If we would have met at five years old  we would have been the little kids who swing on the swings together and never let go of each other's hands

That is the closest thing to 'soulmates' anyone can get.
Jan 4

I do not believe in soul mates - that there is a being on this earth for you and only you.
Love is a matter of circumstance, timing and the feelings that are developed with these.
But I do however, believe that sometimes we fall in love and think 'this is it'.
This happens only once.

we are not meant to spend our lives with everyone we fall in love with.
But when you get that 'this is it' feeling, when you truly feel that -
That is the closest thing to 'soulmates' anyone can get.

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I do not believe in soulmates because my mum got six kids out of a fo
Mar 24      Mar 24

I do not believe in soulmates because my mum got six kids out of a fourteen year marriage, but she also got two weeks of drowning herself in alcohol to kill the pain, followed by another man who does not quite keep up.

I do not believe in soulmates because I spent sixteen hours sitting on the bathroom floor with my Aunt on her wedding day while she threw up alcohol along with her arguments to her new husband as a honeymoon.

I do not believe in soulmates because my grandmother stayed with her abusive husband for seven years just to fill the void space in her heart, simply because she was dying, even though she was wise enough to know he was not 'the one'.

I do not believe in soulmates,
But I do believe in us.

soulmates? something out of a fairytale!
Nov 1, 2014      Nov 1, 2014

december 2011:
soulmates? something out of a fairytale!
handsome Prince Charming and the sweet Princess
are unlikely childhood sweethearts
their scripted fate tucked away under my bed.
april 2012:
soulmates? it’s just like in the fairytales.
we flirted with chance but knelt on destiny
my eyes were bright and wide as
true love’s first kiss hangs promised in the air.
april 2013:
soulmates? the fairytale wasn’t mine.
I tried to fill in the gaps with ice cream and picnics
but we were a jigsaw puzzle missing half its pieces.
don’t worry, I thought, I am still so very young.
july 2013:
soulmates? the fairytale forgotten
I threw myself at people hardly worth the toss
mistakenly discarding pieces of myself
I didn’t expect to need later
november 2013:
soulmates? a fairytale of treachery.
you sleeping beauty, wide awake
I tore myself to shreds on your wall of thorns
tread carefully, for fate is a dangerous game.
january 2014:
soulmates? a fairytale, for now
I cast that suffocating doctrine out of my mind
frozen in time, I decided now was what mattered
a love like one I’d never felt before beckoned
may 2014:
soulmates? a fairytale assured
I don’t know what the future holds, or how my story will unfold.
happiness is everything and care is not for this world.
love is abounding and soulmates can wait.
october 2014:
soulmates? they belong in fairytales.
chipped and damaged hearts don’t become more whole
just by finding comfort in another broken soul.
all the world’s a playground
these grown-up children
just playing pretend
because nothing’s really meant to be
after all.

Rochelle Angella Conner
Rochelle Angella Conner
Feb 16      Feb 17

Time stood still that day we met
The way you looked at me, I will never forget
I can't imagine my life without you
And as the days pass, this becomes more true
So hold me close and never let go
You are my soulmate, but you already know

To the love of my life. Words cannot express how amazing you are and how much I love you.
Nov 19, 2014


Looking at him, She thought he was everything she needed in life but in the end, he was what truly drained the life from her eyes.

Overcome by the shame of her ignorance, she flooded the pages with her tears. This is why she never loves. This is why she only fears. This is why she never opens up and why when he opens his mouth, lies are the only things she seems to hear.

Fuck soulmates. The only real gift love brings is suffering. The ones we would give anything to have, cause us the most pain. It's a foolish cycle that never seems to break. And no matter how many times we fail, it's always from this same mistake.

By now, you'd think we would have learned. And from this stupidity, you'd assume we would have turned. Sadly, there's no hope for the things we can't change.

It's ironic, yet strange, if I'm being quite honest, though, because, you see, the more knowledge we try to gain, the more we actually seem to go insane.

Maybe we could still be soulmates..
Cathy N
Cathy N
Aug 24, 2014      Aug 25, 2014

Maybe we could still be soulmates..
Maybe we could still have a connection
I know that you're taken, baby..
I should just accept it..
But somewhere along the lines,
Of you and i..
I know you loved me too..
(I hope somehow you still do)
So maybe we could still be soulmates..
Maybe God made me for you.

:) just a sneak peak of a new song i wrote,

Speaking of music, check out my latest youtube cover;;

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Julia O'Neary
Julia O'Neary
Sep 1, 2014

Someone tolled me once;
'you must first love yourself
before you can love someone else'.

I can't scream loud enough
that they are wrong, that it
is all to easy for a woman to
feel red and purple sunsets
for a man and yet her sky's
are ever clouded.

She knows that everything
he is, is everything she doesn't  
deserve. That when their soul
was ripped apart in heaven
before being sent to earth he
was given everything good.

I love your light, your soul
is ever bright.
You balance my dark, but
forgive me when I can not
love myself the way you
want me to.
Forgive yourself for not
being able to change me.
God forgive us for not
being able to repair
the torn seams
of our

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You and I are Soulmates.
Eric Courtney Haines

Our tears touch-
They mingle
And smear together,
Becoming one;

Tiny vials of our soul-
In the form of tears,
Each half empty,
Until they meet as one.

Our lips kiss,
Sparks fly,
To and from, joining,
Becoming one.

Our souls leap
To meet each other,
To send sparks,
To announce the union.

Tears we cry,
Kisses we give,
All are glimpses
Of our souls,

Finally meeting ever so
Slowly but surely
They mingle
And caress.

Yours and mine,
That have searched
For each other
For all time.

Let the tears flow,
Let the kisses rain,
For you have found me
And I have found you.

For our tears mingle,
Our kisses send sparks;
They speak to the heart:
You and I are Soulmates.

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