Sep 6, 2014

send them in
  I'm sad as sin
    not next year
now, my dear

bring on color
  so tired of dolor
    I want to smile
more than a while    

here you are
  shining star ...
    your antics please
you give me
a squeeze ...

Sep 6, 2014

so this is where all the dreaming takes me
to a cold, empty reality
with sleep still in my eyes
shivering, confused, I must’ve overslept
now it’s time to wake up
one last yawn, then face the lies
I’m barefoot and the streets are rough
paved with broken glass
but that’s okay
’cause the land is flowing
with milk and honey
bread and butter
and justice
if you just keep on going ...

Sep 6, 2014

I guess I will do something like homework.
Purposeful, delivered with instructions – to be completed.

But I cannot forget those shadows on the building nearby.
The way the sky does not know whether or not to be blue
or cloudy.
So it rests on the roofs in order to
contemplate its decision.
I remind him to breathe – as well as I.

There, that helps.

Now we can follow the linear direction of the telephone wires.
Train tracks in the expanse. They allow for geometrical
and purposeful
sense to be made of it all.

Damn. They led me right to the clock!
How could they?
The time I did not need.
Why did my eye follow that line so faithfully?

Now those minutes that I lost and forgot all line up outside my door.
Waiting to be counted and named. But I cannot go to the door and let them in.
There just isn't enough room in this small apartment!

So I sit in my chair, perfectly consumed by book.
Yet I do hear them shuffling and muttering and shifting outside
making room in the hall as newcomers arrive.

Every once in a while, a particularly insistent one will ring that buzzer.
A delusion that his interval remains
very pressing and must not be missed.

Soon enough
I think
I will post a check-in list up on the door
maybe they can schedule appointments.
Then they will see just how busy I am.
Unfortunately I cannot now
I can only wait for the evening when they give up for the day and clear out.

Because, if I opened that door even a crack to slide the paper through, one or two would manage to slip by. I might even be risking the lot of them piling up on the door until I just couldn't hold it up any more and they would all clamber and fall in, one on top of the other (none are very considerate or patient) and I just wouldn't be able to stop them! Can you imagine the mess they'd make in here?

I did just sweep the floors.

Sep 6, 2014

I want to destroy you as bad as you destroy me

But sometimes

Most of the time

I want you to destroy me

If it meant lying next you at night

Sep 6, 2014

pale, bitter agony, sweet ordered chaos, vague awareness, dead to the world, unable to wake yet unable to sleep, hopelessly happy, wanting to be in the limelight, yet to shy to take center stage. Teach me how how to live and I'll teach you how to fly.

Sep 6, 2014

We, as poets

we fear the tangible

our fingers have lost the ability to

touch, to



nights spent clutching our pens


unclenching our fists


peeling our

fingertips away from the ones we cannot afford to lose.

From pressing the familiar lines of our

palms together while looking

up past the cracked ceiling

up past the cloud that Darius calls


We, as poets, do not believe in a

heaven, for


is so sweet

Oct 6, 2014

There skin is soft as it is plush,

the shade of pink

when I make them blush.

They giggle and smile

when I touch there hand.

Oh how I love,

the way the fall for me...

with such grace.

Sep 6, 2014

I thought
When I got someone new,
I would feel a sense of happiness...
Or anything really.

But NO,
I still have that empty feeling...
But now it's growing vast;
Eating away at my chest.

No longer feeling numb,
But a dull ache
From head to toe
The emptiness has grown.

When I'm with someone else; I feel nothing.
...I need you.
Sep 6, 2014


Witness the greatest horror
of my life;
first person view
bears illusions
I have control.

My life
spins uncontrollably
each emotion swallowed
within vicious whirlpools of
my existence;
like a sinking ship.


My words are a bayonet,
tearing large infectious wounds
in the hearts of those,
that once loved me.

I am a sadist;
enjoying every solitary slice I rip
from them,
their screams,
serenade my ears.

it completes me.


My soul stares in trepidation
disfigured with every affliction,  
I inflict upon others.

these skeleton wrists and
scare-crow ankles are strapped
to the water board,
built by my uncontrollable anger.

Forced to watch my body's new host,
destroy the temple it has invaded.

Sep 6, 2014

Beware little black widow spider
For her designs on you are sour.
She may look sweet and innocent
But your essence she will devour.

Coldly she watches your every move
preying on your transparent loneliness
You believe she was made only for you
In her eyes I see nothing but emptiness.

It's lust not love that drives this girl
Don't get caught in her web of deceit.
She is incapable of the love you crave
To her you're nothing but fresh meat.

I beg dear friend come back, resist her
Please don't fall under her wicked spell.
Don't let her beauty cloud your fragile mind
Go and find another who will treat you well.

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