I am submissive by choice.
jeffrey conyers
jeffrey conyers
Nov 1, 2012

In your power.
My heart and love is yours.
I am submissive by choice.
And not by will.

Some men lives in this universe.
Under the impression they rule over women.
Even quick to pull out the scriptures.

Except I am submisive to you by choice.
And not by orders.

Some women operate on leadership.
Where they sit back and let the man rule?
Even if his decisions makes them seem foolish

I yield to you.
Out of love.
I surrender to you.
Out of love.

And only to you.
And no other one.
Be thankful you're the lucky one.

Nov 10, 2011

Fettered by syrupy curves
of well-handled prose. Exposed,
prone. Bound to bleed
maraschino in free-verse.

chess mess
chess mess
Jun 17, 2013

a tidal wave from my heart to my cock
it's disgusting. I adore          you
arteries pumping harder than your hips
where you've touched leaves electric spiders; dancing.
"i want to fuck you so bad, right here on the ground"
pushed up against my car: i cant feel my teeth
grab my hair just fucking pull it
smile in the middle of a sloppy kiss; my face still stings
it's disgusting. I adore          you

Your head tilts back
And your lips are parted
Watching careful composure crack
I've only just gotten started
My lips tease
My eyes dare you
"Pretty, pretty please?"
And I very well knew
I was pushing it
Forcing me to the ground
Make me sit
Submit with out a sound
I will do as you say
Whimpering in pleasure barely kept at bay
I nod
I take you in
And God
Tasting you is my sweetest sin
You tell me
That's my good girl
And I smile
That's what I've been wanting to hear
All night

Sep 10, 2013      Sep 11, 2013

To you
I'm captive
I will remain passive
For now

*Being a submissive slave
Tinker Bell

Being a submissive slave
doesn't mean respect
It just means
there ain't any option
The beauty of which lasts
only till a better option comes by

My heels click
on the floor
Click click click  

I walk up to you
all tied up
and At my mercy

All Mine

I grab you gently

"This is mine
all mine
not yours"

"This is mine to play with
mine to do with
what I please"

"And maybe...Just maybe
if you're good
I'll let you have some fun"

I kiss you lightly
on the lips
and walk away


I may be 100% submissive in the lifestyle
BUt even I have my fantasies, I wouldnt mind
domming a male ;-)
Jun 22      Jun 22

A worn smile is a worn thorn and you are smiling, easily. I am hopeless. I have let you walk all over me worse than your boots could ever make me feel from under you.

I'm not ashamed of my submission.

It took me a long time to accept my mistakes and that this is what I deserve. I want to blame you. I want to hit you. I want to yell at you.

Our house caught fire and we are both victims.

There's levels and layers my toes never dug in while you clawed through looking for treasure.

Our house is on fire but you're already outside.
Our house caught fire, and we are both victims.

I want to fix things but I also like things better this way.

You are what I always wanted before you became the thing I desired.

Dec 10, 2013

He gently strokes my cheek
with an intent fingertip
all the way down and across
until He reaches my dry lips

On my knees
I await His command

slowly take off your clothes
and sit on the table before me
spread your legs wide
I want to see your need

I position myself
on the table
open my legs
focus on His gaze

He moves forward
presses His hands on my thighs
to open me further
to see how I shimmer

Curves ache for His touch
with a ferocity that rushes
through each of my nipples
empowering my stomach to burn

sharp inhalation

His fingers slide
into the glimmer
of us

Two inside

The room grows smaller

His fingers thrust
inside me
feeling roughness
with the soft

I need..to..

vision blurred
breath escapes
does not return

A symphony crashes
in singing ears
pulse erratic
I want to release...

I need..to..

Spaced out words
fail to leave my mouth
the symphony plays on

I am His
completely His

Only when I say this to Him
am I allowed to surrender
to the sweet crescendo
piercing my soul

As I shiver
legs still open
He leans back in the chair
smiles with affection
takes both fingers
raises them to His seeking lips
and savours our taste
the energy of both entwined
in honeysuckled embrace

I am His
completely His

I am a blissful glow
from the magic
only He knows
how to bestow

(c)2013 PoppySilver

Tim English
Tim English
Dec 8, 2013

Long lost time stretches blacked out questions and
in the place where it should have been
A triple threat of time, continuation, and displaced memories
Slapped back into the
black again

I know it's a sin but I fucking love it

Push it, shove it down, choke on the smoke and the fumes of the ancient
Wisdom is the loss of purity
Blended back into the swirling twirling Universes, such perverse pleasure in the pain of it all

I love to fall

The wind in your face, blend it with a trace of sweat and blood as it all

I love the taste

Blasphemous and decadent, giving in and giving out to suck it all back in again
I grin a bladed smile all the while, never minding the cries
Such pleasure as it dies
All taint of purity reviled

Desecrate the sacred, mutilate this inviolate aspect of creation
Only a seed of destruction contained within the potential
I see and I lust and I take and I kill
Not a drop of precious life spilled
Without cause

The laws remain, rise and fall, rise and fall,
I saw it all and then I sought a call of FLAW
For in the impurity lies perfection
An insecure dissection speaks the truth
As I now lie and speak to thee uncouth
I regret the best was yet to be
Blinded stumbling through Infinity

....just let it be.

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