That to be blonde
Thomas Tinkler

How funny is it
That to be blonde
Mean a myriad of things

One who is blonde is
But never boring

Blonde is thought to be a mark of perfection
Strong Nordo-centricism
Stronger white supremacy

Are there not a brunette with the same attributes
Are there not matronly persons with red hair
Or black
Or pink
Or no hair at all

Why does such arbitration continually define us
Mere colors shape who we are
Far more
Than a more fair method

Who decided this
How do we fix it
Do we

Brian O'blivion
Brian O'blivion
Jul 1, 2013

and watch it burn

Terra Lopez
Terra Lopez
May 31, 2014

in a perfect world

what if i were a blonde bombshell
Ashley Garza
Ashley Garza
May 13, 2013      May 14, 2013

what if i were a blonde bombshell

would it be different if i changed

would it be a little better

could i be a pulse on your radar

a blip on the screen

a little bit of static flipping through the channels

or maybe just me

could i have a place in line

a moment of your time

would it be different if i changed?

patient yet forlorn on saint valentine's day

Marshall CB Hiatt
Marshall CB Hiatt
Mar 24, 2014

People wonder why I forgive.
I wonder why they don't.
Mistakes are taken.
They happen.
It is a duty,
A necessity to forgive.
To apologize for others,
When they won't for herself.

My dad asks me why I let myself get used,
I tell him
We use amazing things every day and smile.
He doesn't get it.

Every plus has a minus.

Julie Butler
Julie Butler
Nov 11, 2014

I guess I know just what you're thinking
But you know not of what I do
When I'm sitting in my room
Daydreaming only about you
I guess you feel a little foolish
I guess I acted like a fool
I wish you knew how I was feeling
I wish you knew it's all for you

I am nothing compared to the blonde bombshells of the world
Apr 26

I am nothing compared to the blonde bombshells of the world

#life   #hurt  
Bobbie Bachelor
Dec 9, 2014      Dec 11, 2014

I just lay my head down sometimes
It just becomes too much
To deal with

It's like
I can't feel whole
Like something important is missing
I'm just left with this

I don't know anymore

#moments   #blonde  
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