Dead Lock
Dead Lock
Jun 23, 2015

Don't make fun of my scars
You see,
They have minds of their own
And loathe disrespect

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There are disrespectful children, who shows you no respect.&nbs

There are disrespectful children, who shows you no respect.  They walk around in pride, thinking they are "all that."
There is no respect for those who's  in authority.  They gamble on the side, looking for a fee.
There are disrespectful children, always ready to fight.  They just don't have a conscience, to do the things that's right.
There are disrespectful children, who love to talk back.  All you receive from them, is a whole lot of flack.
There are disrespectful children, all into what they wear.  To ask them to do a good deed, they just do not care.
By, Sandra Juanita Nailing

Regine Santos
Oct 20, 2014

I've tried to put up with you
But you always seem to pursue
You have a different kind of thing
It has become annoying

I want to understand
It's your disrespect, I can't stand
Please just stay away
And don't push your way

Leave us alone now
Your intrusion is something I can't allow
Stop the desperate pleas
I'm asking you, please.

#love   #romance   #old   #intruder   #disrespect   #stalk  
Poetic T
Poetic T
May 4, 2014

You are a blind
man, holding a
blunt pencil.
Thinking he is
writing words
when in fact
all that is wrote is smudges on paper..

To those few who put others down thinking there words are better than others..
Poetic T
Poetic T
Mar 5, 2014

You disrespect my
words, the meanings
they shout out.

I have some thing
to say, but you want
to silence my words
that I wish to write

I have regret, no I
have none, I will
write that which
must be wrote, and
I don't as the permission
of any one.

If you don't like that which
is wrote, then close your eyes
to my words and move on,
I am free my words are free
and will live on...

Oct 7, 2015

I am too used to this.
being used and abused,
disrespected and fucked with.
I just need to know why
I do this to myself.
going after the wrong people,
each time I never learn my lesson.
I want to be shown the way
of respect and mercy,
contentment and love.
each day I awake,
I search for a new person
to show me the path,
yet I never find it.

#love   #wrong   #used   #contentment   #lesson   #fucked   #learn   #abused   #mercy   #disrespected  
Jaycee Jellies
Jaycee Jellies
May 11, 2015

Take care of me,
Be there for me.
Never discourage me,
Love me unconditionally.
You're supposed to be my mother.
But you treat me like I'm nothing.
I'm sick of your constant disrespect,
The loss of love in your eyes that makes me want to cry,
It's itching inside of the back of my mind.
And someday I'll say goodbye to you,
You won't want me to,
But you can't make me stay.
You're not my mom.
But until then,
I'll be walking in the rain.

#anger   #pain   #abuse   #frustration   #mother   #goodbye   #sick   #disrespect  
May 19, 2014

The Beatles? Really?
of all the shirts you wear you
Choose the Beatles. Ugh...

Ok, I love the Beatles, but corresponding to my last haiku, don't disrespect the Beatles like that either. Don't wear the shirt if you don't know the band.  Likewise when I ask you about the Beatles you have no clue what i'm talking about when I mention it's so sad about what happened to John Lennon you get confused. Please, just don't. Anyone but The Beatles
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