Simon  Eliasen
Simon Eliasen
Sep 8, 2014

Glazed eyes
Crazy thoughts
Buying happiness from open hearts

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Jul 22, 2016

What money can't buy
Is the sight of your child's smile

What money can't buy
The air we breathe

What money can't buy
Is a home with peace

What money can't buy
That soul that is lost

What money can buy
is material thing's

Keep buying it all to fill the emptied heart

Money is not evil
it's used for good

What money can't buy is a good person who would

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Jul 6, 2016

In my mind
all things start as one
become one  again
in the end
ashes to ashes children
and dust to dust
All fallen stars eventually rust
Look up at night somewhere
far away from the city light
so that the sky pollution
has not yet encroached on it
like moths to a flame or a drunkard belling up
the stars of our old ancestors 
both our brothers and sisters of the universe 
shining lights to guide us
to teach us how to move forward
how to grow and sustain life
no matter how smart we think we are
no matter what you believe in
we are all here together
like it or not
god is love
life is love
tolerance is important to learn and utilize
Be kind to one another folks
both black and white
the skin is just a vessel
for the heart and mind
that we all share inside
leaving only the  old angers and colors to divide
conscious minds become weak under pressure
melting like putty when pressure demands
why do we forget this on
all sides of the coin and evil dollar bills
life was never meant to be fair
and the earth is made of the beast
enjoy the beautiful things that you pass by daily on your journey
life is given free but one still must eventually learn to earn it
The body is a temple for us to build or destroy
the mouth can be a heal or snake charmer
so be weary and question everything
watch your back
teach yourself to learn
to reach your highest mind
armed with peace,hope, and love
the eyes are the windows to the soul
and if you break it you buy it.

copyrights sseagraves
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Buy now  pay later
You will not value the goods
In the near future.

Impulsiveness.  Is the biggest demon in our society.. We don't. weigh. up the consequences.
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Elizabeth Squires
Elizabeth Squires
Sep 26, 2016

contributor money will buy
a favourable outcome
this is the most favoured
beat of drum

drumming up money
in mountainous piles
brings favour's ideal
winning smiles

if favourable outcomes
are what you so seek
stack the wads of money
in heaps not so meek

drumming favours
drumming favours

the vendor of said
drum beat
will ensure favour's
so neat

to achieve this goodly
keep beating money's
opulent drum

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