that child
They wanted to see his sparkling eyes and precious little smile

That boy's unconditional love for them is what they lack
And so they kept waiting for him to come back.

Michael Hoffman
Michael Hoffman
Dec 2, 2012

You said I did something wrong
so I have to stay in your box
can’t go to Trader Joe’s to buy bananas.

I guess you see a world
of good and bad boxes
and everyone has to be in one or the other.

I will explore your box
cut holes in all six sides
let the light of freedom in
and when I’m done
there won’t be much of your box left,
just more holes and light
than cardboard and tape.

That’s all your box ever was
just a bivouac
that grew soggy
when the first rain fell
and the directions you wrote
on the outside of the box
started to fade and run
down the sides
in ribbons of color
that made a nice pattern
in the shape of a bunch of bananas.

Banana taffy,
Bethany Davis
Bethany Davis
Nov 2, 2011

Banana taffy,
Hard and smooth,
Like a banana cream pie,
But not as rich.

Banana milk,
So playful smooth,
Like liquid laughter,
Like dancing mirth.

The fruit's so different,
Not rich or smooth,
A different taste,
A different love.

This fake banana,
Makes me spin,
Dancing like a child,
So young, so free.

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