Carrie Ross
Carrie Ross
Dec 13, 2011

doesn't really matter.

People on that bullshit
lil dick tornado

People on that bullshit

Still talking that bullshit

They got a lot to say but it's bullshit

It don't matter anyway because it's bullshit

I hear it but it sounds like bullshit

What were you saying? That's right bullshit

Saying I'm a liar and a hypocrite

And maybe I am a little bit

But you still talking that bullshit

#fake   #hypocrites   #liar  
BK Barnes
BK Barnes
Dec 9, 2011


Gracen Wolf
Gracen Wolf
Jul 9, 2013

Seems try as i might
Turned into try as you might
And I won't have that.

Now, I ain't got time for bullshit
Falen acon
Falen acon
Nov 22, 2013

[Intro: Honey Cocaine]
You bitches fucking stink
Go take a fucking shower
Schwag. Asian bitches

[Verse 1: Honey Cocaine]
Faggot, I ain't got time for a stupid broad
Cause bro I'm 'bout to beat a bitch and probably lose my job
Fuck, I'm a bubble
Listen, bitch. I tell you cool it off
Cause acting smart'll get you deaded
Bitch, I rule the spot
Now, homie, I ain't fucking down to catch a charge, bro
Now her body found the same place she had parked, bro. (Whoops! [x3])
I forgot my bitches ride for me
Cause these bitches that drive for me
Are these bitches flying for free
I gain mine. There's a difference. You remember that
Cause I'm always hungry for the shit that I ain't never had
This here is baby food and be all like, "Bitch, fuck a snack! "
See niggas who said I'm crap is asking me to hit 'em back
Nigga, fuck that!

[Hook x2: Honey Cocaine]
Now, I ain't got time for bullshit
If I ain't getting mine, then that's bullshit
Why you all up in my face with this bullshit?
Ew. Bitch, you smell like bullshit

[Verse 2: Honey Cocaine]
Oh, here I go. There they go in this here game again
Now these bitches praying they gon' never hear my name again
But look, I'm a stay around even although they acting like I can't
I don't sleep at all cause it'll always be my time again
That means I work hard, homie. I don't play around, dawg
Better cut this bullshit or your face'll meet the ground, dawg
But after all, it's for the haters and the groupies, though
Find me at the studio
The smart bitch with a stupid flow
Fuck delivery. Got fans who in the dance
Now my enemies got plans
They just searching for a chance
Fuck friends cause I'm married to the music
Bitch, cause I gained the world and die before I lose it
So cool it

[Hook x2: Honey Cocaine]
Now, I ain't got time for bullshit
If I ain't getting mine, then that's bullshit
Why you all up in my face with this bullshit?
Ew. Bitch, you smell like bullshit

[Verse 3: Tyga]
Bitch back, back. Why your ass so flat?
Tell your best friend I want that
I don't pretend, bitch, and I don't act
Why you all up in my chat?
Telling people that you know him
If I lend you all on my back
Criss-cross, you wiggedy-wack! (Aghh!)
Duplicating my racks
Introduce you to my life
Yeah, my gold heavy metal
You can't rock out on my level
Yeah, yeah. That's a red Ferarri
And I'm dancing with the devil
Bitch testing me, you get answers
Kill a nigga quick fast, like cancer. (Aghh!)
(Well, well) Make a bitch rubbin money on my dick till it swell, swell
And ya money, money shorter than a elf, elf
And I keep cool J's like LL
(Hell yeah) I don; t wanna start nuttin' bitch, lemme finish
All in a nigga net nigga mouth like a dentist
(Dennis) Rodman. Come on, come on
Bitch, is you with it, with it?
Cause I ain't

[Hook x2: Honey Cocaine]
Now, I ain't got time for bullshit
If I ain't getting mine, then that's bullshit
Why you all up in my face with this bullshit?
Ew. Bitch, you smell like bullshit

I love this song! "Bullshit" by Honey Cocaine ft. Tyga #last kings
I just nod and repeat, “Bullshit.”
AR Roberson
AR Roberson
Aug 31, 2013

A mouth I’d never seen open
always clenched tight
pushing a broom
or an old gray trashcan
or a yellow cigarette
by the dumpster
in the alley.

She said it right at me.
All of her 75 years leading up to this moment
where we would lock eyes like plates
waiting to shake cities in California.
My surprised eyes wide  
nearly touching the corners of my
curled lips that hold
back a quake as big
as a child’s laugh.

I just nod and repeat, “Bullshit.”

Fuck childish bullshit
Jonah Lavigne
Jonah Lavigne
Dec 7, 2013

Fuck this
Fuck childish bullshit
I'm done with it
Fuck it all
I'm better than that
I don't start shit
So don't start shit about me
Fuck all of you
If you doubt me
Yeah I'm white
Yeah I'm country
Yeah my girl has a child
But you know what
I'm proud of all of it
I'm happy about all of it
So fuck it
I'm done

The bullshit in your lies
Dec 11, 2010

I see your truth in disguise
The bullshit in your lies
Deception in your eyes
That no one really buys

I see distortion in your head
Every line you've ever fed
All the things you ever said
For you the truth is dead.

its all bullshit, really...
Queen Poetess B
May 26, 2010

I don't know why I'm feelin' the way I'm feelin'
Could be 'cuz of all the bullish with what I'm dealin'
I need healin'
And the promise of a new beginin'...

I'm in need of much
Yet still, I have much to give
Even without the promise to 'life give'
...Maybe I can't even have kids...

I hurt and I love
I give and I receive
I devote what I have
But there are things that I need....

I'm sure and uncertain
Confident yet nervous
I seek my passion
But don't know my purpose...

I feel worthless
But worthy all at the same time
Wonderin' what the fuck is going on
Can't explain the crazy ramblings in my mind...

I want to tell the world
But I can't tell a soul
So I dream these crazy things
And to the world I grow cold...

its all bullshit, really...

Queen Poetess B (BLF) Copyright (c) 2010. All Rights Reserved.
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