I feel as close to you as how wind is to my sk
Oct 1, 2012

I feel as close to you as how wind is to my skin,
I feel as powerful with you as how I am with a gun.
I feel as courageous next to you as how sky divers are with working parachutes.
I feel as sad without you as departing rain drops from dark hovering clouds.
I feel as bored dismissing you as a good book read by a blind man.
I feel as far from you as how the visible sun is if you look from Earth.
I feel as clouded missing you as the moon is clouded by nebulae.
I feel as dejected promising you as government cronies over promising development.
I feel as lonely not seeing you as Golden Retrievers are when their masters are not around.
I feel as blatantly bloated next to you as over-heated air balloons raise up the shiny sky.
I feel as speechless around you as unprepared speakers in a conference hall.
And at the end, I feel as close to you as how my eyes met yours then cheekily, we detached our sight and pretend that we were never close at all.
I feel close to you still
but even closer
to sin.

I feel empty
21 hours ago

I feel empty
When you're not there

I feel sad
Because you can't be here

I feel sorrow
When I think of the distance from me to you

I feel hopeless
Because heaven and earth has got a big way in between.

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I feel close to you,
Sep 27, 2012      Sep 28, 2012

I feel close to you,
Though far,
I feel the chill down the spine.
Like raindrops falling on leaves,
you slipped right through me.
You slipped right into me.

I imagine your hands
and how it would feel like to hold them,
I imagine your eyes,
and how it could read my play by play.
Imagination fuels curiosity,
Curiosity fuels death – death in your hands.

Unique relationship of a thousand purposes,
We walk towards an oriental sun,
I remember your perfume
like memorizing keyboard characters.
But we have dismembered physicality.
We have configured a disfigured mentality.

Let’s not go outside,
Beauty has its way to disconnection,
I know it too well from you.
I feel detached from my consciousness,
In this dream, rationality became serendipity.
I turned to sleep – only to stay awake.

Oct 8, 2012

Could we decide what we are

and what we could become?

Could we bring new temptation

to the book of sins?

Could we please decide

if we could live or die

without each other.

Then at the end,

could we admit

that we could never live without

having first have our sight,

in all suddenness,

meet at one linear place

together with the stars.

Could we then really hold true to our hearts,

and decide, define, admit and realize

that in between the moon and the sun,

there are two different beings

that are not very different,

that are secretly, uncontrollably,

missing the other.

Could we then begin?

I can feel it, your veins,
Sep 4, 2012

My words: I intend to keep it,

It shall work for you

like an early dose

of Canadian maple syrup,

the ever so fresh,

the ever so sweet,

to soak your cozy cotton


It shall warm you, my words,

even if the morning is too

cold for you to snuggle.


My words,

I say it should work its way

through my promises,

promises and words that

I promise to deliver and say,

especially when I say

I love you.

I can feel it, your veins,

how it absorb every

alphabets my sentences


I can see your eyes widened

when my cursive handwriting

reaches your sight,

your point of view.

I can see your ears swell,

when you hear these things

that comes out of my mouth.

I intend to keep it.


Words, that’s all I have,

and like a train wreck

it will collide with your

body and soul.

It will explode as if the train

was carrying twenty thousand

tons of fireworks,

all ignited at the same time.

It will be hot, but also magical.

It will, my words and you,

shoot up to the sky and

spell out our names,

our fame,

and it shall not rest until if

Aristotle was to rise from his grave.

We will forever be an exploding firework.


My words: I intend to keep it.

My words, you can have them:

for breakfast,


for tea,


for supper.

Have them all,

because my heart is honest,

my gestures are candid,

my view is direct,

my love is pure,

my care is sincere,

my truth is frank; and

my words,

they are heartfelt.

That all you have my word.

Mar 21, 2013      Mar 21, 2013

Her skin looks pale,

White shedding brown,

like a golden brown velvet

strewn across a skeleton

made from Cleopatra’s frame.

There is nothing to it,

her sway is flawless

in her stilettos,

O’ God those stilettos.

She pave the roads with

blossoms of Primrose

and Calla Lilies, as the tip

of her heels stab the earth.

Her body melts cotton candies

in winter,

her curve bakes pastries

in snowy mountains,

It was an unbelievable sight,

like a sunrise, she climbs the edges

of the highest of peaks,

like the wind, she enters a heart by

the creaks; like a creep.

Perhaps nothing shall stop her,

Her footsteps continue to pierce

the soil, making a sound close to the

cracking of my knuckles.

She made people snivel and weep

when she enters the room

with her slender black dress.

She makes heads turn almost

to their full circle,

it would be death to steal a

peek, or glance, a peep.

She is the sun on earth:

hot and highly radiated

but too tempting to be left alone.

She is like the still waters:

calm, clean and serene

but too quiet to know the depth;

and still willingly jump in.

It is like believing again.

She is like believing again.

She is tiny as is her name,

It shall rhyme as the bell shines,

Her hair, her coiled twisted hair,

is much like herself: curled, twisted


Yet she is, perhaps, the twist in life,

the curl of wind on her bosoms, or

the bend of spines when eyes turn

to gaze at her splendor.

It is uncertain what she is,

but I know, vaguely.

She, like a Zinnia, shall be the

decoration of this planet.

She shall be, though exaggerated,

the reason for our existence.

She, corrupted and dangerous,

shall reclaim her spot in divinity

and shall forever more be

my source of inspiration.

Like a stream of clear water,

gushing down the torrent





She shall see herself,

breathe herself and know that

only she is the one she could

deliberately fall…

…or fail.

The black sand shall be her dress,

the grey rocks shall be her stilettos,

that clear water be her conscience

as she takes on the world.

With her cursive eye shadows

she will see the funny side of

life; she will see it thoroughly.

She, regardless, will persist

and resist the failure

of herself, with the moist

creek on her seductive lips.

She is seduction.

She is temptation.

Oct 1, 2012

your words and knives.
Rounded, as
you carve out my heart
with your painful prose.
While you enter my soul
through your impiety,
I greet you remorsefully.
I greet you impossibly.
At the gates of my humdrum heart.

Sep 4, 2012

Your presence
on the fabric
around my couch.

Your smell
with the raindrops

on my skin.

Your voice
my soul into
the depths of your mind

- to understand you
a little better

Your touch
reminds me
of the existence
of electricity.

Your eyes
told me a story
about your
sensitive heart,

and how I
should always

protect it.

my hands
will be your sword,
My body – your shield,

My legs – the wheels
that will
drive you away
from the evils of nights
and the demons of days.

Your story
will be in the books,
and I will learn you


I will read you
and thorough,

I love you



single alphabets

“I miss you”.

Sep 4, 2012

Words have been said,
Love professed,
Feelings confessed,
and truth unbiased.
My plans unveiled,
My aims unraveled,
My life depopulated,
so that you fit
just right
in my heart.
Kisses already given,
Those pristine lips
are no longer alone,
As it has already met mine.
And they will be acquaintances,
Friends of the highest value,
Your pristine lips,
They are now mine,
And so is mine now yours.
The space between our mouth,
That space where our breath
mix, jumble, mingle and meet,
will, forevermore, be the
purest form of galaxy,
The purest, cleanest state
of love – that space alone.
I miss you,
So I shall wear your
heart out today
like a pendant,
And my veins shall
be the necklace,
My veins,
Your heart…
nothing is more of a
than this.
I will go about today
thinking about you,
and I would,
in a heartbeat,
betray everything,
just to relive yesterday,
just to relive the kiss
over and over again,
with you,
immortal years.

Mar 25, 2013

I've seen you in striped white,
I've seen you in black wrap-around tops,
I've seen you in stilettos,
I've seen you in Fitflops.

I've seen you in the bluest of days,
I've seen you in the rainiest of nights,
I've seen you in the face of the sun,
I've seen you in the wind-full of kites.

I've seen you in the trajectory of life,
I've seen you stare at me with care,
I've seen you in the droplets of water,
I've seen you in every castle in the air.

I've seen you dreaming,
I've seen you back in reality,
I've seen you physically Earthy,
I've seen you  emotionally Mars-y,

I've seen you sad and jubilant,
I've seen you troubled, but kept a smile,
I've seen you doubled - in poker,
I've seen you gone crazily wild.

I've seen you in green-blinking nails,
I've seen you return my stutters,
I've seen you stand tall - confident,
I've seen you slouch - don't matter.

I've seen you looking into empty spaces,
I've seen you looking into a tasty plate,
I've seen you doubt yourself,
I've seen you believing in fate.

I've seen you in the bakery,
I've seen you in a factory,
I've seen you in your beauty,
I've seen you in your most ball-sy.

I've seen you in the bus,
I've seen you read,
I've seen you pick up a microphone,
I've seen you speaking with speed.

I've seen you with a newspaper,
I've seen you with an iPad,
I've seen you with a t-shirt,
I've seen you stylishly clad.

I've seen you work hard,
I've seen you studied irresponsibly,
I've seen you proud,
I've seen you flicker embarrassingly.

I've seen you here,
I've seen you there,
I've seen you near,
I've seen you everywhere.

I've seen enough,
I've seen you in extremes,
I've seen you thorough,
I've seen you in teams.

I've seen you verily,
I've seen you truly,
I've seen so much inspiration,
I've seen you guilty.

I've seen "I've seen" 58 times,
I've seen you more than that few.
But I would've seen nothing more,
If I've seen none of you.

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