trying to grasp rays of the sun
Sep 15, 2014

i remember how you were
                                         reaching out,

trying to grasp rays of the sun

desperate for a searching light
to glisten in your darkness

too late,

for the sun had set in
hills and valleys
waiting for morning
to be born


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ched arms, Awash in the waves of your G-rays
Prabhu Iyer

Walking past spiral arms of galaxies I hid myself in folds of a warped
reflected on the morning walls, timeline; deeds that filtered all light out.

Bent clocks, warped doors, stretched arms, Awash in the waves of your G-rays
But your song found me. bathed in sublime warmth;

I see your finger twirling universes out, I've seen your hand pick me up
your lips kiss the flaming skies. in every timeline I've walked.

Which manifold do you inhabit, I know you, time-traveler,

Hymns, hushed whispers,
a hundred jasmine buds,
the distant stars,

you'll see rays of light
Jul 2, 2013

There are so many ways
To take your own life
Many think blades
would probably suffice

Focused on the dark
they never see the light
that even through shadows
still shine bright

Just like ying and yang
there are two sides
where there is doom
you'll still see light

When in doubt
look up in the sky
even when its dark
you'll see rays of light

Don't lose hope
yes, life can give you a fright
but keep that faith
and you'll see those rays

If you would just let some of those rays sink into me instead.
Megan Hardie
Megan Hardie
Dec 7, 2011

The poet in me seeks the lost soul in you
My pen never ceases,
Your glances never ending
The look upon your face, it tortures me
Crestfallen, brow furrowed, mouth turned down at the edges
I feel your pain,
It radiates off in waves
If you would just let some of those rays sink into me instead.

To lessen your burden would ease my mind
Even if for a moment or two
To see you smile if only for an instant,
Would make it all worth the while.

I never said loving me would be easy,
I never said time would be kind
I never said any of the things that I should have
And now we both pay the price.

Sydney Spencer
Sydney Spencer
Nov 8, 2013

I want you to know
That I've never seen the sun
shine quite this bright
and I know it's because of you.

Jan 8

Some say it ends.
Some say it goes on forever.
There is no midpoint.

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D Loup
D Loup
Jun 15, 2014      Jun 16, 2014

May you never hear
The thoughts in my head

For yours is the name
They scream for


Rose Elboudi
Rose Elboudi
Feb 22, 2013

Bright, bold and blinding
The daylight grows as the glowing seems to ever expand
The seemingly everlasting light becomes weak and dimming
What seemed forever lasting gives way to the darkness
The ever seemingly dark horizon holds a glimmer
The glimmer grows into a ray
The ray holds hope for a new light

April  J
April J
May 3, 2014

beaming all over
some other girl
what’s she got
that I don’t
you sneaky cheat
no matter how hard
you try to keep those golden fingers
just above those  lazy low flung
gray clouds
you can’t keep  hiding
from me
c’mon back
pretty please
don’t make me beg  
for just  a few spare  
minutes  of your  time
in  space.

That fickle  sun.Some days  cheating on me by  spilling  some  beams on someone else !
The sun's rays streamed through your hair,
Gabby K
Gabby K
Jun 14, 2013      Jun 16, 2013

You were always a challenge,
But I loved wiping the smug looks off your face.
You shot me a half grin when you said
So, are you gonna kiss me, stupid?
And with a racing mind and shaking arms,
I leaned toward the driver's seat,
And kissed you deeper than I thought was possible.
You plunged into the deepest part of me,
And swam through my rivers of blood,
Reaching every corner of my sickly body.

When I broke away from your soft lips,
I sat over my heart, my ribs crushing the damaged organ.
And before I could catch my breath,
You lunged toward the passenger seat.
And kissed me even deeper than before.

In utter disbelief, I opened my eyes for only a moment.
While our lips still danced in a close embrace.
The sun's rays streamed through your hair,
And illuminated the wispy, blonde strands.
And spread warmth to my numb limbs.

Ever since that fateful day,
I only saw the sun's rays
And felt their warmth,
When you were near.

© Gabby K 6/14/2013
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