Still soaking from the malady
I almost drowned in
I'm chased
yet by another one.

LaDi OyediRAn
LaDi OyediRAn
Nov 27, 2013

Conquered by the cause of confidence
Cluttered by the cost of distraction
Cut off by the clause of equal and opposite reaction
We endure
We Procrastinate
We suffer
We live on

Kenny Kimberly
Kenny Kimberly
Jul 25, 2014

Do not let our love be forged in sweet ease,
Nor should vanity be used as our base.
Let not our joy be a product of peace,
Nor should we dwell on our warmest embrace.

Let our love be a product of roughness,
Let it be steeped in our tears and shed blood.
Let our anger be the source of toughness,
And we will stand against the coming flood.

Let all the others take their unearned love,
With its ease and hugs, and their flowers, too.
So that when, as always, push comes to shove
We will stand as one, not apart as two

The flood will sweep away all the others
As we stand as the only true lovers.

the silent spoke
the silent spoke
Dec 14, 2014

here comes the wine cellar
the crash and spillage
dancing around till your fingers are numb
trying to stave of the thrill of old age

there we clash
like titans poised for affray
candle wax mixed in the scent of despair
as twilight years hide in the grey of your hair

once we were young
and we hid all our rage
now that we're older
we're turning the page

that glow from your eyes
can shudder my spine
I sometimes watch you walk
from room here to room
the snare of your scent
and the doubt you consume

there's no trick of the light
no illusion of faith
your still the girl
as we move round the glass
like a boat heading out
for the oceans of past

once we were young
and we hid all our rage
now that we're older
we're turning the page

lights have all dimmed to out
and the parties away
just you and me
with locked eyes and smiles
and an easy walk home
under the chaperone of the stars

a key in the door
and a thought of those years
we've traveled together
at the foot of each dream
never closing our hearts
always learning to be

once we were young
and we hid all our rage
now that we're older
we're turning the page

To hardship.
Andrew Durst
Andrew Durst
Feb 10, 2014      Feb 11, 2014

I don't
Anyone is a
To hardship.

    But if you are...

    What a
You must

I dedicate this to Bukowski.
in this winter of my hardship
Dark n Beautiful
Dark n Beautiful
Feb 1, 2014

I married him for all the wrong reasons
his dashing good looks
leave something to be desired
the  added addition
to his bank books,
which was a God sent
in this winter of my hardship
And by this all being tragically said
Never once have I  bothered to check out the family tree
indeed wasn’t
a sensible adjustment
I divorced him for all the right reasons his
Cheating and dealing
and his inexperienced lovemaking
This was worse than any dealing

Rangzeb Hussain
Rangzeb Hussain
Apr 18, 2010

For they see and read not,
For they read and know not,
For they know and act not,

For they act and be false,
For they are false and be deceitful,
For they are deceitful and be ungrateful,

For the time is near at hand now,
For the hand of life grows old,
For the old do hold the hand of death,

For it was long ago said,
For it was said and also written,
For it was written and now it shalt be so...

©Rangzeb Hussain

Michael Cross
Michael Cross
Oct 3, 2014

We are not defined by our victories, but by are hardships.

©2014 Michael Cross
What a hardship it would be

I didn't realise
What a hardship it would be
Until I truly felt it
Heaving on my shoulders like a boulder

Ryan Schwiers
Ryan Schwiers
Nov 29, 2014

Don't worry about all your tribulations.
I promise it won't lead to your damnation.  
Cast out all your aggravation.
Don't look here, look at the destination.

Love yourself with all your might.
Take advantage of each night.
Reach for the stars at great heights,
Just keep on fighting your fight.

Nothing is over till you finally give in,
So don't give up, I know you will win.

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