I am a social defect
Jun 16

I am a social defect
others can perceive me differently
some think
I might change
when I don't
they call me strange
Some say I'm mad, sad,
Oh, and wickedly BAD.
But I can't tell
cause I cant control
the way humans
perceive me

It's funny, it's funny, oh dear, it is
To compare the past to the life that you live

Oh it's funny, ha ha, dear god, what's this?
If only the things that you say were the same as what you did.

If we respected the boundaries, we'd all be trapped.
The hounds are released and bounding straight to the back of the class.

Omnipotence comes with a blind eye and a turned cheek.
We're all running around screaming that we know what we need.
Superiority complexion. Authority contemplation.
Royal Arrogance.
We're all Ignorant

Desiree Deslongchamps
Desiree Deslongchamps
Jul 6      Jul 8

I think, today's going to be a better day.
my thoughts will be lighter, my demons will be tamed.  

  I think, today will be better, if I don't burst into flames. despise and hatred running through my veins. To love someone so much, as well as hating their guts.

I think, today will be a better day. Because I have nothing left to say.

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D Lep
D Lep
Feb 26, 2012

Kaleidoscopic organisms
harvesting the synapses.
Pixelating the images
shattering facsimiles.

The disc has been wiped
black out
start over.

There was no warranty.

Michael Pick
Michael Pick
Feb 2, 2013

Separate hearts could beat two at a time
It's yours and of course mine
But mine is withered and shallow
It beats just half to your one

Because of a defect in the mind of a Twenty - Two year old

Because of a defect in the mind of a Twenty - Two year old today, Six people lost their lives.  He warned people on You Tube, that he will see to it, that several people dies.
This young man have been seeing the Psychiatrist, since he was eight years old.   Why didn't someone have a clue, he would do something so bold?
We have become too relax, to those who are mentally ill.  In this case, as a result, precious people are killed.
All of us need to be alert, to those who may be acting strange.  Don't be afraid to report to those in leadership, concerning the person's name.
You may not be saving your life, but the lives of others.  We should all be alert, to watch out for our sisters, and brothers.
By, Sandra Juanita Nailing

's a phenomenon made by the focus of my defect
Nate Isaiah

The childish effect
Mere lusting into love
Through the rages of emotions
We recited the versify of our heartbeats
We sang the entreaty of botheration like a holy praise
Her heartbeat represent the art of love
Lost in the trance of her negativity
She's unnaturally developed
She's sort of primitive savage
I'm tiny bit of one
She represent scars and tattoos on my skin
Within and without
Lost in the ages of eon
Displaced by the passion of pleasure
An irresistible temptation
She's unbelievable
I unmitigated
She's a joker
I, A clown
She's a bomb
I blast  
The childish effect
A gap
A gap so wide
Love is found
A love so rare
A girl otherworldly was known
Comprehension of her antiques
Made the world illuminate without the sun
With subtle tenderness of her appearance
Made my eyes color blind
She holds the key of suspense
She's strange
I'm volatile
She's contradictory
I'm sticky
She's a phenomenon made by the focus of my defect
The bridge of anxiety
Within the heart of love
The childish effect
Her kiss a mere black mamba
My sins, her poison ivy
Through every sentence
She taught me an animal's pleasure
Submitting to her infamous whim
She may devise
To an act we will perform
For the sole purpose of dishonoring to an unspeakable sensation
Entwined by the moans of relation
Caught by the dreams of perfection
Lost in the lust of imperfection
Intoxicated by the sweats
Of her fermented carnality
I qualified every effect to defect
The childish effect
Due date
Blinded by the love sacrificed
By the body and heart we live in
She's a colorful smoke
Smoke inhaled
By the nostrils of my lasciviousness
My insecurity
Prided her whim of sensual motives
In her disposition
She has the tendency to some particular evil
A natural defect
Her propensity is to love
She's an inviolate engine of nibble punishment
We are bound by neutral episode of acts, results and consequences.
She holds beauty plausible and the chain of effect and defect
Giving me the deepest horrors embedded in love
Saved by the thoughts that mingle in my conscience
Fixed between intercepting
For she's a physical figure of damnation
We became fictional characters
Evolving within reality
I qualified every effect to defect
For she is my childish effect
And I, Her childish defect

That thou art blamed shall not be thy defect,
William Shakespeare

That thou art blamed shall not be thy defect,
For slander’s mark was ever yet the fair;
The ornament of beauty is suspect,
A crow that flies in heaven’s sweetest air.
So thou be good, slander doth but approve
Thy worth the greater being wooed of time,
For canker vice the sweetest buds doth love,
And thou present’st a pure unstainèd prime.
Thou hast passed by the ambush of young days,
Either not assailed, or victor being charged;
Yet this thy praise cannot be so thy praise,
To tie up envy, evermore enlarged.
    If some suspect of ill masked not thy show,
    Then thou alone kingdoms of hearts shouldst owe.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder ~
and lets your kids be brought up
in an awesome single-parent household.

Jacob Traver
Jacob Traver
Jan 14      Jan 14

I fell from the stars that night
I feared the clouded dark sky
And severed all ties with my world
I collapsed from within
And cried

A Birth called forth my fear
Brought about worry, my tears
For five long months it had built within
Until it happened and I fell to the ground
And cried

An excuse to begin closing my windows
Yet no blame can I place on him
Inwardly broken and frightened of the unknown
That weary cool night, my brother was born,
I cried

No control had been placed in my hands
No one had asked me what I wanted
My God simply had different plans
For my family, for his birth, for when
I cried

Plans that would prove greater than I could imagine
For a boy to show us all what life truly is
To prove that love is more powerful than sin
To teach us what it really means
To cry

That night was the foundation of following feats
My brother would breathe and walk,
His mind would prove stronger than possible
The miracle of our home caused us all
To cry

Despite the distress caused by his birth
In time I grew stronger in mind and in heart
For that night I knew that everyday I’d see his face
And realize his joy, his mind, his life. And I’d smile
And cry.

Dedicated to my younger brother with HPE.
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