have you  seen the chipmunk climbing up a tree

have you  seen the chipmunk climbing up a tree
with  his stripey coat as fast as fast can be
looking for his food a nut than he can chew
with his chipmunk teeth so he can bite through
jumping branch to branch an acrobat his he
a creature of the forest and a life so free
he has big long tail and stripes along his back
running up and down along the forest track
living in a burrow in the ground so deep
this where he goes when its time to sleep

Her voice is less chipmunk now
Raychel Dunning
Raychel Dunning
Nov 21, 2013

Her voice is less chipmunk now
Getting deeper
She's getting taller
I really miss her.

Chipmunk shared in equal annoyances
Lucey Snyder
Lucey Snyder
Jan 27, 2010

Owl listened to Goose's secrets
Fishy could always use a smile
Duckie flew into many a dream
Cat lurked when the sun was high
Bear always gave the best hugs
Giraffe knew the summer's joys
Chipmunk shared in equal annoyances
Yet, Goose befriended them all

Owl was wise
Fishy was mellow
Duckie was comforting
Cat was kind
Bear was understanding
Giraffe was a laugh
Chipmunk was encouraging
And Goose loved them all

Duckie, Cat, Bear and Giraffe all
frequent the same little niche
Fishy swims down the street
from Chipmunk's tree
Owl and Goose fly in similar circles

And where would each be,
without the other
Our animal friends,
Or one another

A single, skittering chipmunk
Arson Nick
Sep 26, 2013

With heavy sigh
A single leaf falls
The first I've caught in the act

It slides down my right shoulder
Kissing my skin with parched lips
'Save me,'
It whispers
I sing

A single, skittering chipmunk
Bounds across the soggy banks
Of Lake Fred
Unafraid and nearly near enough to touch
But keenly and instinctually aware
Of my innate barbarism
He keeps his distance

"Did you see that?"
I call to him
Pointing to the crumpled leaf beside me
"Summer is dying."

The chipmunk stops
Cranes its neck and twitches its whiskers in consideration
And replies
'Of course it is,
What else would it do?'

Over chipmunk chatter
D. P. Limbaugh
Nov 23, 2010

I watch a cardinal fly
And a blue-jay perch
I see a squirrel climb up
That naked birch

All the dreams you see in me
Well, I see falling in the leaves

Those geese flock
And then ducks scatter
It's hard to focus
Over chipmunk chatter

All the life you see in me
Well, I see falling in the leaves

That dog barks
And then a girl cries
Then every bird
Escapes to the skies

Everything that you see
Well, all of it is leaving me

Chipmunk sat on his shoulder.
stéphane noir
stéphane noir
Dec 4, 2013      Dec 5, 2013

Billy got a shovel.
Chipmunk sat on his shoulder.
They wandered away from town,
away from the businesses and restaurants,
far from the counting and court houses,
past the auto service stations,
until even the roads were gone.

Chipmunk said, Stop here.
"This spot looks good?" Billy asked.
The ground is soft.
"It's too soft. It won't do."
Billy stamped his foot down onto the flesh of the earth
and his brand-spanking-new boots caked themselves in mud.
"No no, this won't do."
We're far enough, now. You can dig here.
So, Billy dug.

At first the digging was easy
and shovelful after shovelful flew behind them both.
Then, Bill struck a pipe
and clean water geysered straight up for a hundred and fifty feet in the air
and splashed down all around them, but they were in the eye of it
so neither of them got wet, and Chipmunk hated water.
"Not the place- I told you."

Three and a half miles later, the pair stopped for a slice of rhubarb pie they brought with them.
What time do you have?
"I don't have a watch."
I bet it's forty minutes past the hour. And this place looks perfect.
Billy sunk his shovel into the ground, again.
He dug and dug and dug and dug and dug
[and eventually found an old brass sheriff's star, which he discarded,
but not before Chipmunk sunk teeth into it and deemed it to be
"antique-trash that belongs next to a green glass Coke bottle and a dirty skull"]
and dug and dug and dug and dug and dug and-


One more shovelful and we'll be in Colorado,
and we'll never make it back from that cold.

"What should I do?"
Put down the shovel, Billy Boy.

People had started to gather
because a tabloid published
a picture of Billy shirtless,
[he gets sweaty while digging],
and they wanted to know what
all the fuss was about.
So, Chipmunk got a hold of a megaphone
and addressed the seemingly-ever-increasing crowd:

If a wild beast sleeps under a poisoned tree,
and all night the tree poisons the thoughts of the dreamer,
do you blame the beast or the tree when the dreams come true?

Nobody answered.
If your heart is held together by very tight stitches,
and one of those stitches starts coming loose, and you feel it,
will a cold glass of cognac, and a warm hand to hold put it back together?

The crowd was dead silent.
An elderly man in the back stroked a long white beard
and a child standing next to him looked up at him stroking his beard
and the mother of that child looked down at the child looking at the man
and the light struck her glasses just so that the stars saw her light years away

and nobody noticed Billy, eyes closed at the bottom of the pit.

n told under the bucket there is a dead chipmunk. I periodically believe this, and canno
Barton D Smock
Barton D Smock
Jul 15, 2012

instead, the two large dogs go game over a single stick. a bucket moves now and then, mouth side down, and because I am high I put my heart to the right side of my chest. I have been told under the bucket there is a dead chipmunk. I periodically believe this, and cannot admit I am stirred by doubt. I focus on the dogs and on the stick I can see. you’ve braved the zip line that runs through the trees and I might have heard your legs crack on the road. I’ve known Ohio to be flat, but here I am. I’ve known Ohio to sound like the young adult Jesus strolling and that’s if I strain. I am afraid to go in the house; I worry the dogs will either disappear downhill to lick you or tip the bucket and be lost.

A chipmunk hurried to a log
David Sjolander
Nov 7, 2010

As I, in the forest, stood
Pondering nature's wonder
I peered up at the canopy, so lush and green
Of which, I dallied under...

Hopping through the foliage
That stretched across the ground
A chipmunk hurried to a log
And alit upon it with a bound...

Underneath the stratosphere
High atop a tree
A large black crow, I did hear
Calling down to me...

Proceeding to the beach, so warm
My feet, prints in the sand, did form
As I dug in with my toes,
I felt the sun, so warm
My mood was of repose...

Seagulls, high above, did play
Hunting, calling, all the day
Upon the evening tide
Bubbles of white foam did ride...

The summer felt just like a friend
Although, I knew, it, soon, would end
My visit to this paradise
Concluded in a way, so nice...

I knew I would return, again
To the shores of Lake Michigan.

Copyright David Sjolander 2010
chatters like a chipmunk;
Feb 16, 2013

chatters like a chipmunk;
piercing into my ear
and Again. Beating itself
Into me. Filling my mind,
every last bit of me.
Every. Single.
is not something I
Find in Others. It is in
Only me. It is the Only
Piece I have.
have no love
have no loyalty
have no light
have no life
Am Nothing
That one worthy
by piece you
Tear me apart. You
me like a fish;
Ripping away my scales
am Bleeding
am Naked
gave you my
gave you my
What else do you want.
No. I will not.
have only a little Left to give.
I have only my
and it is Not yous.

that innocent chipmunk face
5 hours ago

You liked him before he grew
that innocent chipmunk face
totally oblivious to all that lay ahead.
When a cuddle needn't linger.
And hands failed to wander.
The female form
A place of solace and warmth.
Before puberty struck-
Before his actions were led
with the piece of flesh that swung between his legs.

These same actions warranted grave discussions.
Whereby women would spur other women
to eye him with disapproval.
Yet happily delivering mixed signals
intently holding his gaze.  
It's a woman's prerogative
to remain mysterious.
He soon learnt.
This would take precedence.

There would be no easy answers or finds.

It started with self control.
It ended with self control.

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