But to me, it’s the result of ignorance.
Mar 22

Have you ever felt like nobody knew,
Whether you were old or new?
Have you ever felt so invisible,
That it seemed almost physically possible?
Have you ever cried so much,
And nobody even saw you do such?
Have you ever tried to do something extraordinary,
So that something might happen out of the usual story?
Have you ever helped someone in their need,
And they soon forgot your deed?
Have you ever wanted to be just seen,
Without being pretty or mean?
Have you ever smiled bright,
But cried yourself to sleep at night?
To some people this might make no sense,
But to me, it’s the result of ignorance.

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an essence that only you could create, ignorance, selfish religious babble for instance,
Anthony Perry
Anthony Perry
Apr 29      Apr 29

Your a wraith, a ghost dedicated to a dying faith, like a mistake, you used life for your needs and gave only to take, as a friend you offered lessons in hate but reeked of an essence that only you could create, ignorance, selfish religious babble for instance, attacking the ideals of others with a dagger between your teeth while preaching against the dangers of he who lies beneath, dont confuse evil for pain, try to experience pleasure from the searing rain that hisses off your hatred, if you can't then I'm sorry my friend, but you've already gone insane

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backed into a corner, provoked by your ignorance, until I become what you painted me.
May 22      May 22

Your perception of me pre-existed, you saw black and you felt danger, you saw my skin and with it painted a personality from the prejudice of your mind.

You don’t know me, yet you assume that I am just like every other dark skinned man out there.

So that is why I feel angry when you cram yourself in the corner of elevators, if you could only realize I am the one who is truly backed into a corner, provoked by your ignorance, until I become what you painted me.

With your judging eyes, cautious smiles, and nervous actions you made me this way when in the beginning I was just me. Now after all you have done, and all I have done, I’m just trying to be me again.
I just want to be me.

Not knowing, ignorance, is a funny thing.
Bridget M C

Not knowing, ignorance, is a funny thing.
I use to see my past as either a treasure chest or a time bomb, I was never entirely sure which.
I use to see my past as a catalyst to some grand adventure, but I could only guess at how long it would last.
That's how it goes, everyone only guessing when their adventure ends. Some people know how, but no one knows exactly when.
For me though, there was more, A larger question mark, more X's in my equation. I knew less, and it always had me imagining.
You see I was adopted at birth, I never knew my life givers, my body makers, my me creators. I only knew they existed. That and the scraps of information gathered throughout years of questions like needles picked slowly and painfully while searching through the hay.
She played the flute, just like you.
He looked (to her at least) like Wayne Gretzky.
They were never married.
This was the story but it wasn't my treasure, it wasn't wasn't my bomb.
You see I have no idea what to expect at the end of the story, the place where I would meet them, my DNA combiners.
At the X on this treasure map would there be gold? Would I find a count-down on a bomb amidst my riches? Would there be, among the glittering joy, a hint at when this grand adventure would end?
Most importantly,
Did I want to know?
Curiosity has always burned in me like a forest fire raging far beyond my self control.
I wanted to know.
Would I find in the story of my life's creation more family to love, more people who matter?
Or not?
And if there was a bomb what would it be?

Do I want to know?
Do I want to see an expiry date on my young life?

This knowing is a gamble,
These dice cannot be loaded,
These cards cannot be cheated.

That is my choice, to live out an adventure short or long, and discover their story.

Discover my story.

Ignorance is a funny thing.

Apr 3      Apr 3

Knowing is always better than not knowing.
                                                        ­                                               Every
                                                           ­                                                      single
                                                          ­                                                                 time.

Do you think ignorance is truly bliss?
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Clouds cry
their cold song
- the genesis
to snow
that is sprinkling
down her heart

Falling slowly
becoming less

This new rain
has reached
half her heart
Descending unhurriedly
Little droplets
ignorant of what will happen
at the end of their long journey

Who's to say there is an end?
For time is constant

The soulless heroes
empty but unbroken
like a dropping missile
still never knowing
when the end will come

Until they hit the ground
and dent where they strike
Their bodies cease to exist
as they ripple into nothing
Now becoming everything
and everyone

Sep 3, 2013


Sinking further down into the deep dark... Wondering..
try **ignorance.**
Wíštfûł Wáñdêręr

If you think questioning the world around you
is bad,
try ignorance.

May 8      May 8

Atlus and Cygnus wanted to color the world
but compromise was a tough goal
as walking alone and free
could always be easier.

The Council and the Brooder of the tower were gone
but that wasn’t enough for balance
as equality can’t exist
in its purest sense.

Atlus and Cygnus wish it could be
but they realize you can’t get something for nothing
and freedom can’t be gotten for free
as the stars fall down.

What is the meaning of this?

The clang of the clock
at the tower of the banished Council and Brooder
has run with no hesitation
alerting of a new warning
before they’ve caught up to speed
with their new independence
a new danger has come
to take away the songs they sing
and the pictures that bring pleasure to their eyes.

A Federation that does not care for you or me
and only wants balance that is imbalance
but Atlus and Cygnus have gone beyond that
and use knowledge for balance
before it is too late…and the Discovery was a waste.

Another addition to a series of poems about a character named Atlus...they are kind of related and have some sort of continuity but at the same time not completely.

First Poem- http://hellopoetry.com/poem/690358/atlus/
Second Poem- http://hellopoetry.com/poem/695493/atlus-ii-brooding-in-the-tower/

a man chooses
a slave obeys
trapped between artificial walls
yet the mind runs free
physically bonded
yet the thoughts are free

a man chooses
a slave obeys

if your mind is free
you are free

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