Until somebody told me
Eleanor Rigby
Eleanor Rigby
Sep 1, 2014

Lies, bruises, insults right to my face
I thought our love was worth it
Until somebody told me
That the people who hurt you
Couldn't have loved you.


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Love I'm told is in the air,
Peter J Thomas
Peter J Thomas
Feb 14, 2016

Love I'm told is in the air,

Yet such a thing I cannot see,

Perhaps I'm looking up not down,

Or simply waywardly.

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I was told love is positive!
Bheki Mungwe
Bheki Mungwe
Dec 5, 2016

That love is the best thing!
That love heals!
That real love last forever!
That love grows day by day!
That love keeps you smiling!
I was told love is positive!
I Was Told...

**They Told Me Love Is A Great Thing.**
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I've been told I'm beautiful
Jan 3, 2016

I've been told I'm beautiful
I've been told to die
I've been told I'm stupid
And I've been told some lies
I've been told I'm wonderful
By those who shut me down
I've been called some ugly names
By those who stuck around
But I'm still waiting for the day
You finally say it loud
You tell me what you're thinking
And I'll blow away the clouds

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Will Elitaro
Will Elitaro
Apr 4, 2016

Live to die,
So that's a human curse ...
we should walk before we try to run,
No cash, but still walk around with a purse...

How do you expect one to see with eyes closed?
Finger poked, work hard to avoid the Pole...

He said, She said... That shouldn't be your business ...
Avoid names like, Barbie, Diva and every man's Mistress.

scattered Thoughts caught me off guard
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Atul Kaushal
Atul Kaushal
Apr 23, 2015

That I'd rather be an ascetic
Than marrying someone else.

I'm not at all a playboy,
I'm even not a kid's toy.

I've a heart,
Filled with art.

But if for you it's not,
Then true love it's not.

I give you my best wishes,
Happiness & sweet success.

Don't respect my feelings - I don't mind,
I'll pray that a better heart you may find.

You are genuinely my last love,
I don't bluff - it's the sole truth.

Go enjoy your life to the fullest today,
You will find me waiting tomorrow.

Don't worry, the pen name will surely stay,
And deep down my heart I'll only keep loving only you selflessly.

My HP Poem #846
©Atul Kaushal
You told me you were glad
Turn Off The Lights

You told me you were glad
I had taken a chance on you
You told you would love
To have me at your house
You told me to feel free
To stay as long as I wanted
You told me I could be your friend
Only if you could be mine
You told me you would be there
Whenever I needed someone to talk to
Screw data roaming
You told me to shout really loudly
If I could not reach you another way
You told me I wasn't a fool but if I was
I was your kind of fool
You told me you couldn't believe I couldn't dance
Because we were the best dancing partners
You told me that if you brought the best in me
Then the best was pretty bloody amazing
You told me it was hard being us
Always so awesome
You told me you liked having me there
In the same bed as you
You told me the both of us
Made a pretty good team
You told me you did not intend on stopping
Talking to me, laughing with me
You told me you would teach me anything
How to cuddle and whatever I wanted
You told me you would take me to the beach
Because I had not yet been
You told me you would take me to do something fun
Whenever I would get some free time
You told me we made a great team…
… Unless we were playing Monopoly
You told me you would come and try the cheese nan
If I came and tried your fondue
You told me you liked staying up
Just so you could talk to me
You told me you were glad you took the ferry
To meet me a universe away
You told me we would make a perfect team
I could be the olive skinned French beauty, and you the eternal white Englishman
You told me I was too lovely
You told me you would come and get me
Even if you had to walk to get to me
You told me you wanted to go to Venice
And asked me if I wanted to join you.

You told me so many beautiful things and for that I am so grateful
You made me smile so many times
You made me happy every day
For a while
Then you forgot I was alive but I still have the memories of us
In my mind, next to the could have been drawer
Where all the things we could have done, could have been,
Lay still in silence.
You told me so many beautiful things and I
Believed them all.
You made me believe I could fall again.
You broke my heart but you made me believe,
And for the next one who will come along
I will open my heart wide open
Because you made me believe I could,
Love again.

But really, all I want is for you to make me fall again. Catch me this time. Hold my hand and kiss my jaw and never hurt me agai
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You told me everything was going to be ok
Cristina Caymares
Cristina Caymares
Jun 29, 2015

You told me everything was going to be ok

You told me we're going to be happy

You said it was true love

I believe you

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Has been told?
Aug 2, 2015

I wonder what it's like
To be trusted with a secret so secret
That no one else but me
Has been told?

#secret   #wonder   #told  
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