That to be blonde
Thomas Tinkler
Thomas Tinkler
Apr 19, 2015

How funny is it
That to be blonde
Mean a myriad of things

One who is blonde is
But never boring

Blonde is thought to be a mark of perfection
Strong Nordo-centricism
Stronger white supremacy

Are there not a brunette with the same attributes
Are there not matronly persons with red hair
Or black
Or pink
Or no hair at all

Why does such arbitration continually define us
Mere colors shape who we are
Far more
Than a more fair method

Who decided this
How do we fix it
Do we

My Blonde Wife
David P Carroll

My Blonde Wife
She is an incredible
Women her glowing
Smile would brighten
Up the saddest lonely
Hearts a women to
Dream about every night
So beautiful beautiful
So perfect so sexy
Her smile her smell
Her laugh her passion
Her beauty her bright
Beauty has touched
My heart I'll forever
Cherish her beauty
Her smile lives in my
Beating heart she is
An incredible wife
Like no other
I'm honoured to beside
Her side every day
And night together
Happily married
Happily loving each other
I'll always cherish
Her and ill always love
Her because no matter
What I'm life she
Will always be my
Incredible beautiful
Blonde Wife.

David P Carroll
Blonde Wife
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the only blonde
Joe Cottonwood
Joe Cottonwood
Jul 27, 2015

She went out easy.
With previous dogs, there came
a moment of spiritual shudder,
sometimes a visible struggle.
Not here. By my side
under my touch I feel the chest
rise, fall, rise, fall. And rise no more.
Without a sound the heart rests.
Life departs. A border crossed,
as if she welcomed the end
of cancer’s grip.

I tuck dog legs against dog body.
They are immediately
different, dead weight
utterly unlike a living limb.
Her eyes remain half open
as she so often slept.
She seems half-alert in death.
Still she is warm and has
that marvelous Dakota fur,
the only blonde
I’ve ever loved.

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You were a blonde before that
Elliot-Jane Lewenhart

I've got a thing for Blondes and Blues
That category can fit you
Just last you died your hair blue
You were a blonde before that
So that makes two

Don't mistake or anticipate
Because truly
No one else can fool me away
from my love for you

Just because a pretty girl walks by
And she catches my eye
She won't be as beautiful as you
Believe me I have tried
And I have cried
Don't you know I'm still in love with you

So yes you may assert
Any type of the works
You could change any of your features
Or put ears on like a creature
But you will still be the most beautiful girl

So go on and change you're hair, your eyes
Go and become rural
And make my mind paint you like a mural
Because you are a Mona Lisa
Make my heart jump to meet ya
Cause I got a thing for you

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