I want to know the course that the rivers beneath your skin take

I want to know the valleys in your heart and how deep they go

I want to know the canyons in your bones and who put them there

I want to know who's initials are carved into your mind

and the memories that they can no longer call "mine"

Tell me your past
the landscape instead,
William Keckler

The cat is drawn
to the sound of me
turning notebook pages
in the bathtub.
I look through the filmy
train window of the shower door
hard on my shoulder,
half open,
half closed.
I have a clear view
where it is open,
slid back.
But I prefer
the landscape instead,
its dirty obfuscations.

My girlfriend an' me
live together,
in an apartment.

Carpeted landscape
Amitav Radiance

Lush green hope
Springs from the ground
Replenished with love
Carpeted landscape
Soft on the feet
Every step cushioned
Exuberance of nature
Caresses you
Soft kiss of the sunrays
Glittering dewdrops
Priceless solitaires
Every facet of nature
Held within them
As I skid along the green
To roll down eternity

#love   #nature   #beauty   #landscape  
*Surreal landscape
Amitav Radiance

Surreal landscape
Silky smooth winds
Assuring caresses
Enlightened bonds
Glamorous display
Enthralled spectator
Nature’s sanctuary
Alluring wilderness
Untamed hearts
Rolling over
Nature’s carpet
Enticing gazes
Euphoric moments
Pristine backdrop
Unrestrained hearts
Sweet surrender
Intense meanings

#nature   #beauty   #soul   #hearts   #surreal   #landscape  
Onto the parched landscape
Joanne Chan

The sky wept blood red tears
Onto the parched landscape
Forgotten apparel
Sway limply in the dead draft
Ruby Dust settles on neglected items
Lifeless items
  A monster approaches
Ready to swallow the world
And crush it with crimson teeth
Red Fingers as gentle as feathers
Yet ready to suffocate  
With strength of a thousand tigers
Armageddon is approaching
Death will be brought unto all

This is a poem based on a piece of art by Drysdale, check out the original picture
#art   #red   #landscape   #drysdale   #artpoem  

You’re the painter
I am the canvas

You mix blues
and purples
into my skin

Your brushes
are the fists
of a flawed

I am the pale canvas

I am patient
as your anger

I wait for
your artwork
to form along
my skin

This is sick
I know
But all I can
say is

“Paint me
Make me beautiful” -DDF

stay strong, loves
#sad   #abuse   #art   #rape   #staystrong   #artwork   #landscape  
The landscape is colourless, featureless
Helios Rietberg
Helios Rietberg
Apr 18, 2010

The landscape is colourless, featureless
What defines it is the sky
The crashing clouds and circulating wind
That flies beyond our human sight and
Cuts the horizon beyond its borders.

Sometimes it changes like the flow of
Time, the universe and everything
Can you see it morphing?
In your deep eyes, those flashes of light
Mean nothing but colour.

What is colour to us?
What is colour to me?
Colour is nothing
For colour only decorates and
Says nothing substantial
Giving it life while
Taking ours away
Like blinking specks of diminishing light.

You are colourless in my eyes.

© Helios Rietberg, February 2009
Mar 14, 2014

The land has not escaped
Scraped capered and shorn
Wild and unruly
Shaped by sapien fantasy

In state like a funeral procession
Delayed by man's hand
The noble way of nature

Be free
Sequoia pine and verdant brush
Be free
Flowers fern and ancient ivy

Be free
Not as I am nominally free
Be free
Unbounded and unrestrained
Be free
As you were meant to be

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