But to me, it’s the result of ignorance.
Mar 22

Have you ever felt like nobody knew,
Whether you were old or new?
Have you ever felt so invisible,
That it seemed almost physically possible?
Have you ever cried so much,
And nobody even saw you do such?
Have you ever tried to do something extraordinary,
So that something might happen out of the usual story?
Have you ever helped someone in their need,
And they soon forgot your deed?
Have you ever wanted to be just seen,
Without being pretty or mean?
Have you ever smiled bright,
But cried yourself to sleep at night?
To some people this might make no sense,
But to me, it’s the result of ignorance.

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Apr 3      Apr 3

Knowing is always better than not knowing.
                                                             ­                                          Every
                                                             ­                                                    single
                                                             ­                                                              time.

Do you think ignorance is truly bliss?
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Sep 3, 2013


Sinking further down into the deep dark... Wondering..
Sometimes ignorance is bliss
Chelsea Daley

Sometimes ignorance is bliss
The kind of ignorance that keeps us from knowing how a hospital smells
Or what the person we love the most truly feels about us
Or what it feels like to say goodbye

But sometimes ignorance is a fire
The kind of ignorance that keeps you from accepting someone
Or the ignorance that puts you at war with those that are suffering
The kind of ignorance that preys on vulnerability

Sometimes curiosity kills ignorance
Takes vengeance on the unknown
Curiosity becoming a crossroad
For which most of us take the road traveled most

Killing beautiful ignorance for good.

try **ignorance.**
Wistful Wanderer

If you think questioning the world around you
is bad,
try ignorance.

Nov 21, 2013

I wrap myself in words
And coat them with fantasies
To create a shell that keeps me numb

a man chooses
a slave obeys
trapped between artificial walls
yet the mind runs free
physically bonded
yet the thoughts are free

a man chooses
a slave obeys

if your mind is free
you are free

Kate Lyn
Kate Lyn
Jan 5, 2013

Does the beta know
About life in other fish bowls

send your prayers to the martyrs wives, ask them if honour matters.
write your letters to the wealthy traitors, ask them if honour matters.
speak to the children of fallen warriors, ask them if honour matters.

stand in the ashes of a thousand dead and ask their ghosts if honour matters.
their silence is your answer

ask yourself if honour matters

But when your ignorance impacts others
Patrick Reynolds
Patrick Reynolds
Aug 10, 2013

We're all un-informed about something
We can't know everything
But when your ignorance impacts others
Un-knowledged and un-aware
It is not the same as un-mindfully aware
Inflicting your imbecilic  infections
Upon others I cannot abide in
We need more un-derstanding
To be un-bigoted
We need to stand together
In this un-certain world
To do anything less would be un-reasonable
Un-do your ignorance
Un-screw your head from your ass

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