Apr 29

The days where you just feel okay in yourself are my favorite
Where others don't abraise you like an itchy wool sweater
Where trouble doesn't sit in your stomach like bad pasta
Where you can float along, just being you
Feeling confident that your face is fashioned in just the right way
That your tights are pulled up
That your shirt is pulled down
Those days where you just embrace the fact that others talk
But it doesn't have to define you
I know I have trouble with this
I think we all do
Others talking is a great part of the things that make me unhappy
I think "Well, if only that person wouldn't be talking about me, I would be happier"
But when the truth is, I can choose whether or not to listen
I can choose whether or not to sit with them
Or whether or not I believe something someone else is saying about my life
Because we all know that other people are the experts on all our problems
Fastening their opinions of us based off the exterior of our faces
Well, if there is someone who knows more about me than I know myself
Come, please have me meet them, because I would sure like the answer key to life's book of problems
Because perhaps they play God, too.

Just something I try to keep in mind

Scandal, slander and shame wag the twisting tongues of gossips.

In heaven the departed gossip about the virtues of others.
βέƦẙḽ Dṏṽ

In heaven the departed gossip about the virtues of others.


Celebrities are strangled and mangled by their tangle of tongues.

Oct 12

When you speak ill of me
do you know what I see?
Division in this group of three
separation is what I see.

When you speak ill of me
do you know what I see?
A person filled with such beauty
is now as ugly as can be.

When you speak ill of me
do you know what I see?
Poison plaguing once such glee
killing all that's wild and free.

When you speak ill of me
do you know what I see?
A screaming, wreched, fey banchee
who thinks too much she is Queen Bee.

So when you speak ill of me,
it puzzles me that you can't see
how beautiful that you could be

... We both agree.


The small minded humor those seeking relief.
It’s all or nothing, with empty decisions.

Spreading smoldered fragments, these fucking lies.
It's quite the disease - the naive listeners.

Hurt and Bias hold our hands.

Jul 19, 2013      Jul 19, 2013

They say that the walls have ears;
a frightening concept to me
when I imagine all they must know.
These walls that hear the name
that I whisper in the dark,
These walls that silently stand by
each night my sobs fill the room.

And if walls could talk,
what of those impenetrable walls
surrounding my heart?
Would they blab every secret and insecurity,
would they speak of my worsening condition
to anyone willing to listen?

For gossip
Dec 9, 2011

Where am I?
I can't decide.
I'm lost between the traces of a past love so
And true,
And the inklings of a new
It's the outside I like,
It's the inside that matters.
Is there anything there?

When I'm with her
I think
Of the other sometimes.
I think
She knows of my straying thought.
Where am I going?
If anywhere?

I think
I've reached the city limits,
And I'm not satisfied.
It's always darkest before dawn
And the sunrise looks best
From outside the city.
Time will tell,
For gossip
Is Time's biggest vice.
Until Time whispers
The secrets that are always
Too late,
Will be my virtue

Stuck between the "vowels" of love, and electing Patience to decide the fate of another pretty face.
Macaila Pescud
Oct 11, 2011

I somehow feel that life isn’t real.
There are fragments, I see them separate from one another –
Yet they’re all so obviously intertwined.
Apart apart apart.
Everything is set apart.
Connected yet not.
Perhaps a tree has fallen across the lines?
Its blocking the signal.
Interrupting the charge
Yet at the other end people still hear it-
Oh they hear it alright.
But it was passed on without my knowledge.
Passed on without any inkling, or desire, from my part.
And the effects are there -
Perhaps a spark jumped across just as the tree came crashing down?
The other end heard the call.
They heard and they picked up.
They responded accordingly.
So when I stumble in, ready to deliver the news -
Or not deliver, to dance around the subject-
They grin and say “oh, we knew all along!
Did you think that we’d approve?”

Shocked, I stammer, pretend it’s fine
As though there was nothing wrong with that line
They giggle behind their hands in evil glee
And proceed to talk of someone other than ME
“Did you know; SHE’s pregnant?!!”
They haply yap,
Merrily waving at the poor chap.

So apart - yet so close!
The parts of my world intertwine
And sadly I glance around
As their mouths flap and fingers waggle
Oh! What marvellous company I have found!

storing and dissipating Earths gossip
Jun 15

some tongues are forever wagging
where it all comes from I do not know
and how the universe soaks it up
word by word and offsets it all
balancing with the silence of space
vast sump collecting all the chatter
storing and dissipating Earths gossip

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