Kinky buys
Apr 2, 2014

On the frog
Looking for a dog

On the squizzlly wiggy at piggly wiggly

Catrina Hemker
Catrina Hemker
Apr 5, 2014

if my whiskey breath meant
that my tounge was slinging poetry

     how many sonnets
     are you yet to hear me speak?

Shenanigus Rex
Shenanigus Rex
Jul 24, 2013

... and people wonder how the world is so fucked.

Asa D Bruss
Asa D Bruss
Oct 25, 2014

“Hello. Get me a regular, cream no sugar.”
I am the thief, the slave, and the beggar.
“No, not decaf, thanks. How much?”
I am the pillager, the terrorist, the serial killer.
“Keep the change.”
I am the human centipede and the necrophilic, cannibalistic undertaker.

“Oh hey whatcha reading? Hmm? oh, no, I just got coffee.”
I am the Roman general crossing the rubicon, proclaiming loudly that the die is cast.
“Yeah, I think it has something to do with how they roast it; just makes it better.”
I am Plato; discovering the realm of the forms and discussing all things with all people.
“Yeah, that’s true...I don’t know why I can’t make it that good at home.”
I am the ascended one; making spiritual love to the soul of the universe and seeing all things.
“Somewhat remarkable isn’t it?”

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Mar 10, 2012

"I've told you too much, already."
"You think i'm one of them."

and so cooly
his lips parted to engulf, her
smile, a
smoked poem
constructed between
two clustersums.
silkily filling
her smile
with lush

"I expected comfort."
"You're a demon."
"Burn down the Sistine."

and so a pudgy woman;
talking to herself
in a
coffee shop
bought a plane ticket

; packed
a matchbox,
a condom, and
only used

Apr 30, 2013

She's a spoilt little Bitch
                 Just look at her hands
                     Worn like a noose
                        That fucking gold band
                       All shiny and gleaming
                     Like a Cheshire grin
                   it's tighter than right..
                 And feels better than sin
                  She wears her heart
                On a turn key wrist
              Glitters like midnight
           Against, clenched
           Tiny fist..
            Barbwire brilliance
              On delicate ears
                  Just enough sparkle
                    To shadow her fears
                 Yet where is the precious
               In a gem gilded start
            If the pressure to make it
          Broke this crystallized

Edmund Grimketel
Edmund Grimketel
Oct 4, 2014

Mr. Crimple shaved his head
brushed his teeth and went to bed
and in the morn upon that pate
another pair of teeth mutate
a second mouth with tongue and lip
all required to smack and sip
the heavy rain now falling down

'I need a hat or else I'll drown,' said Mr. Crimple

Jul 6, 2014

I never liked roller coasters,
I always said I never enjoyed the rides.

I never liked the idea of flying,
I always said I didn't particularly like the idea.

Then I rode on this roller coaster that gave me a few moments of precious, precious flight.
Of  flying.
I loved it with all my heart and more, put simply.

Roller coasters give you a feeling that you can't provide on your own two legs.
Flying makes you feel like your invincible.

I was riding in an air plane just a few days ago,
And honestly,
I was jealous.

My brother asked me how terrifying it would be if suddenly the entire plane and everything on it just turned invisible,
And I was just sitting there soaring through the clouds, appearing to be all alone.

I don't think he understood how much I wanted that.

I desire to fly, simply put.
And I "never" liked the idea of flight.

Money buys you is the freedom to want more money.
βέƦẙḽ Dṏṽ the Smartass Rabbi

Money buys you is the freedom to want more money.

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