D Lep
D Lep
Feb 26, 2012

Kaleidoscopic organisms
harvesting the synapses.
Pixelating the images
shattering facsimiles.

The disc has been wiped
black out
start over.

There was no warranty.

Michael Pick
Michael Pick
Feb 2, 2013

Separate hearts could beat two at a time
It's yours and of course mine
But mine is withered and shallow
It beats just half to your one

When they ask the fate
There is nothing to say
Pretence of provoking
Reach inside the cause

For all the dust of this
Eternity, life, and skin
Hoping to see heaven
Exit to the other side.

The mortal coil
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That thou art blamed shall not be thy defect,
William Shakespeare

That thou art blamed shall not be thy defect,
For slander’s mark was ever yet the fair;
The ornament of beauty is suspect,
A crow that flies in heaven’s sweetest air.
So thou be good, slander doth but approve
Thy worth the greater being wooed of time,
For canker vice the sweetest buds doth love,
And thou present’st a pure unstainèd prime.
Thou hast passed by the ambush of young days,
Either not assailed, or victor being charged;
Yet this thy praise cannot be so thy praise,
To tie up envy, evermore enlarged.
    If some suspect of ill masked not thy show,
    Then thou alone kingdoms of hearts shouldst owe.

so quick is incorrect truly a drug user defect.
jessie irvin
Mar 12, 2011

once there was some self respect,now, life is control by drug useing interlect.taking all selflove aspect.turning you into a reject, forgeting pain so quick is incorrect truly a drug user defect.

a congenital defect
jeffrey robin
Sep 8, 2010

a certain indifference

a congenital defect
(no confidence)

truth is against the law

love is unheard of

except from corporate barbie dolls



right on over to


Every defect
Sep 6, 2013

I want every flaw
Every mistake
Every defect

I want every smile
Every tear
Every laugh

I want every word
Every whisper
Every breath

I want everything of you
I want everything
I want you

Not a defect.
Maddie Ours
Maddie Ours
Jul 17, 2013

I pretend I'm dead.
If I lay still,
And be very, very quiet,
I'm no longer there.

It's bliss,
Laying here,
Dead like this.
It's better,
Than facing the masquerade of reality.

It's better than
A plastic disguise.
An ugly face,
A fat disgrace.

I can pretend,
That I'm real.
I can feel.
I'm perfect.
Not a defect.

But then,
Comes the waking up.
I'm back.
To being,

does that mean without it I am defect
Nov 24, 2011

alcohol  has a lovely effect
does that mean without it I am defect
cos when I am tipsy, I'm precarious,
even been known to be adventurous.
I thought I was the dis-inhibited kind
I live life fully with an open mind
but a drink or several enhances thee,
a wanton abandon surfaces you see
and when my lover returns to me
we always enjoy a little drinkey.

Noiselessly, the world has begun to defect.
Casey McClain
Casey McClain
Nov 20, 2012

Noiselessly, the world has begun to defect.
From it chaos flows like blood trailing an abcess,
the poison itself long since passed.
Ash and flowering flame.
The sinking of an eyelid like a blue vault sleeplesness
sits with folded arms.
Peeling words from the walls,
This obsession runs deep untill the desire itself is broken and wasted.
The sistine eye , the twisting thigh.
If dead skin says nothing, than it cannot lie...

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