There are disrespectful children, who shows you no respect.&nbs

There are disrespectful children, who shows you no respect.  They walk around in pride, thinking they are "all that."
There is no respect for those who's  in authority.  They gamble on the side, looking for a fee.
There are disrespectful children, always ready to fight.  They just don't have a conscience, to do the things that's right.
There are disrespectful children, who love to talk back.  All you receive from them, is a whole lot of flack.
There are disrespectful children, all into what they wear.  To ask them to do a good deed, they just do not care.
By, Sandra Juanita Nailing

Madeline Kennedy
Madeline Kennedy
Apr 16, 2012

Sorry to break your tiny little hearts
But women are not objects.
So, before you post pictures
Of yourself getting head
On the internet
Or before you tell Her
To 'get back in the kitchen'
Or to "make me a sandwich',
Why don't you
Swallow your pride
And Fuck your ego.

Because that Junior Foliage is disrespectful now
Emily Dickinson


An Antiquated Tree
Is cherished of the Crow
Because that Junior Foliage is disrespectful now
To venerable Birds
Whose Corporation Coat
Would decorate Oblivion’s
Remotest Consulate.

Not to be disrespectful
Mar 26, 2013

A desynthetised soul
Never did bleed
The only cry I heard
Was wiping off debree
The demons in your corner
Leave 3 scratches a piece
Not to be disrespectful
But the keep the peace.
I was given a permanent mark
But I was too young to see
That liberation means your soul
Must be totally free.

jaw, disrespectful
Rachel Goad
Rachel Goad
Apr 4, 2013

Slow chew;
swallow, you
insatiable shirk.
You love to lurk in
shadowy turns;
show your camel’s
jaw, disrespectful
teeth which hash
and gnaw. While
other mouths stiffen
and gape you can
take another chunk
from integrity’s nape;
slow chew and swallow,
you insatiable shirk.

Disrespectful conclusions.
Sarah Alison Young
Jan 22, 2012

Merging the surges.
Converging the urges.
Surveying and delaying.
A brutally soft touch.
A swift tug.
Scramble to the rug.

Hop, twirl, stamp.
Intrinsic epidemics.
Employing harsh thoughts.
Enjoying warm laughs.
Instant confusion.
Undeliberate actions.
Sub-consciencely projected.

Magnified emotions.
Disrespectful conclusions.
Foundations laid, entrusted.
Irrigation failed, erupted.
Defied by fate.

his disrespectful air
Elizabeth Squires

that man shall not be
speaking to me again
his rudeness of manner
is too much to sustain

my inquiry he didn't
see fit to reply to
so I've blocked him
as one is entitled too

no more shall he
be hearing from me
his disrespectful air
really bugged me

how disrespectful
Klara L
Klara L
Mar 22

I wonder if
boys ever realize
how disrespectful
it is
to whistle after
and make kissing noises
at every girl that walks by
as if we're some kind of animal.

I guess in time
I've grown used to
being disrespected
by others
I've started to see it
as something normal.
I'm not only disrespected
by others
but mostly by myself.

does this even make sense?
Disrespectful, Obnoxious
Anthony Duvalle
Jun 5, 2010

Blue infinity
Beautiful serenity
Breaking enmity
Food hopes crumbling
Stomach empty, grumbling
Taco bound stumbling
Polite, Educated
Enlightening, Enriching, Enthralling
Teachers, Students, Idiots, Parasites
Disgusting, Debilitating, Degrading
Disrespectful, Obnoxious
Poetic, Spoken
Rhyming, Entertaining, Battling
Real rap takes skill
Hip Hop
Unskilled, Foolish
Annoying, Boring, Defaming
Cinquains wish they were poetry

Disrespectful in my
Jul 30, 2013

Will these people
Be cursed for life
For digging up graves
And putting on display
The bodies of the Egyptian
I myself don't approve
Of digging up the dead
For others to view
To take THEIR
Treasures from THEIR
Sure its fascinating
To know but so
Disrespectful in my
So bittersweet
A catch 22
Their damn if they don't
And if they do!

I would feel like I was being haunted 24/7 If it was me. I truly find the information cool etc. But the people that actually do this must struggle through I think? I STAKE MY CLAIM FOR THIS
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