petals of ignorance-
Feb 10

I'm laying in the grave
you dug from the spade
of your heart, covered in
petals of ignorance-
which are not
so blissful anymore.

Nov 5, 2014

ignoring me was the biggest mistake you ever made.

Arianna Everson Green
Arianna Everson Green
Apr 8      Apr 10

You smile at me from across the room
I smile back but don't make a move
You bump my shoulder after class
I look back at you but I don't stare
You stop at my locker after school
I say hi but then have to go
You partner up with me for a project
I do all the work while you say to the teacher, "On it!"
You sit by me at the lunch table
I smile and pretend that things are normal

Then the very next day I try to friend you
But you go off with your girlfriend and never look back

Kind of my relationship with my crush . . . Just a little exaggerated.
Kate Lion
Kate Lion
Jan 5, 2013

Does the beta know
About life in other fish bowls

LJ Chaplin
LJ Chaplin
Mar 15      Mar 16

We are more willing
To read palms
Than to read between the lines,
To want space but
We want to know what goes on in
Dark corners.

#short   #dark   #ignorance   #bliss   #lines   #corners   #palms  
Aug 8, 2014

Everyone complains about the "system",
how it is rigged, manipulated and controlled.
But they do not take a moment to listen,
or to take a moment and break the mold.
Work out and do not eat those fries,
then you will say goodbye to those thighs.
Work hard, work long, and get the paycheck,
take a chance and stick out your neck.
Become what you despise,
or stand and rise.
Because you can lie down and die,
and let them walk on you,
curl up and cry,
and let your whole life turn blue.
But your failure is your own fault,
not the systems,
you were not locked in a vault.
You have been duped,
or you are duping,
So stop singing the song the dupees sing.

Updated from my tablet which my white upper class parents bought me to prepare for my pre_paid college*

How much ignorance
Apr 22      Apr 23

For God's sake
Settle down
How much ignorance
Does it take
To live as if
You're responsible
For nothing
And no one

#love   #words   #depression   #life   #hate   #society   #people   #ignorance   #you   #me  
Sep 5, 2014

Ignore the itch you can't scratch deep in the palm of your hand.
Ignore the morning alarms, just sleep right through them.
Ignore the sound of the coffee bubbling over, let it spill.
Ignore the toothpaste stain on your new shirt.
Ignore the voicemail notification, who listens to them anyway?
Ignore the mailman at the mailbox, he didn't really say hello.
Ignore the stare of the drunk man in your lobby.
Ignore the morning brigade of children running behind you.
Ignore the damage your heels are doing to your feet.
Ignore the whistle from the man half your height.
Ignore the traffic light, the cars are going the other way.
Ignore the loud honk from the trucker as he speeds off.
Ignore the liquor store, and the desire to take a shot.
Ignore the "Baby let me talk to you," from the thug wannabe.
Ignore the text message, don't let them know you have a phone number.
Ignore the cigarette smoke invading your lungs.
Ignore the baby boy getting slapped by his mother.
Ignore the bakery with the tres leches cake you like.
Ignore the bank, you're probably broke.
Ignore the homeless woman, she just wants to buy drugs.
Ignore the Facebook notification, just another ALS challenge.
Ignore the time, you're at work early.
Ignore the habits, listen to your conscience and speak loudly and clearly.
You are so much more than ignorant.

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