Silver bone
the phantom

I can feel you rotting inside my teeth
Breaking my bite and clenched smile
You’ve stayed too long inside
A clean mouth

Spitting you out
Washing it in

My pockets are lined with paper
My finger holds the stone
That knows me better than
Better than my
Silver bone

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follow through a silver thread
Silver Wolf
Silver Wolf
Nov 19, 2013

threading through memories of your past
weaving hopes and dreams on the loom of life
in and out
under the hanging overpass
over a creaking bridge
poised to collapse beneath me
constantly testing me
asking me the question embedded in my heart
take the route of avoidance
and back again
echo patterns of yesterday
trace back to the start
follow through a silver thread
I perfect my backwards walk
Across the avenue
As I make amends
Picking up pieces of broken glass
My collection of mistakes
Trying untangling knots
That can’t be untangled
Longing for the day
When string flows freely once again

Monica Belle Brand
Monica Belle Brand
Nov 21, 2011

whispers sweet nothings.
sings on fading moons.
melts with metallic warmth.
lights an undiscovered cave.
rests on elegant fingers.
becomes the tap of rain on tin roofs.
is the color of the soul.

Silver world awakes
Daniel Luke Nelson
Daniel Luke Nelson
Dec 13, 2011

Moonlight shatters
The crystals disperse
Flakes of winter
Fright's curse

Grey clouds of nowhere
Silver world awakes
To the silver sun beams
To the silver birds of song

Silver world awakes not to pleasure
Not to rhyme
Silver world awakes to sorrow
To the silver tear drop, crying

And with every tear the color fades
And more silver becomes the day
Spindling more silver
The silver devils play

And in my castle I hear the cry
The sharp shrieks of broken delight
The blinding light
The shivering fright

And in my castle I hear the wind
That humbles the calls
That corrodes my walls
The silver hissing wind
Driving nails into my coffin
The silver hissing wind
A dead heart will never soften

Meaningless are my dreams
Evanescent dreams
Grey clouds
Silver world

Faded clockwork, clicks
The hour passes, the hand ticks
And I awake into my dreams
Decadent reality, bursting seams

The clock now stops and forever so
Till I return but I shall not go

Beautiful sky of silver
Andie Brandt

Beautiful sky of silver
Thinking of words that make you quiver
If I can't take, I can't be a giver
When did I become so bitter
Grey turned gold and gold turned grey
Maybe if everything would just stay...
Well maybe then I'd be the same
Now I'm almost too tame
Putting my old self to shame
Why can't I share myself with anyone else other than you
And when will I return to my form of truth

Silver is the language of my heart
Mar 31

Silver is the language of my heart
the deep sensations
the long silences
of us being apart.

Silver is the color of my soul,
the restless and lost identity
screeching within this worthless body
making a deep dark hole.

Silver is the god of my mind,
guiding me,
somewhere away from here
towards the truth I have to find.

Silver is the music I hear,
sweet melodies of your voice,
I lose myself to the rhythms
to me, it’s only fair.

Silver is the guardian of my life,
stretching one hand towards me,
and the other towards the sky.
Its calling me,
as i understand, its true worth.

Silver whispers to me
and tells me I'm here to rise, much above,
and forget your visage.

Silver is accentuating before my eyes,
Its beauty shall carry my soul.

Feb 1, 2013      Feb 4, 2013

You’re on your way

Although you may feel this way
Because you were left behind
Cascade will your tears

Does it hurt?
Eventually it won’t
Forever is such a long time

Grieve shortly, for this will pass
Have a laugh and a smile please dear
I just happen to care

Just go on your way
Kings don’t rule forever, they will die
Long time awaiting for you
Momentarily has been forgotten

Never more shall you weep
Or stand alone in your fight

Please just listen
Quietly as you walk

Resist the temptations appearing
Stop questioning yourself
Trust in me please my dear

Unwilling you are to move on
Vacant your heart will become
Wade into the waters of the vast world beyond

Xenophobia is what you have contracted from this, you can’t meet new people for fear of being hurt yet again
You need a new beginning
Zero people can hurt you, as long as you don’t let them

a silver slither moon
JA Hadden
JA Hadden
Jun 16, 2013

a silver slither moon
viewed through a station wagon window
parked in a provincial park
with you.

Jordan Gemieff
Jordan Gemieff
Dec 5, 2012

Sweet, sweet Suzy on the double picture screen,
she was such a beauty, best I'd ever seen.

She wore a skirt, dress shoes and a blouse,
hung around the front porch of her triple decker house.

I met her late one night beneath the willow tree,
we exchanged kisses and I knew she was meant for me.

Years gone by, although it seems like days,
I still love that women, her beauty never fades.

With silver,
Nestor David Armas

I hear your pain
And feel it even louder,
I wish to shield you
But I know,
What you really need
Is a sword,
And the courage
To vanquish
What you fear,
That which steals
The sleep
From your nights,
And stands over
And between
You and the world,
Mitigating your
Hampering your
Day to day,
Making your
Sunrise and sunsets
Unable to connect
To the world around you,
I will help you wield
The spear you need
To sink into and gut
The darkness,
Make light of all
Your troubles,
Line all your clouds
With silver,
And bring about
Your golden smile...
© okpoet

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