Tear down these *red* curtains
M Eastman
M Eastman
Nov 5, 2014

Tear down these red curtains
and let light into
grown accustomed
to melancholy

My eyelids are curtains
Tony Scallo
Tony Scallo
Dec 1, 2014      Dec 3, 2014

My eyelids are curtains
That cast a silhouette of my soul,
You're blind to what's behind them,
While they remain closed
They wait to open;

And the light will soon shine
Front and center stage,
An audience of people
To watch my life play;

It is a show, every single day

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Mar 11      Mar 12

an invention made to hide,
to protect.
are made
to give a sense of security;
isolation well-deserved.
can be dangerous.
can keep you from the truth,
keep you from your life
outside your life.
can make you feel stranded
and helpless.
can make someone go crazy,
crazy enough to take a bottle,
and a gun.
will make you drive around for two days,
about your two sons.
will make the hot fat tears roll down your face
in embarassment and pain and agony.
will put that one bullet in the gun,
put that gun to your head,
and pull.
will blind,
and lie,
and kill,
and tear,
and rip,
and hurt
if you let it.

I wrote this for Momma Renee. She committed suicide this weekend at thirty-five years old, leaving her two boys and a trail of tears. No one saw it coming. She took anti-depressants because her doctor thought she needed them. She stopped taking them and made stupid decisions. I am typing this at 12:44 am because I cannot sleep. I love and miss her so much.
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The curtains, always drawn
Maddie D
Maddie D
Mar 28, 2013

The curtains, always drawn
From the inside
Yours are the thickest black velvet
Yet my curtains are open
Forever, always
Made of dainty lace
I can't see inside your eyes
But you can see in mine

We all hide our shamelessness behind curtains,
Sibtain Ahsan Fattah

We all hide our shamelessness behind curtains,
hoping the curtains are never drawn.
Lying to passersby,
about its lack of importance,
but ultimately,
We lie to ourselves,
because it does matter,
the things we do,
the things we hide,
The lies we tell,
the truths we don't.

#truth   #lie  
These curtains can see, feel and hear all
Bradley E Sammons
Bradley E Sammons
Nov 27, 2012

Like eyes of flies hiding on walls
These curtains can see, feel and hear all
They are constant observers
Of a world in and out

So watch it
We're watching you

You tell me to close the curtains.
Julia Rose
Julia Rose
Dec 4, 2011

You tell me to close the curtains.
"Close the curtains so the neighbors won't see!"
But one thought rings out clear in my mind --
The curtains won't change what you're doing to me.

Even if the world's in the dark
About what happens under the cover of night,
It still hurts, it still happens, and it is real.
The situation is desperate for light.

You can try to belittle me -- go right ahead.
But I know something you don't know.
Hit me, hurt me, try to knock me down;
I have nowhere left to go.

I've already hit rock bottom;
I've got nowhere left to fall.
So, close the door behind you --
Because I'm going to tell it all.

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