My heart rests upon a Rock
Rachel Adams
Rachel Adams
May 4      May 5

In the turbulence of a Storm
My heart rests upon a Rock
In a place where the grass is long
Swaying  passively to a breeze
In a place where the earth is warm
Lit eternally by a furnace
In a place where a  stoic Rock
Submits to its desires for me
In a place where the frozen rain
Melts away in an instant
Dissolving the hovering myths of pain
To free my lonely heart yet again

This is a place for love to grow
Forever, together and more

#love   #desire   #eternal   #growing   #affection   #rock  
Rock stars prove you don't need a voice to s
βέƦẙḽ Dṏṽ

Rock stars prove you don't need a voice to sing.

Rock Stars

Punk rock is as good as it gets
Jul 5      Jul 5

Discordant notes hit my ears
as I place headphones over them
Punk rock is as good as it gets
When you’re angry
as a rabid bear who hasn’t eaten
in about three months
and it’s been about three weeks
since you left me
and I want to be angry
but I love you too much
to say I hate you
when I know that you’re just
Discordant notes that hit my ears
as I place headphones over them
‘cause punk rock
is as good as it gets
When you can’t be angry
at someone you once loved

#love   #lost   #idk   #thing   #rock   #punk   #aaah  

Blinded by the light in your eyes held my captive , wrapped up in you baby.
     We can make it through the night .
     It all started with a little kiss all that came after was a blur...
     Just give me a kiss... Like this baby
     Dont let me escape to reality , Im just a poor girl with a needy for you love nice and slow.
     You're my rocketman lets take flight.

Listening to some good music
#love   #rock   #classic  
I just love rock
Loren W Ebeling Esq

No delusions of grandeur
No misconceived notions
But there's a thing that beats in my chest
Like the winds against the ocean

I don't crave glory, fortune or fame
I don't even care if you remember my name

I want to be there
On a brightly lit stage
Me and my guitar
Making art
Turn the page

Not in it for the women
(I'm happily spoken for)
I don't do drugs
(They're stupid, and make you poor)
I don't want to get rich
(Money corrupts)
I just love rock
(Stand back. Watch me erupt)

It's all about the music
And what it does for you
I don't write for me
That's for other musicians to do
So if you ever hear me playing
And it stirs something in your heart
I'm doing something right
I'm just doing my part

Seriously. I only play music because I love music. If I can live off of it, sweet. If not, I'll find something, but music will still be there.
#truth   #happiness   #music   #money   #rock   #fame   #roll  
God gave mankind that old Rock and Roll
Loren W Ebeling Esq

God gave mankind that old Rock and Roll
So maybe just maybe it can save my soul
God gave to mankind them old moody blues
So that my good friend is path I choose
So here I sit
And strum my guitar
And with each note
I wage holy war

#god   #music   #guitar   #blues   #rock  
keeping zen in my rock garden
Dwayne Richardson

To my own caution
I will never give into mania again
Still recovering from the last high rise
wracked with pain from the bends
Now I'm all alone
keeping zen in my rock garden
Rearranging thoughts
not knowing how long its been
It caught me by surprise
with no room to vent
choking on I Love You
breaking down from the event
'cause the futures fast approaching
with no idea whats been set
in this moment, at my core
while my garden can't grow anything in it.

#depression   #life   #the   #garden   #mania   #rock   #zen   #saddess   #bends  
Rock me gently
Pamela Rae
Pamela Rae
Jun 17      Jun 17

Rock me gently
as I do what I can
to unleash this torrent
of pain--
amazing how it will dissipate
only to stealth its way
right back in--
Just your touch,
light and gentle
caressing me
will make it abate
will help to set me free
--I'd do almost anything
to make it gone--
but for now,
just rock me a little,
hold me close
as you sing our song--
touch my hair
and tell me
you'll always care
and when this pain
and I'm free of it
for a time--
I'll write you
the most wonderful
and lovely rhyme...
but please...
for now--
rock me gently
help me to make it fade
it hurts so much
when it tries to invade
and I know I should be strong
and not complain--
but this searing, tortuous pain
is trying to overtake me today--
please just rock me gently
and make it all go away?

#pain   #touch   #fade   #rock   #gently   #torrent   #dissipate   #invade   #unleash  

Papers are flimsy, fragile
   so susceptible to time
      and harsher climates.

Scissors cut and divide
   thriving on irreparable separation
      to leave us in pieces and scattered.

Rocks are rough and tough
   facing--and looking--the worst
       while enduring every day and night to come.

My choice resides amongst the stones
   constant, long-lasting, dependable
      in the challenges that may have others call
      for support when they can't stand alone
   for maybe the times they lived were too much, too long
after facing the blades which cut them into small, segregated fragments.

#life   #time   #paper   #cut   #fragile   #flimsy   #rock   #scissors   #harsh   #divide  
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