Daphny Ryan
Daphny Ryan
Dec 5, 2013

Not a moment passes by that I don't miss you
Your warm touch,
The feeling of being safe,
Right where I belong

I long for you,

I miss your face
The way you made me feel like everything would be alright,

The laughs we shared-
The love
I felt would last

Now I'm lost, forever more,
In our memories,
Of us,
Escaping me

I need you here, I need you near

Don't leave my heart without your love.

When i see that bolt turn on

When i see that bolt turn on
I'm excited, afraid, and somewhat confused
Like i'm excited that first of all i got a like
that my poetry might've spoken to a soul out there
that you know i got a like...
i'm afraid of letting success go to my head...
i'm afraid of the torment that i am capable of
afraid of "dependation"
like idk its a personal thing.....
but i'm somewhat confused because i'm a pretty weird ass soul
....and i've never fully been content with myself like right now i love myself but i'm always wishing for better...
and there's a belief in my mind that everyone's out to get me
that i just don't belong anywhere
and i don't know if i'm ok with that....
it's so surprising when i find people who still talk to me
when i say something outta the norm, stupid, when i dress cray cray
but i guess those people are out there
...and i want to thank you for tolerating me
and accepting me

Paul Hardwick
Paul Hardwick
Aug 10, 2012

                                                               ­                              l
                                                               ­                   o
My girlfriend went with a man called      B
jamaica no
                          on her

Pearson Bolt
Pearson Bolt
Mar 10, 2014

Dad drove down
to the liquor store
that morning
the same routine

bought two bottles of
the cheapest red wine
money could buy
to drink from cheap
plastic solo cups

he never drank
from blue cups
just the red ones
not sure if that even

when Dad drinks
he goes to one of
two extremes 

either he’s grinning ear-to-ear over
something utterly 
or else 
spewing equal measures of
spittle and venom

but no matter what
his breath always
smells like death

when i was a kid
i didn’t really get it
why a man would drink
and do such stupid shit

of course
that was before
the world taught me
what it meant to suffer

you never really realize what
tragedy looks like
until you get home from school
on a Wednesday afternoon

to find your old man
you to tell him it’s
gonna be okay
that he’s gonna make
it another day

like watching
god become human

so i promised him

i swore that it’d 

but i had no idea

if it would ever 

my Dad lost his Dad 

that was why 
he drank so much

at least 

as far as i can tell 

that was the reason


i’ve never really asked
and besides

i doubt he’d ever 
admit it

least of all
to me

but as i get older and 


i’m not sure there 
ever really a reason 


he got sober 

did the 12 step program 


thank you 


something like 

and he hasn’t had 
a single sip 

since he sobbed 
in my arms 

that Wednesday afternoon

at least

as far as i know

Pearson Bolt
Pearson Bolt
Aug 1, 2013

though i’ve never smoked a cigarette
i’ve always loved the smell of tobacco.

it reminds me of shows in seedy concert halls
and the gum my father chewed to get sober

minty-fresh nicorette replacing the scent
of the wine that imbued his every breath.

i recall my grandpa, the way he sat on the porch, surrounded
by nana’s garden, listening to the songs of birds

the stub of his last cigarette, poised between frail fingers.
as it withered, he withered with it.

their walls stained yellow from the nicotine
like some vintage sepia photograph.

through synesthetic memories, i can taste the
way cigarette smoke wafted through the summer air when

my friends and i sat on our back porch, reminiscing,
nostalgia suffocating, tightening its grip like a vise about our windpipes.

i’ve never even smoked a cigarette
but they always remind me of who i used to be

before i lost what was left of my innocence.

Pearson Bolt
Pearson Bolt
Jul 31, 2013      Aug 2, 2013

when i was seven
i asked my mother if all dogs went to heaven
because i wanted to be sure that
i’d see old Buddy up in the clouds
once he’d passed on

she told me that i would
she said in fact
all dogs do go to heaven
but my mother had a
penchant for canines
so i secretly wondered
whether or not that was true

then i asked her if my friend Adam would be there too
since he was Jewish and Jews aren’t allowed
to go to heaven

for this had left me so confused
how could god
let dogs into heaven
but abandon all
my friends

she told me in no uncertain terms that
there was only one way
one truth and
one life
and that one way
one truth
one life came through Christ

which was funny
considering Jesus
was Jewish too

Pearson Bolt
Pearson Bolt
Aug 29, 2013

all my life, i was told 
to be as timid 
as a sheep.
my black wool 
may have offended the 

snowy white facade of my

former friends and family, 

but at least i shared their form.

all this time,
i didn’t realize 

the lion prowling

outside the gates 
more honesty 
than the
crooked shepherd 

keeping watch 
over me.

and the false security 

these walls they built around me 

could never hold a light
to the 
life outside
this hideous city 

they dared to say was 


lured by dreams of eternity, 

i bought into the 
story of a god 

who loved me more than 

anyone or anything.

but i saw a fire burning beyond 

these walls of hypocrisy

and chose to 
carry it instead.

i sold my soul for a rational mind, 

recognizing infinity 

was nothing
a pipe dream.

i’ll carry the fire 
of humanity

in my chest,

‘cause i don’t need 

a savior who’ll 
lead my soul to rest.

i reject the greener pastures
an afterlife and
embrace the 
life that i 
to abhor.

and while i still get sad

from time to time, 

at least i can say that
don’t hate who i am 

i spent twenty years
yearning for 
a god
who isn’t even there 

to show me the 
slightest bit 

of affection

and didn’t realize that i’m 

better off alone since, 

after all,

that’s where i’ve always been.

so i’ll start 

the road of
fear and faith 
the great unknown 
all the pain that it’s 
bound to bring.

i’ll stomach every 

single second of suffering 

without the vagrant hope of a 

second life in the heavens.

it’s funny how life can be so 

fucking beautiful

if we keep in mind
just how 


it really is, 

how precious every 

moment has the potential to be.

at least i can say
did my best to cherish 
Time that i’m alive,

rather than living with
expectation of an afterlife, 

biding my time 
‘till i die.

when they put what’s left of me

into the ground, 

don’t look for me in the clouds—

i’ll be decomposing 

beneath your feet.

and, honestly, 

the thought of becoming

absolutely nothing 

is far more comforting
than the 
notion of worshipping that


they preach about in church.

i have no god, i have no king.
i don't believe in fate or even destiny.

i’ve given up on 

certainty in things i cannot see

in lieu of questioning 

everyone and 


i’m secure in only one thing: 

and that’s me.

i’ve spent far too much time 

hiding from the things that i
was taught were 

i was told to trust

for every single thing

and, thus far,
it’s been pretty

goddamn ineffective.

they told me that
believing in myself 

was an insult to my 

invisible creator.

so here’s a middle finger to 

my mythological maker: 

i don’t need you. 

i don’t need anyone. 

i’ve got two feet 

planted firmly 

beneath me.

and though my family might be ashamed of me, 

i can say i’ve never been this happy.

the day that i turned my back on 


i realized i didn’t need 
anyone’s approval
to be 

i don’t live in fear anymore.

i don’t hate myself ‘cause i quit
searching for a love 

that was never even there 
to begin with.

i won’t follow the instructions
written in a book 
millennia ago
misogynistic homophobes 

war criminals.

i’m better off standing up 
for what i believe

than i ever was 
some sanctuary

begging on my knees.

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