There are disrespectful children, who shows you no respect.&nbs

There are disrespectful children, who shows you no respect.  They walk around in pride, thinking they are "all that."
There is no respect for those who's  in authority.  They gamble on the side, looking for a fee.
There are disrespectful children, always ready to fight.  They just don't have a conscience, to do the things that's right.
There are disrespectful children, who love to talk back.  All you receive from them, is a whole lot of flack.
There are disrespectful children, all into what they wear.  To ask them to do a good deed, they just do not care.
By, Sandra Juanita Nailing

May 19, 2014

The Beatles? Really?
of all the shirts you wear you
Choose the Beatles. Ugh...

Ok, I love the Beatles, but corresponding to my last haiku, don't disrespect the Beatles like that either. Don't wear the shirt if you don't know the band.  Likewise when I ask you about the Beatles you have no clue what i'm talking about when I mention it's so sad about what happened to John Lennon you get confused. Please, just don't. Anyone but The Beatles
Apr 16, 2012

Sorry to break your tiny little hearts
But women are not objects.
So, before you post pictures
Of yourself getting head
On the internet
Or before you tell Her
To 'get back in the kitchen'
Or to "make me a sandwich',
Why don't you
Swallow your pride
And Fuck your ego.

Jul 30

your witty remarks
and hearty jokes
aren't very funny

i thought i'd tell you
before things got
out of hand

i don't appreciate you
calling me

you are no one to me
and those
nicknames are
for those who
actually know
how to treat me
as a human
not a plaything

just because
i was born a certain gender
does not
give you the right
to feel like
you have the right
to call me
what you want
and treat me
as you please

my vagina
(yes, i spoke the forbidden, sue me)
does not
make me
or more
than any
other human
any other
sex organs

so next time
you're about to
open that
big mouth of yours
put your
arm around my shoulders
wink at me
you'd better

i'm using
my words
i'm not
always going to be
so nice

unlike what you said earlier
i'm not overreacting
this is a natural response
to everyday sexism
and just because
society has become used to it
adapted to it
accepted it
does not mean
i will give in
or give up
or ever conform
to these
downright disgusting norms

i am a woman
that does not make me
to those of other genders
am i superior
to anyone
except, maybe,

// thank you, doctor, for showing me that no amount of education can take the filth out of a sexist barbarian //

A Children's Tale

Today wasn't fun.
Today wasn't fair.
Today was the day
Millie cut off my hair
With the scissors that Mom
Keeps up high on that shelf,
So Millie can't be
Her own
Evilish self.

But Millie climbed up
On a big kitchen chair,
Snagged Momma's scissors
And cut off my hair.
Millie's just wicked,
And evil and mean.
If she were a goblin,
She'd be their queen.

Today wasn't fair,
And today wasn't fun.
Today was the day
Millie scared every one
Of Dewey O'Hillicker's
Rabbits away
While he was putting them all
Safely back in their stall.
And now they're out running,
They're all climbing the trees,
They're breaking through fences
And scuffling knee's.
They're barking and yakking
All Jekyll and Hyde,
And keeping the terrified
Neighbors inside.
And O'Hillicker's furious,
He's mad as a bat.
And I've never seen anyone
Madder than that.

Nah, today wasn't fun.
Today wasn't right.
Today wasn't good,
Not by a blamed sight!
Today was the day
Millie painted the dog,
And let it run off
Through the rain
And the fog.
Today was the day
Millie took a coat wire
And put a hole in
Jamie's bicycle tire.
Today was the day
Millie stole Wilbur's glasses
And hid 'em deep in
That new jar of molasses.
Today was the day
Millie took Grandpa's hat
And stomped down upon it
Until it was flat!
And tossed what was left
At the calico cat.

Today wasn't clever,
And not a bit fun.
Oh, I've known fun days,
And today wasn't one.
Today was the day
Millie pinched Willard Flea.
She pinched Susan Washbourne,
And then she pinched me.
She pinched Bernie's right ear,
Just as mean as can be,
Then she pinched the cat's wisker's,
And Jermima's left knee.
She pinched Ellie's eyebrow,
And even Gran's toe.
And that was as far
As ol' Millie could go ~
Because Gran pinched her back
And sent her to her room.
And you should'a seen Millie
Frattle and fume.
And she'll be fuming 'til
Momma steps in through that door,
And discovers just what
Millie's screaming was for.

And sometime tomorrow,
Before the noon bell,
When everything going
Is going quite well,
There'll be Millie,
Our mischievous elf,
Still being her own little
Evilish self.

Copyright © 2015 Richard D. Remler


"Girls are like slugs.  They serve some
purpose but it's hard to imagine what."
~Calvin & Hobbes


#swag   #mlg  
passing a graveyard; as *breathing* is *disrespectful* to the dead.
Ashtyn Burk
Ashtyn Burk
May 23, 2014

Breath should be held when passing a graveyard; as breathing is disrespectful to the dead.

#dead   #graveyard  
Are **disrespectful**
Rosalind Heather Alexander

Can't believe it.
Some people
Even family.
Take advantage
Are disrespectful
Out of order

Making disrespectful jokes
Jun 17

I'm tired
Of these young comedians
Making disrespectful jokes
And stereotyping
People from the south

Especially one comedian
In particular
I won't name

It's not good to stereotype
Any group of people

I appreciate your sense of humor

But stereotyping is disrespectful

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