Cast iron lampposts, corporation green
howard brace
howard brace
Apr 12, 2011

Rows of stone houses, all back-to-back
lined by the side of streets cobble set
housewives with shopping, segs in their heels
clopping down ginnels with ringing footsteps.

Cast iron lampposts, corporation green
daily were reset by clockwork it seemed
casting more shadow than light which to see
brimstone edged steps, scrubbed 'elbow' clean.

Sweeps on their rounds, in Summer would rush
cleaning the flues with rods and brush
kids in the street, staring in wonder
at soot snowing flurries, from porcupine pots.

Nutty slack in the grate, drawn by the pan
coal smoking stacks, pouring out grime
creels of damp washing, stealing the flame
when years end smog, jaundiced the sky.

A trip to the 'flicks', Saturday morning
'thrupence' for best seats, 'top-a-the-stalls'
rounds of cheers as good-un's were chasing
the bad-un's were boo'd, soon to be caught.

In 'wellies an scruff,' we went to the 'flea-pit'
with 'ha-peth o' cheap spice', soothing the throat
food for thought, all week long
and played them all, the films we saw.

Cowboys and Indians, cap guns held high
annoying the neighbours, 'bye it were grand'
riding the range on imaginary horses
best we ride on, with slap of the hand.

'Play in yer own street', my recallection
and 'geer off mi steps, they've jus-bin-swilled'
yet still we 'mucked out' with die-cast toys
against the 'midden', and on the walls.

No more adventure, making own fun
young-un's today don't know how it's done
cartoon and serial, games of war
we'd launch to the moon, upon the see-saw.

...   ...   ...

Mind over matter
Your mind focused
on the latter
as you tried to climb to the top
with no perception for disaster

They call it high risk options;
sheer prayers for returns.
But all the bits of your brain
didn't care about who burned

Can't slap cuffs on an entity
So I guess it's lesson learned
in their equity
though one finds that the fines
can still burn

Every willing ear
mixed with the
right tone of trust

Acknowledgement in gold
soon traded away to dust

If the brain believes
its body should live forever,
then where's the fear
of a burn when confronted with an ember

so they never think a spark
can elevate higher
ignorance is fuel,
greed sets this structure fire

Man the troops!
The sky is falling!
The city's set ablaze
and the sirens are calling!

We're supposed to save the people,
but the people pay first
save the buildings with
these bails of water
even if the people thirst

New body, same mind.
It's done so many times
one comes to think its rehearsed
The ticket price is high,
the play leaves the people
feeling cursed.

the corporation is coming -
Prabhu Iyer
Prabhu Iyer
Dec 13, 2013      Dec 14, 2013

Airwaves awash in the new gospel barrage:
calling forth the neighbourhood hack,
Abe Lincoln toon in towering hat,  
the corporation is coming -
will you not
collaborate my friend?

Everything good that you ever dreamed of is here:
Marbonite floored flats with self-terraced roofs;
The swankiest of cars, in imported hues;
Your arm candy drools,
now, brands, bigger brands!

All in your grasp, now, in community gates
shut safe as society decays.

Skies spitting frogs? Pestilences amass?
Listen to the Gospel according to Bane:
in the desert, smell octane. Hallelujah,
everything we make, from watches
to headscarves - your underwear is cheaper
sourced from the next so-lala-land.

Forget your sources tiny of incomes varying:
Bakers, cobblers, tinkerers, we also have
a uniform for you. Oh you rustic
tradition-bound bandy bumpkins!
Abandon your alleyways, and
welcome to the ghettos...where

What you eat, to where to retreat:
we cure everything from heartache to panache.

Wash away your sins in wonder medicines;
Waters can part, yes, see how the Pharoah
is disarmed; Big city dreams, dream
global manna beams. All that is needed for
salvation, is a little bit of classification. Are you
left-wing or right? Center-left or center-right?

The powerdrill tearing down edifices
resonating through noon. A crane arm's shadow
hovering high by the moon. Tablets from skies
now proclaim the new gospel for the land,
the airwaves are awash
of the miracle of Witwatersrand.

The corporation is coming, to a store near you:
Amen! Will you not, then, collaborate, my friend?

rebecca askew
rebecca askew
Jan 8      Jan 8

We build altars of gold, to fool the fool
And slaughter our demons, with rubber swords
We stifle, silent screams, with choked off words
And wrap ourselves in jaded ridicule

We judge the world, through fickle, clouded prisms
Yet view ourselves through rose colored glasses
As spectacular lies fool the masses
With manufactured truths and dogmatisms

Secret deals and whispered conversation
Create tactless, corporate dilusions
And celebrate synthetic illusions
No matter the cost, self preservation

Sell humanity, for personal gain
Prideful hubris always loses the game

Italian Sonnet Structure...  So tired of battling Captain Corporation.... Sorry.
the United States of America Corporation:
Hank Roberts
Hank Roberts
Dec 12, 2013

I'll stand around with a sign
that says, "free the rights"
when America turns to
the United States of America Corporation:
Where the trees, mountains,
and even coral morph into dollar signs.

As supplies last morality is quantified
into algorithms and sold in vacuum sealed
plastic while the president rules
all cellphones must be attached  
to the brain because it's affordable for
taxpayers. Direct connect,  instant
success, calls to any mind, anywhere, even
up on the cloud. mother and the pope are
on line two while  politicians will only
be 5 minutes away with the 100 percent
satisfaction guaranteed customer
service team, on the clock
24 hours and seven days a week,
while the black suites and white hair
earn credit for troubleshooting and calling
everyone unpatriotic because no one wants
to be outsourced to the next course of war.

Meanwhile, being a scientist is
secular progressive and doesn't meet
requirements for the 3 year warranty
but guarantees rush delivery, overnight twenty-four
hour shipping right into hell because
the business of women created from
mens' ribs didn't seem like viable coverage.

Corporation of Thievery had my heart beating
Aug 24, 2012

Dreamy tune, thoughts of you.
Corporation of Thievery had my heart beating
as if you had stepped back into the room.

Andrew Wenson
Andrew Wenson
Nov 5, 2012

Use No. 2 pencil only
Erase completely to change

All rights subject
Customer service last

Corporation bosses
Keiko Larrieux
Apr 5, 2010

Corporation bosses
Tossing the lost
Into the fist of jaws

Concentrations flossing
The reparation of old glory
Muted and refuted

I’m not joining the band
Just because he said
Yes we can

Whose Corporation Coat
Emily Dickinson


An Antiquated Tree
Is cherished of the Crow
Because that Junior Foliage is disrespectful now
To venerable Birds
Whose Corporation Coat
Would decorate Oblivion’s
Remotest Consulate.

Stamp down on the trappings of work and corporation
Nov 14, 2011

Stamp down on the trappings of work and corporation
As so much country clay at a swinging gate
Ignore the protestations
You do not trespass

Look out instead at new fields
In a new light
And in a new day

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