trying to grasp rays of the sun
Sep 15, 2014

i remember how you were
                                         reaching out,

trying to grasp rays of the sun

desperate for a searching light
to glisten in your darkness

too late,

for the sun had set in
hills and valleys
waiting for morning
to be born


#sun   #rays  

My vision
seeks you
like an
escaping sun ray
through a grey
cloudy sky
and bright

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May 17, 2014

your bones
are shining,
as you look
at them,
you feel defeated
because you
lost to your
worst nemesis.

#death   #lost   #cancer   #goodbye   #bones   #worst   #lose   #defeated   #enemy   #nemesis   #x-ray  
Shayla S
Shayla S
Jul 3, 2015

I found a little ray of sunlight
that was here the entire time.

It was shining right in front of me
and now I can call it mine.

It makes me wonder
how I hadn't noticed it before.

Maybe it was hiding--
it probably was.

But guess what?
I found it.
I found her.
It took a while, but now
we have all the time
in the entire fucking world.

A little ray of light.
My little ray of sunshine.

#love   #sunshine   #ray   #ah  
ched arms, Awash in the waves of your G-rays
Prabhu Iyer
Prabhu Iyer
Jan 26, 2015

Walking past spiral arms of galaxies I hid myself in folds of a warped
reflected on the morning walls, timeline; deeds that filtered all light out.

Bent clocks, warped doors, stretched arms, Awash in the waves of your G-rays
But your song found me. bathed in sublime warmth;

I see your finger twirling universes out, I've seen your hand pick me up
your lips kiss the flaming skies. in every timeline I've walked.

Which manifold do you inhabit, I know you, time-traveler,

Hymns, hushed whispers,
a hundred jasmine buds,
the distant stars,

Alana Ray
Alana Ray
Oct 6, 2014

Sunshine, sun bright,
sun shine on me make
me his sun ray.
Sun burn, sun turn
sun guide me to the light.
Its simple. The greens are greens the
the blues are blues isn’t evident
that it’s you who I choose?
Outdoors with one, the one, without one
I am none.

Oct 3, 2013

To a person I once felt deeply connected to. He was a gem :

Re-inviting the forgotten emotion of bliss, my heart has accepted but you are still greatly missed.
Had I erased the thought of a better union, from past sinners, selfish liars?
I'd been taught by them trust is only visible in fairy-tales, told by expert lips ejecting no remorse.
I still hardened is my heart, I can't hear my soul-mate's knock.
Cemented by the deceit I was fed by those I'd hoped to grow with.
This love is a myth, not understood nor respected...hard to grasp with one breath. came along, engulfed me with unfamiliar warmth then left to sort yourself out...
Now you have sneaked your voice back into my head, leaving me wishing you remained more than a friend, the forces seem to disregard us sinners and just lead us to sad dead ends.
We dream of rare garments and jaw-dropping bank statements...I dream of having your face as my daily sight, happiness embedded in my eyes from your humble treatment.
I wish to see more of you, live knowing we walk on the same earth and value your own place of birth.

How you see me amazes me, maybe you don't see me as being amazing.
Your actions have been contradictory to your words that fulfilled me.
Once again I wonder...exactly where do you fit in my life painting.
Behind my pains and years of hoping, wishing I too would find a soul-beauty like you.
Or maybe you'd be the speck of dirt ruining my colours and joys of my life, forcing me to completely expel you from my sanity.

You'd become my partner-to-be, letting my lips celebrate the beauty of your name,
letting the random know about this special being that set my soul aflame.
My Ray of Light.... Forever my favourite, the turmoil’s and joy, have come and gone but how special you are to me will always be without a doubt.

Thandi Xaba

#love   #poem   #heart   #hope   #joy   #light   #ray   #celebrate  
Mar 23, 2014

You were the sun ray
Trying to get to my window
Through the branches of willow tree in my backyard

#insecure   #willow   #ray   #branches  
*The*  **suns**  *ember*  *rays*
Gladys P
Gladys P
Apr 28, 2014

The  suns  ember  rays
Flourished  on  the  silk­y  sands
Embraced  by  a  kiss

#sun   #rays   #flourish  
**D**ivine rays lavish upon us
Shannon Jeffery
Shannon Jeffery
May 1, 2014

Divine rays lavish upon us
An intrinsic warmth beating down
Yielding gracious transient light

#day   #light   #warm   #divine   #rays  
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