"Beep, Beep, Beep..."
Jun 11, 2015

"Beep, Beep, Beep..."
It was the beginning of another day.   "
Just a little longer."
I thought as I  reached across the bed to hit snooze

story of my life
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beepbeep go the cars
am i ee
am i ee
Sep 18, 2015

beep beep go the cars
beep beep go the SUVs
beep beep go the trash trucks
beep beep go the busses
beepeeeee beepeeeee go the fire engines
beepeeeee beepeeeee go the ambulances

beep beep go the shovelers
beep beep go the snow trucks
beep beep go the Fed Ex guys & UPS ers

beep beep go the watches
beep beep go the alarms
beep beep go the microwave ovens
beep beep go the washers & dyers

beep beep go the beepers
that are driving me beep beeping insane

beep beep

beep beep goes the Road Runner
but that one does not
drive me beep beeping insane!

beep! beep!

beep! beep!

beep! beep!

beep! beep!

Okay, now, really,
you have driven me beep beeping insane.

and the ear plugs aren't a workin' fer me.....
help i need somebody, help, not just any body.. help...won't you please help me.....  please....
Sep 1, 2014

guess you shouldve thought about that
before you broke your mothers back,huh,sweetheart?

in my anthology that will probably never be published this and vol 1 go right next to each other so people see the contrasting lengths (~841 words vs 14. yes)
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Leave a message after the beep
Braden Kreft
Braden Kreft
Nov 30, 2014

My brain went out fishing
No king to run the keep
If my words you're wishing
Leave a message after the beep

#short   #mind   #rhyming   #humor  
right before the beep
Mike Hauser
Mike Hauser
Jun 23, 2016

when i'm not home
i call myself on the answer phone
so when my day is through
i'll have someone to listen to

in the minute that it gave
i explain away my day
right before the beep
erases all but part of me

Nathaniel Brenner
Nathaniel Brenner
Sep 29, 2014

Slowly, slowly,
It is seeping.
Losing life,
Softly beeping.

Glowing fainter,
Every flash,
Slightly dimmer,
Than the last.

All I need,
Is a minute more.
Just sixty seconds,
I implore.

It has taken too long,
Life is ending.
Reaching the limit,
No relenting.

The screen goes dark,
Realize my dread.
The line goes flat,  
My phone is dead.

to the beep
Feb 28, 2015

she waited
and waited
and waited
to the beep
of her phone
feeling sad
and happy
and nervous
all at once.

she waited
and waited
and waited
til her eyes
had gone to

she waited
and waited
and waited
and died waiting.

#love   #sad   #life   #prose  
e this watch that every hour produces a beep,
Skald Skaldun
Skald Skaldun
May 30, 2016

​I have this watch that every hour produces a beep,
making me count every hour I'm losing sleep,

Because no matter how hard no rest i can reap,
not knowing how you are or hearing from you make my skin creep,

No matter what because you've manage to every pore seep,
utterly from under me my very being you sweep,

And I know my words by now seem very cheap,
but they along my being are yours to keep.

Becca DeMateo
Becca DeMateo
Dec 6, 2013

You're beauty
I'm the beast
I wish you would come save me...

I don't know this has been rewriting itself in my head for 3days now I figured I'd I didn't get it wrote down now then I never would
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