LaDi OyediRAn
LaDi OyediRAn
Nov 27, 2013

Conquered by the cause of confidence
Cluttered by the cost of distraction
Cut off by the clause of equal and opposite reaction
We endure
We Procrastinate
We suffer
We live on

Do not let our love be forged in sweet ease,
Nor should vanity be used as our base.
Let not our joy be a product of peace,
Nor should we dwell on our warmest embrace.

Let our love be a product of roughness,
Let it be steeped in our tears and shed blood.
Let our anger be the source of toughness,
And we will stand against the coming flood.

Let all the others take their unearned love,
With its ease and hugs, and their flowers, too.
So that when, as always, push comes to shove
We will stand as one, not apart as two

The flood will sweep away all the others
As we stand as the only true lovers.

To hardship.
Andrew Durst
Andrew Durst
Feb 10      Feb 11

I don't
Anyone is a
To hardship.

    But if you are...

    What a
You must

I dedicate this to Bukowski.
in this winter of my hardship

I married him for all the wrong reasons
his dashing good looks
leave something to be desired
the  added addition
to his bank books,
which was a God sent
in this winter of my hardship
And by this all being tragically said
Never once have I  bothered to check out the family tree
indeed wasn’t
a sensible adjustment
I divorced him for all the right reasons his
Cheating and dealing
and his inexperienced lovemaking
This was worse than any dealing

Rangzeb Hussain
Rangzeb Hussain
Apr 18, 2010

For they see and read not,
For they read and know not,
For they know and act not,

For they act and be false,
For they are false and be deceitful,
For they are deceitful and be ungrateful,

For the time is near at hand now,
For the hand of life grows old,
For the old do hold the hand of death,

For it was long ago said,
For it was said and also written,
For it was written and now it shalt be so...

©Rangzeb Hussain

Another day,
Another struggle.
A Father sins,
His sons struggle.
Bad news,
Burst the bubble.
Chill pills,
I'll take a couple.
Life's a fight,
So build with muscle.
Don't blame the game,
Blame your hustle.
If life's a Bytch,
Then rock a muzzle.
If she gets you down,
Just relax and snuggle.
Cause when it rains, it pours;
So splash the puddles.
Late the rich rein, and we're poor,
barely surviving daily struggles.
Scratching away life; daily doubles
The good  doing wrong, to ease the troubles.

#life   #pain   #people   #hardship   #trouble  
*Through happy moments and the hardship,*
Le Lotus

"Through the health and the sick,
Through the thick and the thin,
Through happy moments and the hardship,
Together forever."
Your vow.

Are those words really are cheap?
becauseI see now you are no where to be seen.

#lies   #cheap   #leave   #hardship   #vow  

breathing in the dust
i wonder how much longer i have to be here.
in the dim light i try to read,
i drift off to sleep and so do my lamp
i woke up the next morning and,
again i breath in the dust.
each day is harder to live,
today becomes worst than yesterday's
i just hold in my tears, to give another person hope,
that tomorrow is on the way.
starvation for food, starvation for knowledge,
none is greater than the other.
i woke up to wear the same outfit as yesterday's
the freedom of being happy was robbed from me,
by something i don't know or understand.

His mother sits on the white bed
All the tests have been run
The doctor stands ready to tell him
The diagnosis has been done

The doctors speaks and he's saying
The words he's dreaded for so long
He wants to run away and cry
But she needs him  to be strong

He chokes back his tears
He really doesn't know what to do
He curses the fact that it's his mother
That cancer's sunk its claws into

More visits and tests lie ahead
His ordeal has now begun
He tries to take comfort in the fact
That they caught it at Stage One

But no number of reassurances
Can shake his fear away
At night, he prays feverently
"Please make this cancer leave today."

He never believed in God
But now he's lost faith in science
They try their best to kill the beast
But Cancer stares back in defiance

His mother talks of happy memories
It feels like she's saying goodbye
He tries to laugh while he holds her hamd
But tears keep flowing from his eyes

"I can beat this" his mother says
She smiles her gentle motherly smile
He feels his fear lessen a bit
He'll stay with her till the last mile

He'll laugh and smile and stay strong for her
Come what may in the end
God and science abandoned him
So instead, he'll just believe in her strength

#love   #loss   #cancer   #hardship   #mothers  
Melissa Eleanore
Melissa Eleanore
Jun 22      Jun 22

The door throbs with sweat
In the morning-tide
"Whom can come at this time?"
A friend, I bet.

I stalk the sound until I reach the knob.
I open it to see the face of a cop.
Some questions spewed out of the mans mouth,
about if I have seen this other man printed on some page.
Then showed me of this woman,
which coincidentally is the one I've been raised.

They stepped in with no approbation
Suddenly, the atmosphere grew with scads of tension.
They access themselves into my home.
And snooped about the room, with noses to the ceiling.
I got this panicky feeling.

Again with the interrogation.
The only thing that fled through my mind was irritation.
Words came at me and caused an explosion.
Never have I felt more broken...

I constructed this stockade
to stable myself from memory lane.
And to have it easily be destroyed,
made me realize of all that I've been trying to avoid.

The men left, leaving me with bricks to recollect.
It was not a friend, that I have bet...

I apologize if this may seem unfinished, if you have read my first poem, you'd understand my story.

☓IG: Asteriart
#anger   #life   #pain   #memories   #family   #hardship   #problems  
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