Doxa J Zannou
Doxa J Zannou
Apr 3, 2015

I learned to put bolts on the door
'Cause too many people had stormed in uninvited;
Leaving a writhing wreck behind them
When they eventually walked back out.

#love   #trust   #metaphor   #pain   #friendship   #people   #delusion   #illusion   #bolt   #wreck  
Arvind Srinivasan
Arvind Srinivasan
Mar 18, 2015

At   twilight,  
in my deep slumber, 
 I roused to the rumble of thunder; 
with dense showers soaking me tender,        
Streaks   of   light   sparkling   like   cinder, 
 roaring     with     dander,       down    came     


                              that       S       RUCK  my fence.

Art of typography.
#poem   #art   #thunder   #lightning   #bolt   #visual   #typography   #typoem  
Atul Kaushal
Atul Kaushal
Jun 23, 2014

Here I am happily satisfied with my love ultimately.
Neither I have chosen you, nor you have chosen me.
Destiny brought our hearts this close.
Thank you for accepting my proposal.
I do not roam this land as a nomad lion.
But unlike you, I am not awestruck by it.
I will say many, so many more love poems.
To you all of my poems will be dedicated.
Cackles will fill our household one day.
It may often be seen as love in nature.
Love's the most beautiful nature trait.
We can never be done apart as long as we breathe.
Twinkling in the sky we will talk even after we die.

Saying your beautiful name instils positive energy.
I am imagining our future being united in a home.

Our home is not just walls & furniture.

You will see, madam, you will observe.

My HP Poem #649
©Atul Kaushal
#love   #lonely   #heart   #lover   #lion   #destiny   #nomad   #riddled   #bolts  
I write in hopes to see the lightning bolt yellow.
Oct 7, 2014

I write in hopes to see the lightning bolt yellow.

I feel accomplished if it lights up at least once
#10w   #yellow   #lightning   #bolt   #praise  

city skylines reach
towards the heavens, arms stretched
but they're bolted down

i say "they're" as one syllable, so it works for me, but i don't know if some people say it as two, therefore making my haiku wrong.
#heavens   #city   #reach   #bolted  
A bolt of lightning
Lemuel Lo's Orchard

A bolt of lightning
Reflected on the wet ground
From a distant cloud.

#cloud   #wet   #ground   #distant   #lightning   #bolt  
you like a *lightning bolt*.
Mar 28, 2014

we all fear the unknown,
it may be positive or negative,
but it always strikes
you like a lightning bolt.

with my Browning A-Bolt cuz
βέƦẙḽ Dṏṽ the Smartass Rabbi

I shot sitting ducks
with my Browning A-Bolt cuz
they were sitting ducks.

My soul, the lightening bolt.
Aug 5, 2014

My eyes, the rain.
My soul, the lightening bolt.
My screams are thunder,
And my mind's a hurricane.

A quote I wrote that randomly was passing in my head..
#depression   #rain   #mind   #scream   #thunder   #quote   #bolt   #poetic   #quotes   #lightening  
Kimberly Rose
Kimberly Rose
Jan 19, 2015

You were my calm before the storm,
But little did you know,
When you weren't around
I was dancing in the rain,
Under the limelight of lightning bolts.

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