Dec 9, 2014

What does it say about me, then, that to make life would take mine away?

People don't like broken things
Jun 16, 2015

I don't know what it is,
But something's missing
Something's missing from me
And I think that's you.

I feel like a defective doll
One that won't operate without being tuned
One that won't laugh
Without unless you put in a battery
I'm like a mute that won't sing
Unless given a tune.

And that tune, and that battery,
They're you.
And I miss the day we spent basically the whole day together
I miss your presence
& I can't help but feeling
Defective without you.

#love   #you   #doll   #defective   #sprung  
Sep 15, 2014

My life is imperfect.
I have been in quite some trouble lately,
making mistakes that may define me to the outside world
Saying goodbye to my rock collection
embracing a new part of me.
My life has been close to a disaster
I am my own terrorist
Ive been filling these days with incompetence and stale memories
My life has been infected and flawed,
but I am happier than I've ever been
right here,
in this defective life.

#life   #change   #defect   #flawed   #mistakes   #disaster  

My favorite color is blue,
Unless it's on a computer screen.

My computer barely works and it makes it hard to work on projects digitally.
I am a social defect
Jun 16, 2014

I am a social defect
others can perceive me differently
some think
I might change
when I don't
they call me strange
Some say I'm mad, sad,
Oh, and wickedly BAD.
But I can't tell
cause I cant control
the way humans
perceive me

Sep 27, 2014

infected              neglected             rejected
defective           perspective          protective

Gary L
Gary L
Aug 31, 2015

clueless versus innocence
there really is no difference
one is polite and one is offensive
neither is based on resistance

do you want to remain nameless?
blameless, i guess is subjective
like a fire pit that remains flameless
our language is defective

we have so many words that mean the same thing as another word... still, we choose to take the same meaning, and make it a put down...but only toward the ones that we don't like
Vanessa Gonzalez
Vanessa Gonzalez
Nov 7, 2014

There's probably a list of the worst things you could hear.
I don't love you anymore.
Im sorry, he/she didn't make it.
We need to break up.
You're fired.
It goes on and on.
Wednesday I heard something thats probably on that list.
"You have a tumor."
And somehow, I managed to laugh when I heard that.
I'm an experiment gone wrong.

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