i do love dat booty
k money
k money
May 9, 2014

i do love dat booty
it is so very fine
i want to eat that booty
and make it mine

“Shake your booty!”
Melanie Wotherspoon

“Shake your booty!”
you said
so I did
and you shook so much
the laces came undone
and the sole almost split
down the beauty of its middle

It's what I now know was a
wow there we are”
out of booty experience

- Melanie Wotherspoon
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'dat booty''
Aug 2, 2014

her hair blows back in the breeze
as she strolls down the sidewalk
between all the trees
with a smile that reveals
every one of her teeth
and the dimples
of her red, freckled cheeks

she's an angel, i think
her divine, secretive lips
shine in their glossiness
begging me for a kiss

i stand aback, watching
mesmerized by her beauty
only able to muster the words
'dat booty''

- jared huskey

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Le Booty Quest
Sep 10, 2015

Le Booty Quest

Glasses up, Hair down
Ass up, Face down
Ignore the sisters, I’m after the cousins
The catholic approved crevasse to bust in
I wouldn’t say im obsessed
But the booty demon has me possessed
I’d call you blessed, its what you guessed
I’m hard pressed to bend you east and get at the west
I’m on a booty quest with a lascivious request
to admire the caboose cleft
I can’t repent the intent of this unspent cement
But I’ll give up hemp for lent
Embark on a posterior pilgrimage of preposterous proportions,
Devoted to the search for thy voluminous bloons for which I swoon

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I am boy who enjoy booty.
Prince Oli
Prince Oli
Dec 14, 2015

I am boy.
I am boy who enjoy booty.
I am...booty boy.

We need to get more inspired by the booty. Child of booty. (This is a poem I wrote when I couldn't sleep, please don't take it too seriously.)
#boy   #booty  
Natalie Neo
Natalie Neo
Oct 17, 2014



I expected more from you.

#love   #expectations   #blonde   #boobs   #booty  
d your thighs look when you sit down in booty shorts
Sep 1, 2013

it has been discovered
by yours truly
that no matter how bad your thighs look when you sit down in booty shorts
it's fucking worth it
you don't need to sit down anyway
you're a girl.
they'll take you standing up
or anywhere else
they can get you
just wear those booty shorts,
they say

i got depressed in the middle of writing this

fucking fuck fucker.
Holy cow, watch that booty shake
Sam Temple
Sam Temple
Apr 24, 2015

Holy cow, watch that booty shake
As she twerks up and down
You know, my lord, that ain’t no fake
It darn near slaps the ground

To watch her twerk is amazing
Giving me a notion
…Need a better view of that thing
See up close that motion

I’m memorized, I sit and stare
Caught up in that movement
booty bouncing beyond compare
twerk be all heaven sent

truth be told I hate this whole trend
young girls objectified
there’s more to you than a rear-end
on second thought…I lied

Satirical sarcasm set to Red Red Rose
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