I feel as close to you as how wind is to my sk
Oct 1, 2012

I feel as close to you as how wind is to my skin,
I feel as powerful with you as how I am with a gun.
I feel as courageous next to you as how sky divers are with working parachutes.
I feel as sad without you as departing rain drops from dark hovering clouds.
I feel as bored dismissing you as a good book read by a blind man.
I feel as far from you as how the visible sun is if you look from Earth.
I feel as clouded missing you as the moon is clouded by nebulae.
I feel as dejected promising you as government cronies over promising development.
I feel as lonely not seeing you as Golden Retrievers are when their masters are not around.
I feel as blatantly bloated next to you as over-heated air balloons raise up the shiny sky.
I feel as speechless around you as unprepared speakers in a conference hall.
And at the end, I feel as close to you as how my eyes met yours then cheekily, we detached our sight and pretend that we were never close at all.
I feel close to you still
but even closer
to sin.

Insane Reverie
Insane Reverie
Sep 6, 2014

These love songs hurt my emotions,like porn hurt yours .

This is how girls feel,its better way to make guys understand.
Tyler Vogt
Tyler Vogt
Jun 7, 2014

I lost myself a long time ago
I lost my faith a long time ago
I don't know who i am so i remain
And these ghost wont let go

I long for the feeling of not feeling at all.

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i don't want to feel this way but this is the only way i fee
May 25, 2014

i don't want to feel this way but this is the only way i feel

came up with this in like two seconds
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that i use to feel with you,
Arcassin B
Arcassin B
May 16, 2014

By Arcassin B

Do Take One Look At yourself,
dont be jealous , you need help,
to the skies i use to yell,
i know you can smell the smell of it,
This Feeling,
that i use to feel with you,
You were hoping i was willing,
And i was hoping too,

Come And Feel this feel With me,
Sit and watch the sky burn,
real hateful to my memories,
Baby now its your turn,
This Feeling,
that i use to love with you,
For your heart , i did some healing,
dont judge me too,

This Feeling.

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I feel like you're fading away
A lost soul
A lost soul
Apr 17, 2014      Apr 18, 2014

I feel like you're fading away
and nobody'll see you again.
I'll never hear your deep voice.
I'll never hear you laugh.
I'll never hear or see you.

I feel like the angels are singing a sad song tonight
because i think i can hear them
and their voices bring me hope.
They make me feel like not everything is lost.

But sometimes i feel like it's not you that's fading,
it's me.
I am the person who is being aloof.
The one that got away and threw all the memories
deep in my mind, hoping that i won't ever remember them.

But i do and i feel like i am being torn into pieces.
I miss you.
And i want you back.

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Iove the way you make me feel
Marcus White
Marcus White
Jun 12, 2014

Iove the way you make me feel
You give me chills
Because of the thrill
It is so unreal
how you make me ill

#chill   #feel  
Dec 13, 2014


I’ve forgotten how to

        My nerves are on fire but I
        don’t understand what it means

Do something
Give me

        Give me anything

I need a way out
I need to feel

Pixels are shouting at me and

        I think I’m going deaf
        please help

I know who did what and when

        I know you
        I know your ups and downs and dreams and fears

I am the ultimate voyeur

        And so are you

And I don’t know how to
I don’t know how to stop

        Make it stop
        Give me anything

Something real
Something physical

        Give me pain
        needles and knives and back-alley mistakes

Rough brickwork bruising a back

        Is it my back? I
        can’t tell anymore give me more

Cement scraping skin from fat from muscle from bone

        What does marrow taste like?
        Google it

Blood pouring from eyes but
we’ve seen worse in CoD

        Give me more

Rip the bones from the flesh through a hole in the skin
Taste the inside of a tongue

        Let’s practice Frenching

I can’t tell anymore is this pain or
is it pleasure is it hunger or satiation


Is this death or is it euphoria

        Why should I care

Not so sure about the "graphic" and "violent" tags, but better safe than sorry, I guess.
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I feel empty
Apr 15, 2014

I feel empty
When you're not there

I feel sad
Because you can't be here

I feel sorrow
When I think of the distance from me to you

I feel hopeless
Because heaven and earth has got a big way in between.

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he water that rushes by. Hold on to it. Feel it. Learn it’s way. Follow it.
Jan 14

I sit here listening to music I never thought I would lend an ear to… Or flinch at.I realize that there are so many unpredictable factors in this world that are impossible to see down this infinitely long road we call our journey, like it has a clean and clear final destination. It shows me how unpredictable this all is. How many signs you miss not because you could not see, but how could you? They come and go just as fast as your heart beats. There is nothing you can do about that except to hold on, crawl if you must, to the air that surrounds you, to the dirt that is crumbling under your toes, to the water that rushes by. Hold on to it. Feel it. Learn it’s way. Follow it.

And then I listen to music I will forever love and it reminds me of where I have been. It brings back waves of emotion, of memory preserved by the very feelings this song gives me. It is accurate not because I remember, it is accurate because I feel.
So I have had more feelings in my life than I have memories.
I move along like a blind man, through life. Now is just a thought. Here is very real yet very deceiving. It makes me wonder if life is simply an illusion, a masquerade of memories to confuse your feelings, just long enough to convince you that you have a clue of who you, when you are, what you are, where you are, why you are.
Here. You are.
Where that is I will never know… Perhaps I will only feel.

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