LaDi OyediRAn
LaDi OyediRAn
Nov 27, 2013

Conquered by the cause of confidence
Cluttered by the cost of distraction
Cut off by the clause of equal and opposite reaction
We endure
We Procrastinate
We suffer
We live on

Do not let our love be forged in sweet ease,
Nor should vanity be used as our base.
Let not our joy be a product of peace,
Nor should we dwell on our warmest embrace.

Let our love be a product of roughness,
Let it be steeped in our tears and shed blood.
Let our anger be the source of toughness,
And we will stand against the coming flood.

Let all the others take their unearned love,
With its ease and hugs, and their flowers, too.
So that when, as always, push comes to shove
We will stand as one, not apart as two

The flood will sweep away all the others
As we stand as the only true lovers.

To hardship.
Andrew Durst
Andrew Durst
Feb 10      Feb 11

I don't
Anyone is a
To hardship.

    But if you are...

    What a
You must

I dedicate this to Bukowski.
in this winter of my hardship

I married him for all the wrong reasons
his dashing good looks
leave something to be desired
the  added addition
to his bank books,
which was a God sent
in this winter of my hardship
And by this all being tragically said
Never once have I  bothered to check out the family tree
indeed wasn’t
a sensible adjustment
I divorced him for all the right reasons his
Cheating and dealing
and his inexperienced lovemaking
This was worse than any dealing

Rangzeb Hussain
Rangzeb Hussain
Apr 18, 2010

For they see and read not,
For they read and know not,
For they know and act not,

For they act and be false,
For they are false and be deceitful,
For they are deceitful and be ungrateful,

For the time is near at hand now,
For the hand of life grows old,
For the old do hold the hand of death,

For it was long ago said,
For it was said and also written,
For it was written and now it shalt be so...

©Rangzeb Hussain

We are not defined by our victories, but by are hardships.

©2014 Michael Cross
eedom is prove with broken promises and hardship.

The path to freedom is prove with broken promises and hardship.

©2014 Michael Cross
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Oct 18

Stop taking the pills
feels like
coming home
to one's darker self

I feel like Dorian Grey, exept I am the painting
*Through happy moments and the hardship,*
Le Lotus

"Through the health and the sick,
Through the thick and the thin,
Through happy moments and the hardship,
Together forever."
Your vow.

Are those words really are cheap?
becauseI see now you are no where to be seen.

#lies   #cheap   #leave   #hardship   #vow  

Another day,
Another struggle.
A Father sins,
His sons struggle.
Bad news,
Burst the bubble.
Chill pills,
I'll take a couple.
Life's a fight,
So build with muscle.
Don't blame the game,
Blame your hustle.
If life's a Bytch,
Then rock a muzzle.
If she gets you down,
Just relax and snuggle.
Cause when it rains, it pours;
So splash the puddles.
Late the rich rein, and we're poor,
barely surviving daily struggles.
Scratching away life; daily doubles
The good  doing wrong, to ease the troubles.

#life   #pain   #people   #hardship   #trouble  
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