Submissive is not what's right
Mar 4      Mar 4

So he said to me one night
Submissive is not what's right
He said to me one day
You've to command and make your way
You cannot be quiet
You cant be a riot
You have to be you
And not let destroy'it

He calls me his friend
Say, when will this end?
He says he don't care
It goes beyond repair

He says I mean nothing
Without the slightest grieve
"You are my closest"
Oh, I wouldn't like to believe

But I've known better
And not made up a pile
Fed it to the skies
Never failed to smile

I've grown as a human
I've grown as a friend
He's been a pillar
The crave will never end

He's helped me in ways
Helped find my forte
He's helped me mature
Never enough to sway

But now that he's changed
I'm hit by numbing rain
Now that all's deranged
Major bouts will reign.

Made me good, and became bad.
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Nov 10, 2011

Fettered by syrupy curves
of well-handled prose. Exposed,
prone. Bound to bleed
maraschino in free-verse.

John B
John B
Feb 16      Feb 18

Softly seductive, some solvent serenity

Under unbelievable umbrella unlimited

Basking baked, both bonafide believers

Making music more meaningful, memory's made

Intellectual, introspective, incalculably impervious

So shit said sits salted, suspecting supplantation

Soon silly slips said summarize serendipitous

Indefinitely inplosive, internalized into intangible inflagrante

Viciousness voided, vague variables vital

Eroticism enduring, end erit empathy

I am submissive by choice.
jeffrey conyers
jeffrey conyers
Nov 1, 2012

In your power.
My heart and love is yours.
I am submissive by choice.
And not by will.

Some men lives in this universe.
Under the impression they rule over women.
Even quick to pull out the scriptures.

Except I am submisive to you by choice.
And not by orders.

Some women operate on leadership.
Where they sit back and let the man rule?
Even if his decisions makes them seem foolish

I yield to you.
Out of love.
I surrender to you.
Out of love.

And only to you.
And no other one.
Be thankful you're the lucky one.

chess mess
chess mess
Jun 17, 2013

a tidal wave from my heart to my cock
it's disgusting. I adore          you
arteries pumping harder than your hips
where you've touched leaves electric spiders; dancing.
"i want to fuck you so bad, right here on the ground"
pushed up against my car: i cant feel my teeth
grab my hair just fucking pull it
smile in the middle of a sloppy kiss; my face still stings
it's disgusting. I adore          you

lize I have no vested interest in being submissive to you.
Jan 22

I submit to you because I want to.
Not because you have responsibility to me or with me.
We are not going to have that type of relationship...
No "parental responsibility".

So, realize I have no vested interest in being submissive to you.
I submit because in this surrender, I please myself as well.
I prove to myself that I can trust.
It is my nature to give of myself freely, completely, in reckless abandon of my well being.
I surrender to you because I ceased resisting my deep desire to give myself away when I met you...
Realizing that someone actually wants "flawed me" is sublime.
Only when the last drop of me is left, when there is barely anything left of me, I begin to reinvent myself.
The "new me" is always grateful that I've been given
a new opportunity... To leave my legacy in or with someone...
So that I am not easily forgotten or discarded. Because that is my fear; to be forgotten and discarded.

We will never have little people, that look like us, to show for our trust in each-other.
But we can have respect, connection, devotion, excitement, lust, laughter, someone to listen, hold you, argue with you, agree with you, disarm you and build you up to conquer your most inner demons.

What I can offer you is my trust, which has been rewarded to only one so far.
He took my love & trust and built a new foundation for his life's platform. He's a great husband and provider now.  
I did that.
Had there been no me, there would be no them.

So build a foundation with me... One of honesty and trust
I will be your slave
You be my Master
Your belt can be my ecstasy.

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