I can't seem to see the silver lining.
Sep 26

I can't seem to see the silver lining.
That silver lining that people seem to be seeing and living with.

Am I missing it,
Or it's nothing but a myth?

We're but what we believe in.
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Silver bone
the phantom

I can feel you rotting inside my teeth
Breaking my bite and clenched smile
You’ve stayed too long inside
A clean mouth

Spitting you out
Washing it in

My pockets are lined with paper
My finger holds the stone
That knows me better than
Better than my
Silver bone

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follow through a silver thread
Silver Wolf
Silver Wolf
Nov 19, 2013

threading through memories of your past
weaving hopes and dreams on the loom of life
in and out
under the hanging overpass
over a creaking bridge
poised to collapse beneath me
constantly testing me
asking me the question embedded in my heart
take the route of avoidance
and back again
echo patterns of yesterday
trace back to the start
follow through a silver thread
I perfect my backwards walk
Across the avenue
As I make amends
Picking up pieces of broken glass
My collection of mistakes
Trying untangling knots
That can’t be untangled
Longing for the day
When string flows freely once again

Cecelia Francis
Cecelia Francis
Jul 2      Jul 3

I can't have lactose,
but I can have drugs.

I make a point of wearing silver instead of gold when I can
Ember Evanescent
Ember Evanescent
1 day ago      20 hours ago

I make a point of wearing silver instead of gold when I can
Because gold is first place
Everyone wants to be golden
So many poets agree sunset and dawn
Are the most beautiful times of day
Both of which are golden
But I disagree
Nighttime has its own peculiar but enchanting charm
With its crowning jewel, the silver moon.
To me, it is agony like no other that surpasses not placing at all
To be placed second
To have come so close
Yet fall just one place short
And watch as the Golden one
Outshines you, the Silver.
As a tribute to the unspoken grievers
The Silvers with their quiet beauty like the darkness
Just before dawn, yet unloved for they fell short
I wear silver.
For the Silver Seconds.

Please repost if you are a Silver too
Comment please! I love to read interpretations of my work.

Please repost if you are a Silver too
Comment please! I love to read interpretations of my work.
Come be my Silver lining.
Jaishree Garg
Jaishree Garg
May 22      May 22

When I crumble and fall
Come steer me with your grace
Take down my wall
Lock me in your embrace

When all my dreams fail
Come give me a taste of life
Let not my blood turn stale
Untangle my inner strife

‘Cause that’s where my life is hiding
Come be my Silver lining.

Don’t leave me with my demons.
Don’t let the emptiness devour me
Be my bearing,
My tool to survive
Guide me to you
Let me feel alive!

When the lights fade out
And my fears crawl
Shed the silhouette

‘Cause that’s where my life is hiding
Come be my Silver lining.

Heave me out of the ruins
Where love was torn down
And lives were destroyed.

Come be my shining light
Break the walls that confine me
Lock me in your embrace
‘Cause that’s where my life is hiding.

Just be my Silver lining.

*Silver lining*
Sep 13

Heaven took you
You sit upon them
Softly looking over the
Silver lining
Staring down upon the ground
You see those left behind,
By each, missing you
Now that you have gone,
Still you sense the
Of your passing,
You were taken to early,
But you blow
Angel kisses below
That in a better place
You are in peace,
No pain, or harm,
The wind touches each face
And a feeling of love,
From you relaxes
Puts them at ease,
Still missing you now your gone,
But know
Your in a better place,
You look down smile
And in to the heavens do you soar.

Inspired by Butterfly in Heaven
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Won a Silver Star,
βέƦẙḽ Dṏṽ

Won a Silver Star,
Bronze Star and three Purple Hearts.
Lost my wife and kids.

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Monica Belle Brand
Monica Belle Brand
Nov 21, 2011

whispers sweet nothings.
sings on fading moons.
melts with metallic warmth.
lights an undiscovered cave.
rests on elegant fingers.
becomes the tap of rain on tin roofs.
is the color of the soul.

Silver world awakes
Daniel Luke Nelson
Daniel Luke Nelson
Dec 13, 2011

Moonlight shatters
The crystals disperse
Flakes of winter
Fright's curse

Grey clouds of nowhere
Silver world awakes
To the silver sun beams
To the silver birds of song

Silver world awakes not to pleasure
Not to rhyme
Silver world awakes to sorrow
To the silver tear drop, crying

And with every tear the color fades
And more silver becomes the day
Spindling more silver
The silver devils play

And in my castle I hear the cry
The sharp shrieks of broken delight
The blinding light
The shivering fright

And in my castle I hear the wind
That humbles the calls
That corrodes my walls
The silver hissing wind
Driving nails into my coffin
The silver hissing wind
A dead heart will never soften

Meaningless are my dreams
Evanescent dreams
Grey clouds
Silver world

Faded clockwork, clicks
The hour passes, the hand ticks
And I awake into my dreams
Decadent reality, bursting seams

The clock now stops and forever so
Till I return but I shall not go

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