Tear down these *red* curtains
M Eastman
M Eastman
Nov 5, 2014

Tear down these red curtains
and let light into
grown accustomed
to melancholy

As curtains close and night descends,
Peter J Thomas

As curtains close and night descends,
We hide from Monday's dawn,
The duvet drawn over our eyes,
We hope to miss the morn'

Peter Davies
Peter Davies
May 6, 2015

I see it there
The curtain on the wall
Where there is no window.
There is nothing to cover,
Yet it stays tied shut.
The lace tails quiver
With imaginary wind;
It drips with
Invisible rain.

#free   #form   #imaginary   #curtain  

Earth's a comedy in three acts and we're approaching curtain.

#end   #10w   #earth   #play   #final   #comedy   #curtain   #beryldov   #finale   #three-acts  
My eyelids are curtains
Tony Scallo
Tony Scallo
Dec 1, 2014

My eyelids are curtains
That cast a silhouette of my soul,
You're blind to what's behind them,
While they remain closed
They wait to open;

And the light will soon shine
Front and center stage,
An audience of people
To watch my life play;

It is a show, every single day

#life   #eyes   #soul   #eyelids   #curtains  
Sunlight streaks through red curtains
Janella Sanchez
Janella Sanchez
Nov 8, 2015

Sunlight streaks through red curtains
The room is painted orange
Now yellow

A yellow room
How melancholic
How sad

Ask me what color sadness is
I will take you
To the room where the sun
Bathes four walls
With forgotten memories
Forlorn hopes
Pangs of guilt
Staggering regrets

I will take you
Where sadness fills a room
From ceiling to floor

Sunlight streaks through red curtains
The room is no longer painted orange
But yellow

Even when the sun has sunk
The color yellow remains
Like an unvanishing afterthought

Jul 20, 2014

I used to show him my most,
embarrassing, humiliated pictures

I used to tell him,
everything I felt bad about.

He knows all the little flaws,
that clung on my body
He knows every story,
I left behind with my past

He knows my thoughts,
how I feel,
and what I wrote.

He loves me so much,
and would never give up on me.

But I need to stop it all,
because my skin felt a lightweight curtain
between the both of us
and my heart feels,
it might be an invisible dark one.

My guy best friend, feeling lately that I was wrong. Telling him everything and anything. Because when I dig deeper, most privacy of mine was told then his.
#trust   #friend   #best   #black   #me   #no   #he   #guy   #curtain   #bestie  
Supriya Hegde
Supriya Hegde
Nov 9, 2015

Beyond the pure curtain of mist,
At a distance stood the lofty hill,
Somewhere in between - she does exist,
Changing course of climate at her will;

On every leaf, a raindrop danced,
Nature sat like a fairy's child,
At all the greenery, she glanced,
Her tune - a perfect rhythm and mild;

Then, she stood with open arms,
To embrace the first unceasing rain,
As though the rains were charms,
Her eyes were bright without pain;

The melody echoed in the meadows,
In the bushes little flowers bloomed,
Little creatures stayed in the shadows,
And in the shimmering moonlight she loomed;

Raindrops lost to the vast sea,
The waves splashed onto the shore,
She gave in to the plea,
A gown of blue and green she wore;

#peace   #fall   #happiness   #rain   #nature   #winter   #growth   #mist   #curtain   #greenery  
Priyanshi Dass
Priyanshi Dass
Jun 5, 2015

Wait; don’t pull the sheets, just yet
Give me a moment to breathe, to let the last tear fall
A broken heart still lies on an unmade bed

Let the smoke clear of the red stained cigarette
It’s funny, how even in daylight, a whisper darkens all
Wait; don’t pull the sheets, just yet

What is love, if not an exciting game of roulette?
Time played its hand; better place a bet, fate now holds the ball
A broken heart still lies on an unmade bed

To be fair, it wasn’t all blood, tears and sweat
Who was the winner who was the loser? It was far too close to call
Wait; don’t pull the sheets, just yet

Tell me, would I be easy, to write off as a love lost; to forget
Or do you, like me, spend sleepless nights, for a late night phone call
A broken heart still lies on an unmade bed

Don’t close your eyes, there isn’t much to regret
I’m not ready yet, to release my breath; for the curtain call
Wait; don’t pull the sheets, just yet
A broken heart still lies on an unmade bed

-പ്രിയാന്ഷി ദാസ്‌

#love   #heart   #hate   #end   #hurt   #relationship   #angst   #agony   #curtain  
both can see everything from here. The curtains are closed but we have eyes to see beyo
Mar 19

All I hear from the outside are muffled sounds. There are cars honking and people chatting but I am too focused with the idea of you being here, of you making sounds while you play with your cat. So, let me rephrase that. I hear everything that’s happening outside but I choose to hear you in my mind.

Everything is foggy but I am not anywhere near dizzy. Everything is foggy. I can’t remember the place where I come from before all these. Everything is crumpled into a piece of paper where I let my heart bled before you happened to me. Everything seems to be scary with the loud people and beeps of vehicles. I won’t ever take on risking my life for anything except here, in this place where you and I exist. Maybe from now on I will be.

This place must be big to fit the furniture and stuff you have but with you and I inside it just seems to shrink into a size of a doll house. It couldn’t contain what we feel that I can hear your heart beating from a meter. I will just try my best to pretend I am not staring at you with my peripheral vision. I will pretend that I can’t see you gazing at me with those mellow-painted eyes. I will pretend that you can’t hear my heart beating all for you. If I surrender, and I submit, we could both get into trouble.

Don’t laugh. I know we both can see everything from here. The curtains are closed but we have eyes to see beyond. That’s how we found each other’s arms. That’s how we ended up here. I repeat. Don’t laugh for the curtains may be closed but we both know we have audiences waiting for us to end this show.

For now, you may laugh. We both may laugh with sugar on our tongues and words as our cape. I have just one last request of you. May you never get tired of seeing my light that you’ll choose to open the curtains and I promise you. I’ll never dim this light to give to another except you.

#love   #you   #closed   #curtains  
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