i do love dat booty
k money
k money
May 9, 2014      May 10, 2014

i do love dat booty
it is so very fine
i want to eat that booty
and make it mine

“Shake your booty!”
Melanie Wotherspoon
Melanie Wotherspoon
Jul 29, 2014      Jul 30, 2014

“Shake your booty!”
you said
so I did
and you shook so much
the laces came undone
and the sole almost split
down the beauty of its middle

It's what I now know was a
wow there we are”
out of booty experience

- Melanie Wotherspoon
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'dat booty''
Aug 2, 2014

her hair blows back in the breeze
as she strolls down the sidewalk
between all the trees
with a smile that reveals
every one of her teeth
and the dimples
of her red, freckled cheeks

she's an angel, i think
her divine, secretive lips
shine in their glossiness
begging me for a kiss

i stand aback, watching
mesmerized by her beauty
only able to muster the words
'dat booty''

- jared huskey

#angel   #smile   #lips   #trees   #hair   #breeze   #sidewalk   #cheeks   #dimples   #booty  
Jane Doe
Jane Doe
Aug 29, 2013

And we held each other
One last time
And pretended

d your thighs look when you sit down in booty shorts
Sep 1, 2013

it has been discovered
by yours truly
that no matter how bad your thighs look when you sit down in booty shorts
it's fucking worth it
you don't need to sit down anyway
you're a girl.
they'll take you standing up
or anywhere else
they can get you
just wear those booty shorts,
they say

i got depressed in the middle of writing this

fucking fuck fucker.
uncircumcised booty in pillage.
Prabhu Iyer
Prabhu Iyer
Sep 8, 2014

Forlorn sheets fluttering in the winds
splattered in smoke and ruination,
empty the streets where she'd played lost:

Haunting her now among
shadows in the cell she's chained
to slavery
of the religious kind.

Beast more than beast these men that
stare in hubris awaiting their turn
to partake of infidel flesh.

Behold! The holy empire of God is here.

That morning she'd grown up -
blood between her thighs had
stopped her play,
and her chastity was proclaimed.
Selima must learn to respect men
and the ways of God and His
rules of modesty.

Now, as he grunts and groans
in holy pleasure as he mounts
her by turns, tied up at the altar
to be an example of how whored
the lot of the pagan and faithless be.

Mother, is this the modesty that
God commands of infidel women?

How merciful indeed is He that
He creates in faithful men a beastly craving
and provides too for them
uncircumcised booty in pillage.

Pardon my french, but this is gut-wrenching: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/middleeast/iraq/11080165/Yazidi-girl-tells-of-horrific-ordeal-as-Isil-sex-slave.html
Slender Man
Slender Man
Nov 3, 2014

Come over after class the doors will be unlocked. Come into my room don't say anything, and take everything off. I'll be waiting.

But I'm just your booty call,
Taylor Evans
Taylor Evans
May 4, 2013

I wish you would
Look into my eyes
As you thrust
Deep between my thighs

I wish you would kiss me
On the lips
The pair north
Of my hips

I wish you would hold me
Just for a moment or so
Before you get dressed
and say you gotta' go

I wish you cared
Or tried to love me
But I'm just your booty call,
And all you do is fuck me.

I'll just keep wishing my life away.
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