Your name in capital letters
is a corporate fiction
whereby you are made subject:
the intellectual property
of the State.

Ugly America.
Janine Jacobs
Janine Jacobs
May 24, 2015

Struggling to catch my breath
as the corporate noose tightens
with every mundane task flung my way

Slowly losing my contentment
with this poor disguise of slavery

Suffering alone in silence
with a fake smile plastered on my face

I swear I've been here before...
living the same year on repeat

This can't be it
there has to be more to this boring game

“Money can't buy life”
realisation burns like a slap in the face

I'm smarter than this
I won't get caught in this web of numbness
that comes from only existing

Opening my eyes with a blade
it hurts... the truth always does
Opening my eyes to life
...that feels good though

Serenity Elliot
Serenity Elliot
Sep 17, 2014

I’m cheerful in the morning
Then the clocks tick over into another time zone
I hope that the phone does not ring
Because if it does I know who it will be
I can hear the snake in your tone
Like a smile that doesn’t reach your eyes
The voice with no face
I sit rigid while the others speak down the line
Yet you signal me out
Making me feel like a sparrow amongst the doves
More than friendly emails
More than friendly offerings
Telling me to keep things
Just between us

There is nothing to keep.

You are a poison across the sea
And try as you might, you cannot affect me.

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Feb 8, 2015

February 14th
the most overrated day
all cards and candy.
so fucking cliche.
but big companies love it
they think it's the shit
turning a simple day about love into
buy me this! buy me this!

Fucking hallmark and Hershey and
and Vicks Secret think all the money is the bomb
but still we shell out millions and break our collars
only 85% of the time is there sincerity behind the dollars

Love is beautiful, it should be celebrated daily, not once a year
Everyday you should show you care not just so they'll find something sexy to wear
so fuck Valentine's, fuck hallmark, fuck cards and candy,
and if I'm single forever for saying this, well that's fine and dandy

Just stating my opinion

The man with a dapper hat
Indeed did not stand a chance
With his miraculous ways of business
And the practice he criticized while doing it
As he ignores his children and never bothers to kiss his wife goodnight
And he had never read a book for pleasure
Because he was all about business
As he moved his way up the corporate ladder
While feeling purpose and purposeless
And contemplated his white collar status
But never complexly enough
So as he reached the age of 50
He suddenly saw before him an age of regret
As he broke down and cried
And wondered what the hell he had done
‘What are we all doing?’
‘What are we all doing?’
‘What was I doing?’
‘What was I doing…?’

He died of a heart attack five years later
And no one cared to remember him
Except his wife and children
Who almost scoffed at the notion of his death
And did not even seem to care he was gone
They felt an obvious sense of dread
That comes with almost all death
But he would not be remembered positively
Because he had made his way up the corporate ladder…
…And why not?

The finger casually snapped back
And nobody wanted to live like this
But he was too late
As he faded like a vapor trail…

People are just people
They’re going to die someday
But you didn’t care, did you?

Jan 2, 2016

Clothing made of pure fibres.
Highly visible leather shoes.
Conduct attuned to corporate etiquette.
Words with care they choose.

If you'all are inspired by any.
Then you all should know.
Amongst the men holding ranks high.
Many have stooped very low.

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Lyra O
Lyra O
Jul 19, 2014

Waste paper & ink
via corporate endeavors—
no doubt noble.
Vicariously sit still
or swivel around—
Oh, corporate freedom!
The aircon's never felt this
the coffee never this
expensive (& free, but
a mirage is a mirage.)
the elevator never this
wild & brimming with life.

Braindead oblivion
is a natural high.

First week at my first ever job—done. Next: death.
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May 19, 2015

Corporate rupturing spleen
Inside an indie gleam

Breaking rules of the night
Wanting more another fight

Caressing tasting of friends
A mere means to an ends

Dollar by dollar climbing walls
And ladders which we avoid the falls

Ceilings and walls and doors opening too
Possibilities promised to me an you

Glass Ceiling
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