I may be young, but I know what bullshit is
Chalsey Wilder
Chalsey Wilder
Jul 12, 2014

I may be young, but I know what bullshit is
I know what it looks like
I know what it sounds like
And I know what it smells like

Hm cx
I'm not to young to know what bullshit is and how to define it.
Mar 5, 2015

'Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.'...


#love   #lost   #bullshit  
and still managed to make me feel like bullshit
Oct 30, 2014

your stories are as dumb
as me falling in love with you.
you made me the most sought out princess
and still managed to make me feel like bullshit

#love   #pain   #bullshit   #fuck   #you  
Oct 15, 2014

Two A.M.

#lies   #bullshit   #hurt   #fuckyou   #missyou   #loveyou   #comeback   #twoam   #goaway   #hateyou  

If your poem exceeds expectations and offends sensibilities,
creatively, you're moving in the right direction.

paper boats
paper boats
May 6, 2014

Did you know,
Cigarettes taste like instant coffee,
The kind I drink at night,
When the dark keeps me awake.

And poetry feels like salvation,
Specially when it doesn't rhyme.

That headaches are the best thing that can happen to you,
When you're awake.

And sleep is a just a lie life tells you.
But you believe it,

Because it's the best fucking lie you'll ever hear.

I used to believe in only the things which made sense,
but beauty doesn't lie in the eyes of the beholder,
It lies in it's extraction from the bullshit.
#lies   #sleep   #bullshit   #beauty   #poems   #nothing   #morals   #nonsense  
Mad Dog
Mad Dog
Nov 27, 2015

I viewed the crowd a mad scene of people all determined to grasp what the other didn't have the kill the fix the I have it you don't mentality thrived on insane logic these days .

Bodies broken on the sidelines crushed dreams and the fury of the battle led men to become wolves the carcass cleaned showed only the victory of are savage design.

People pushed clawed killed even in the name of this madness I truly did despise .

Merry Christmas .

And a happy  mind fuck to you all.

Real friends come over and help you paint your house.

                        (   )
                             (   )
                                (    )
                        ­             (    )
                                 (    )
                                      )  )
                                          (  (                                   /\
                                         ( )                                /  \  /\
                            ____  _[   ]____        /\/    \/  \
                         /\  ­    /\        
    \      /\/\  /\/\
     /  \            /  \    //
\      /\        /\   \  
/\/\/\         //_\      \||          \            
                   //XXXXXXXXXX\                   \          
        ­         //XXXXXXXXXX                          \          
                    |  II II_
|­__      |          
                    | II|  II_[]|[]I    ​              ︵               
                    | III  II _[]|[]I    ​              I I    |
                    | I |IIII |I ____ ᏰέƦẙḽ Dṏሁ    |

ly can not with the hopelessly romantic bullshit that I continuously subject myself to
Jul 26, 2014

I simply can not with the hopelessly romantic bullshit that I continuously subject myself to
It incessantly picks at the self professed pragmatism that I so pride myself with
It eats away at the wall of, "I am strong Black woman who don't need no man"
It jeers at the tub of vaseline by my bed and the smell of pussy on my fingers
It claws at the parts of my identity who refuses to lose weight or to conform to some caricature of who I refuse to be

It makes my entire ass tired

I can not shake this hopelessly romantic bullshit feeling in the pit of my stomach that seeks to undermine my accomplishments by making me feel less than for lacking a partner

Unless your are going to pay my bills hopelessly romantic bullshit feeling
I need you get the the fuck out
And get the fuck on

Because, denial worked for me yesterday so it damn well better work today

Oct 13, 2014

no one takes you seriously anymore.
you're just a college student.
you are still young.
you are still learning.
you have not been fully brainwashed,

you have to get a good job!
you have to make enough money!
you don't want to be starving, do you?
then go to college.

go to college
cause that will fix all your problems.
one piece of paper and
200,000 dollars of debt later.
welcome to college.

welcome to college!
where you'll try hard to get good grades
and be up all night.
you will never know a good night's rest
for the next 4 years.

more anxiety than high school.
more work than high school.
more people than high school.
more bull shit than high school.

liberal arts education is supposed to be great!
but what if you hate science and math
and you just want to write?
I hate my classes.

I hate analyzing books.
I hate analyzing movies.
I hate writing essays.
I hate talking.

I have a C+ in one class
because I never talk.
I hate talking.
I hate talking.

when I get my degree will it be different?
will I be different?
will my life change forever?
will I finally be the member of society
that society wants me to be?

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