Brothers and sisters, who are you to be disallowed your hearts, voices and minds? Who are they to dilute your lives with their blasphemy and lies? Cast down your oppressors! Cast out their slanders! Breathe in new life and exhale their blight! Devils are among us, and they wish to lead our flock astray! The Seven Circles await those who aren't willing to pry the usurpers' fingers from our riddled veins! They want what's  left of our sanity, hope and grace! They care only about themselves saving face! They are the starved, parasitic and greedy demons aplenty! We are the few, subservient souls they so seek to frenzy! So I say to you, my brethren, rise up! RISE UP! Raise your fists! Your fingers! Voice your hatred! Let the anger flow through you like a tsunami through a city! Take your dependencies and cast them back unto your tormentors like stones! Politicians, idols, false  prophets and acrimonious angels alike! Show them no mercy, just as they have shown you! This is the way to redemption! This is the start of the Rapture! I ask: can you open your eyes? Can you realize yourselves, your own lives? Can you come to understand all they have wrong, and how you can make it right? I say unto you, dare, decide, do! Do this now, before they do it to you!

Frank Ruland
Frank Ruland
Oct 16      7 days ago

Brothers and sisters, RISE
From all the oppression;
Buckle not beneath lies!
Stand against aggression!

Who are you to be put aside?
Who are you to be cast in flames?
Who are you to be thrown to tides?
Who are you to dig your own grave?

Who are they to chastise your name?
Who are they to decide your worth?
Who are they to justly blame?
Who are they to steal all your mirth?

"No more!" I do so lay this claim!
No more Valleys, Shadows, or Death!
No more will we play their game--
No more are we their fools to jest!

Who among you is without skin?
Whose been rendered of flesh and soul?
Whose been robbed of meaning within?
Whose been made to renounce control?

Take it back! Fight for your lives, friends!
Come together! WE are stronger!
It's the beginning of their end;
Tyranny won't last much longer!

WE must stand together and strive!
Where one is weak, WE are scary!
Unite; WE will take back our lives!
WE are Legion--WE are many!

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Frank Ruland
Frank Ruland
3 days ago

My flock, there are wolves among sheep!
They covet your work, your thoughts--
The bastardly thieves prey on the meek!
The fruit of your labors is sinfully sought!

Their treachery gives rise to a witch hunt!
Seek them out and banish the devils,
For they won't ever quit this ungodly stunt!
They must be exorcized for these evils!

Damnation awaits prophets with false tongues!
Have thou no shame for such slothful sin?
I wish your hands pierced through with prongs,
Until the day you can admit wrongs within!

Ostracize the heathens as they should be--
Sentence them to solidarity for eternity!
They deserve no piece of Heaven on HP,
For their plagiarism instills enmity!

Brethren, I preach, "Thou shalt not steal!"
Do not suffer their sins in such silence!
Rise up, and show them how you feel--
We will rage against the fools in defiance!

This goes to all the plagiarizers out there. We know you are out there, and we will not stand for your slothful, sinful ways. Repost this if you feel angered by plagiarism!
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Frank Ruland
Frank Ruland
2 days ago

My Flock--rise from your seats!
Which of you are aggrieved?
Just stricken with deceit?
Who cries to be relieved?

I know, well, your troubles!
I know, well, what ails you!
Snakes slither so subtle--
Even beneath these pews!

Friends, beware the Devil
With a Thousand Faces!
Beware all his evils,
And his tainted graces!

He goes by many names--
Appears in all places!
His Thousand souls, the same--
You may not see traces!

He is a sneaky soul
Who wants to spread his Hell,
And seeks to gain control!
Now, countless he has fell!

He may not smell of sin,
Or even bear black hooves,
But the evil within
Shall be unspoken proof!

Stray far away and pray
For a life free without
The hellish games he plays!
Friends, do not suffer doubt!

#hell   #hurt   #people   #evil   #bad   #devil   #soul   #deceit   #deceive   #sermon  
*He's giving a Sermon,
Aug 14      Aug 14

He's giving a Sermon,
He's talking to God;
It's all about killing
And reasons for war.


His face shows confusion,
His heart feels the pain,
Having to write this
Again and again.


Oh tell me God's children,
How do you sleep?
When some of you even
Make your own mothers weep.


'Suffer little children'
And suffer they do.
Lay down your guns,
And let us... Embrace you

This is my love sermon for those seeking love.
jeffrey conyers
jeffrey conyers
Feb 4, 2013

Ask me ways to love?

Cherish it.
Worship it.
Protect it.
When that moment comes.

It been sanction highly by one.
And won't be accepted by just anyone.
This is my love sermon for those seeking love.

It's not long like a minister's speech.
But just directed in ways to understand love.

Care for it.
Nurture it.
Accept it.
Cause it will stand by you.
If you accept that it's true.

Mar 23, 2013

I met the Archbishop today
washing my hands after
masturbating in a public

He smiled at me in the mirror
and said,
"I won't tell
if you won't tell."

Bellowing words hollow
Believed to be amicable
      Veneered in Holy cum
Spitting crosses
Dotting others I's
Oh Jesus Christ, what have we become?

Says the young to the old
on often nights,
why are you here?

Says the old to the young
on dreary nights,
I'm here because I strove.  

Says the young to the old,
on dreary nights,
It can't be so.  

Says the old to the young
on dreary nights,
It is, and shall be.  

And before the morning,
time to wretch and moan,
life lifts you up,
when you think you've got it,
and plunges you back down.

This is what you'd call a powerful piece of rhetoric.
Sep 15, 2012

We are absurd
You and I
We have created a fermentative reality,
Where words are symbols of relation
That you and I falsify
And Bingo was his name-o!
Oh holy onomatopoeic jargon
What do you mean?
And how shall we bargain?
And mora is but a half step to a whole
Eek gad!
January Febuary March and April
May I introduce you to June and July
August, Sept Oct Nov Dec
Randomly systemized organs organized
Abstract or… dissonant?
But who is in charge?
“Why so serious?” said The Riddler
Mellow dramatic
Pantomimes EVERYWHERE!
They are able to speak
But alone I mime, “Do you have the time?”
Together we fall!
United I stand.
Upside down
Inside out
And grammar
What’s in a name?
Please don’t be lame
Sarcastic and the glamour
Synonymous nonsense
Homophones and nyms
Where are the polysemes?
In the antonyms
In the antonyms!
verbage verbage verbage
syllables and such
meaningless meaning
defining definitions with such
True or False?
Hide and Seek
Ring around the rosy
We all fall down…
We all fall down.
Black hat, white shoes, and I’m red all over.
And bitter
And dill
Institutionalized poetry
But I am for rhythmic prose!
No, not you
Listen to the hue
that the colors protrude
red green blue
red green blue
Black is not a color
Chrome is my favorite
I will not believe otherwise
You are an alien.
I have divided by zero
Musical dissonance
A beautiful disaster
A shadow without its owner
Wild natured wilderness
And naturally a wildcard.

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