Don't worry about making excuses,
Avery Bellafiore

Don't worry about making excuses,
I've already done it for you.

Who always thinks up excuses, says she's always full,
Nov 23, 2014

"I feel sick, I don't want dinner, I'm such a terrible sinner."
That's me, the girl who is too scared to eat at school,
Who always thinks up excuses, says she's always full,
After only two bites, I get up and need the toilet,
Or do I? Of course all I'm going to do is fret
whilst sticking two fingers down the hole,
Until it all begins to roll
and it's flowing down and it won't stop
and oops, my best friend believes she's a cop,
Sticking her head round the side,
I thought this was the only place I could hide;
Obviously not, as she doesn't even care,
All she does is stare,
That's not being a good friend,
That's not sticking by me 'til the end.

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Jun 19, 2014

It is too hard,
why should I try?
to go that extra mile,
when the opportunity will fly on by.
There is too big of a cost,
why should I leap?
what if we end up lost?
and the devil has my soul to keep.
Tell yourself these words everyday,
and life passes you by,
and you sit and play.
Let these words sit in your head,
as you sit alone,
lying in your bed.
But there are others who will not be like you,
others who are like lions,
the kings to break out of this zoo.
There are others who are not like you,
they say I can when they should not,
and do not give it a second thought.
Those are the men who will stand atop a mountain,
looking down upon you,
and pissing in your drinking fountain.
Those are the men who will succeed because they believed,
while you sat and gave every excuse you could bleed.

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Nov 3, 2014

We act as if we are different,
that this scenario doesn't match us,
so why should I help?
I am a lion crying for my forest,
why should I stop the penguin's glaciers from melting?
"They will just have more area to swim..."
I am a businessman working for my family,
why should I give my hard earned money to the dying?
"They should work past their problems... Like I did!"
I am an artist who lives within themselves,
my life is harder than that homeless man's.
"He probably does drugs anyways...".
And we move on,
set on our personal goals,
never looking back,
but expecting all others to at least glance.

Here I am making excuses for you.
Nov 18, 2014

Here I am making excuses for you.
             He didn't know I was there.
             He didn't see me walk by.
             He didn't get my text.
             He didn't have a good day.
             He didn't have a day off this week.
No longer am I making excuses for you.
So here's what I am saying:
             You didn't try hard enough.

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And excuses it brings.
Elizabeth Rix
Elizabeth Rix
Apr 18, 2014

I wish
It were Christmas 
Because I love the frenzy
And excuses it brings.

It's a beautiful 
Excuse to not do 
The rubbish things 
In life that we spend 
Our lives doing.

The fairy lights 
Entwined in the trees
Cross continents 
With the buzz
of electricity.

I wish it were 
Christmas because
It brings the beautiful 
Excuse to love

Just as we love
The icy daisies
Of spring I love
The warm branches 
Of bare Christmas Trees

I wish it were Christmas
Because I want to 
Hang the rosewood
Baubles round 
And see the glitter of sequin
Bunting strung happily
About the bedrooms.

I love the beautiful 
Excuses brought
In the gifts bought 
And how love is sieved 
Through in the snow.

I miss christmas ok!
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Including excuses,
Antoinette Christensen

And what story are you going to give me?

I'm not,
Giving anything,
Including stories,
Including excuses,
This choice that isn't yours to make

Sep 17, 2014

Sad excuse of a man
Only yourself to blame
For a life filled with nothing
And a mouthful of shame.

And I hope you rot in endless pain.
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With the excuses and "I’m sorry”s
Ellenah Garcia
Aug 2, 2013      Aug 5, 2013

I’m done with the disappointment
With the heartache and tears
I’m done with the promises
Always postponed, never fulfilled

I'm finished with the "I love you"s
With the confusion between truths and sweet nothings
I’m spent with the let downs
With the excuses and "I’m sorry”s

I say I am finished with the romance
With the kisses and heartbreaks
Yet my every wish it to have such
To be wrapped in a lovers arms; to be loved

I say I am done with the disappointment
With the heartache and the tears
But I have yet to give it up
Nor do I honestly want to.

Excuses are like assholes
Harry J Baxter
Harry J Baxter
Oct 10, 2013

Excuses are like assholes
everybody's got one
and if you don't
then that's

yeah it's silly, so sue me
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