Tear down these *red* curtains
M Eastman

Tear down these red curtains
and let light into
grown accustomed
to melancholy

The curtains, always drawn
Maddie D
Maddie D
Mar 28, 2013

The curtains, always drawn
From the inside
Yours are the thickest black velvet
Yet my curtains are open
Forever, always
Made of dainty lace
I can't see inside your eyes
But you can see in mine

These curtains can see, feel and hear all
Bradley E Sammons
Bradley E Sammons
Nov 27, 2012

Like eyes of flies hiding on walls
These curtains can see, feel and hear all
They are constant observers
Of a world in and out

So watch it
We're watching you

Nicholas Jones
Nicholas Jones
Oct 23, 2013

This one's for the girl
with her hands over her
and might I say,
they are darling.
Especially because
they are the hands
that place such stunning
words that touch
my heart.
I can only imagine
the beauty
that hides behind

Blake Nelson
Blake Nelson
Feb 21, 2013

Your eyes are always so crinkled
School must drain you so
Always barely perceiving
They were disheartening with
melancholy in tow
I'll never forget the night I realized
your eyes
No longer creased, no longer apathetic
So round, so alive
In this moment I realized that I
had seen them before
I saw a glimpse today

Maybe it's too much to think that
I made your eyes everything
Everything I needed to be alrite
I kissed your mouth that night
A person like you could be good for me

for Summer (obviously) *broken record*
Kalena Leone
Kalena Leone
Jan 30, 2013

i want you to scream “SHUT UP!” in the middle of one of my ramblings



no, no one.

i want you to do it and i want you to slap me and then i want you to kiss me

and i want to be FURIOUS with you

but i want to taste your lips

i’m so far gone and i’m so long lost

and i feel like a million dust particles flying in the drapes of your mothers house

the one that wears the bright pink lipstick you hated as a child

it’s what i’ve always wanted, isn’t it?

to explode.

and surround you in the most literal sense

because that’s the only sense i’m capable of fulfilling.

i am not overwhelming nor am i beautiful.

nor is my voice or my pale, pale skin.

even when it’s torn or taunt

or bitten or blackened

from your anger kisses

and your frustration vacuum

sucking up all of me

all of me

goodbye all of me

taylor stephenson
taylor stephenson
Sep 20, 2013

my friend asked me what i'm going to do in LA when i get to california. i told her how i am going to wander around aimlessly until i die. she hung the phone up on me. i didn't have the guts to tell her how i plan on doing nothing at all. i plan to sleep outside. i plan to get strung out. i plan to be in a place where i will never have to look at the same face twice in the same day ever again unless i want to. and i don't want to.

© 2013 Austin Stephenson
You tell me to close the curtains.
Julia Rose
Julia Rose
Dec 4, 2011

You tell me to close the curtains.
"Close the curtains so the neighbors won't see!"
But one thought rings out clear in my mind --
The curtains won't change what you're doing to me.

Even if the world's in the dark
About what happens under the cover of night,
It still hurts, it still happens, and it is real.
The situation is desperate for light.

You can try to belittle me -- go right ahead.
But I know something you don't know.
Hit me, hurt me, try to knock me down;
I have nowhere left to go.

I've already hit rock bottom;
I've got nowhere left to fall.
So, close the door behind you --
Because I'm going to tell it all.

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