May 1, 2016

you are an optimist
and you see the potential in everything
but please,
do not see my potential,
see me as i am now.

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Mar 26, 2014

once in a while
you have to say to yourself

"I am beautiful"

because no matter what other people think
always love, believe, and take care of yourself.

Live life to the fullest and
never back down.

Daylight 4U2C
Daylight 4U2C
Dec 13, 2014

Maybe I don't have a mind,
but at least I'm not crazy.

I fallen so many times,
so I'm so experienced.

I've been cheated and left behind;
I know my friends and enemies.

I hear the echos of memories;
they see how far I've come.
So I know I've come so far.

Don't have a lot of friends,
so music's number 1.

Would kill for solitude,
but then where is the fun.

Maybe it's complicated,
but that makes an adventure.

Sometimes the darkest times,
are ones we gladly venture.

Optimist living for a life we understand. We were never idiots; we have the upper-hand. Notice their all falling down the depths of agony, but we optimist live strong, proud, and free.

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David Leger
David Leger
Aug 10, 2014

You'll see me here again
At the end of the dock,
In the morning mist;

Waiting for soothing rain
As waves crash the rocks,
Yet I remain the Optimist;

For when I breathe a sigh of sorrow,
I trust my sun will shine tomorrow.

What is happiness without a little sorrow?
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Nekia Thomson
Nekia Thomson
Mar 22, 2016

They found a little courage
That simmered in the sun
They blended it with patience
And just a little spice of fun
They poured in hope and laughter
Then with a sudden twist
They stirred it all together
And made an optimist

Who said I always had to be depressing?
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Mar 17, 2016

The life of him,
A saga of broken dreams.
The soul of him,
A shattered reflection .

His soul,lost in a misery.
Forced to a living,
that no one can understand.

He firmly believes in this quote-
"God help those
who help themselves"
Again he tries,
to reach a mile,
With his broken legs.

Never give up. Keep going.
I start to think of optimistic messages
Dark Wounds
Dark Wounds
Feb 21, 2015

The moment I open a conversation
I start to think of optimistic messages
I am dark
But I can always liven up myself
Looking at the bright sides
I could say to anyone
"On the bright side... "
Oh how I could be like that in real life
But right now
It will just be
Optimized text messaging

" Hey friend!  ^^ Sorry for being a terrible person earlier... But hey! We are still friends right? I am happy right now and you should be too!!! Enjoy the good things happening cuz ya know we can't live forever! Be happy and positive and stay that way! Trust me it will make things fun for you! ^^"

For a moment I thought I was lying
But then again
It made me feel trustworthy
Hopefully these text messages will come to life and I won't have to use a phone to be optimistic

I am so happy right now lol
Being optimistic helps!
Blackness, Winter silk, Endless horizon
Try to be like this a lot
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