my beautiful blonde haired boy
little blonde boy

he's always with me
my beautiful blonde haired boy
I'm glad you love him

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That to be blonde
Thomas Tinkler
Thomas Tinkler
Apr 19, 2015

How funny is it
That to be blonde
Mean a myriad of things

One who is blonde is
But never boring

Blonde is thought to be a mark of perfection
Strong Nordo-centricism
Stronger white supremacy

Are there not a brunette with the same attributes
Are there not matronly persons with red hair
Or black
Or pink
Or no hair at all

Why does such arbitration continually define us
Mere colors shape who we are
Far more
Than a more fair method

Who decided this
How do we fix it
Do we

the only blonde
Joe Cottonwood
Joe Cottonwood
Jul 27, 2015

She went out easy.
With previous dogs, there came
a moment of spiritual shudder,
sometimes a visible struggle.
Not here. By my side
under my touch I feel the chest
rise, fall, rise, fall. And rise no more.
Without a sound the heart rests.
Life departs. A border crossed,
as if she welcomed the end
of cancer’s grip.

I tuck dog legs against dog body.
They are immediately
different, dead weight
utterly unlike a living limb.
Her eyes remain half open
as she so often slept.
She seems half-alert in death.
Still she is warm and has
that marvelous Dakota fur,
the only blonde
I’ve ever loved.

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little blonde boy needs your hugs
little blonde boy

we miss you so much
little blonde boy needs your hugs
we love you so much

my love speaks to me
her words drift over the sea
her voice comforts me

You were a blonde before that
Elliot-Jane Lewenhart

I've got a thing for Blondes and Blues
That category can fit you
Just last you died your hair blue
You were a blonde before that
So that makes two

Don't mistake or anticipate
Because truly
No one else can fool me away
from my love for you

Just because a pretty girl walks by
And she catches my eye
She won't be as beautiful as you
Believe me I have tried
And I have cried
Don't you know I'm still in love with you

So yes you may assert
Any type of the works
You could change any of your features
Or put ears on like a creature
But you will still be the most beautiful girl

So go on and change you're hair, your eyes
Go and become rural
And make my mind paint you like a mural
Because you are a Mona Lisa
Make my heart jump to meet ya
Cause I got a thing for you

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I knew this little blonde boy
little blonde boy

I knew this little blonde boy
He collected sticks and stones and
random pieces of nature
Laid them out in his bedroom
His very own personal display
of the world that was all around him

From Buckingham Park and Truleigh Hill
The River Adur and Shoreham Beach
his bicycled boundaries held him in

until one day
when he was half way home
a bully boy spat in his face

Sticks and stones and running out of breath
he climbed the fence and dropped to safety
Into the back garden that was his refuge
In through the back door
to a welcoming house full of faces

“Daddy’s died” someone said

He misunderstood, thought he’d heard
“Sammy’s died”
He couldn't understand why his grandparents
and a woman in a wheelchair he didn't even know
were so upset about the neighbour’s cat

“Daddy’s died” someone said

Sticks and stones and running upstairs
His tiny toy cars lined up in colourful rows
A personal world of imagined safety
that no one could touch or understand
or so he thought

He never knew where the sadness came from
It just crept in from year to year

When big school began
the boundaries were broken
Middle Road stretched out east
pointed the way to Brighton
Another world
Another life

This little blonde boy I knew he stayed with me
through broken teeth and broken hearts
through bedsits and bedlam
nightclubs and nights of nothing
Strangers forced themselves upon our lives
Drugged us and force fed us their ignorance
Sticks and stones and running with highs and lows

The sun shimmered over the sparkling south coast sea
bounced off the horizon and reflected back
a future that could never have been predicted

You see he’s been everywhere with me
He’s held my hand and held me back
He’s pushed me on and laughed with me
He’s carried the sadness on his tiny shoulders
an enormous weight for such a young boy to burden

We've walked across continents in search of you
And now we've found our beautiful girl
we’re never letting go of her
The sticks and stones will be no more

You’re the first to love us both completely

The first to truly understand
all our hopes and dreams

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I knew this little blonde boy
little blonde boy

I knew this little blonde boy
He was born to a family
who gave him all his needs
All the toys and little things
like plasters for his knees
His endless days of childhood
hot summers in the seventies
He built castles made of sand
collected dried leaves and flowers
that nature sprinkled in his way
You would think he had everything
but a sadness laid buried far below
He never knew from where that sadness came
how the sense of isolation grew

The loss of his father when he was seven
he had no idea what that might do
The years of teenage desolation
turned blonde hair into blues
And now I find that little blonde boy
still follows me wherever I go
He stands and stops me when I go too far
blocks my path to keep me safe
Bars my way when I'm feeling free
he holds me back in so many ways
I used to think he was my friend
that you loved him just like me
But now you’re gone I'm not so sure
maybe it’s time for him and me
to leave….

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Dec 15, 2015

You know, I've always had a thing for blondes.
Strawberry, platinum, yellow;
waves, curls, stick straight.
Maybe it's the way its color is so, so
from the ebony waves that circle my face,
like a lion's mane.
One white light,
the other black like
a cloudy night sky.

You know, I've always had a thing for blondes.

Or maybe it's just yours.

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