Frank Ruland
Frank Ruland
Nov 22, 2014

My Flock, must we endure
these Godawful discrimination?
Must we be blackened--
branded, by this bastardization?

Cast aside and left behind?
By the demons that demonize?
The errors of their ways,
they don't even care to realize!

You are NOT black sheep,
nor are you pariahs,
merely because you're
belittled by self-proclaimed messiahs!

Stand up!
To Hell with these heathens--
sardonic sadists, berating with pleasure,
proving themselves hellish hedonists!

We are no strangers to the anger,
but due to no fault of our own!
We strive to find green pastures,
though they leave us with no home!

They treat us like lepers--
throw us away like trash!
They take what they want,
then discard us like cigarette ash!

No More!
We are people with names,
not their dirty scapegoats
to go and place their blames!

My Flock, do not turn the other cheek!
We are a proud people,
and this abuse will not last!

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Life is a sermon
Dad Poet Society

Life is a sermon
But we don't often preach
As well as we should
So we fail to reach
The hearts of those
Who sit down in the pews
Expecting a sermon
But left thoroughly confused

Because our lives don't always
Preach the same message
We had in our hearts
When we stepped up to the pulpit

So are we just wasting time
Of those who would listen
Preaching vacant words
Void of passion and mission?

Or does our sermon deliver
A powerful punch
A life-changing message of wisdom
Such that people are inspired
And leave their pews moved
To know God a little deeper
Anxious to choose
To invest their lives wisely
In people not things
Pouring love generously
Like a gift from the King

May your life be a sermon
That points others to God
Shedding light on the dark roads
We all have to trod

Because there's nothing more wasted
Than a life without purpose
A sermon preached aimlessly
Uninteresting and worthless

Friends, I beg you
Preach your life with such zeal
Make the evidence unshakable
That God's love is real

My Flock, you live in greener pastures
You've traversed the Valleys, Shadows, and Death,
so now you sleep away your troubles
as you rest and catch your breath

Brethren, I've come to say you've rested enough!
You all deserve peace, but remember your past
If you forget the Devil is not far behind
then this tranquility will not last!

Wake up!
On occasion, we must forsake our pleasure
for an ever greater good and gain
This is to say, we must take appropriate measures!

Open your eyes!
Asleep, we fall into the false security of dreams
where nightmares are forgotten
and we relish things that are not as they seem!

There is nothing wrong with a well deserved break,
but you must not forget from whence you came!
Who are you that you do know your history?!
Surely, a soul who who will suffer more of the same!

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Frank Ruland
Frank Ruland
Nov 19, 2014

My Flock, it is time
for us to fall into place--
away from their cardboard Hell,
and towards finding grace!

We have no need to be here
alongside devils aplenty,
because their scaly hides
abrade our sanctity!

For too long we've been made
to take part in the madness,
but now we break free
to abolish this apparatus!

We are worth so much
more than the bones
they throw to us in
arrogance from their thrones!

No more chains
and no more power
for narcissistic tyrants
perched upon ivory towers!

This is a Mass Exodus,
and we will depart
from their wicked ways,
even if we must tear their threat apart!

Frank Ruland
Frank Ruland
Jul 16, 2014

Brothers and sisters, who are you to be disallowed your hearts, voices and minds? Who are they to dilute your lives with their blasphemy and lies? Cast down your oppressors! Cast out their slanders! Breathe in new life and exhale their blight! Devils are among us, and they wish to lead our flock astray! The Seven Circles await those who aren't willing to pry the usurpers' fingers from our riddled veins! They want what's  left of our sanity, hope and grace! They care only about themselves saving face! They are the starved, parasitic and greedy demons aplenty! We are the few, subservient souls they so seek to frenzy! So I say to you, my brethren, rise up! RISE UP! Raise your fists! Your fingers! Voice your hatred! Let the anger flow through you like a tsunami through a city! Take your dependencies and cast them back unto your tormentors like stones! Politicians, idols, false  prophets and acrimonious angels alike! Show them no mercy, just as they have shown you! This is the way to redemption! This is the start of the Rapture! I ask: can you open your eyes? Can you realize yourselves, your own lives? Can you come to understand all they have wrong, and how you can make it right? I say unto you, dare, decide, do! Do this now, before they do it to you!

Frank Ruland
Frank Ruland
Dec 16, 2014

my Flock... I have sinned
led one of you astray
thrown consideration to the wind
into the depths of dismay

my intentions were always true,
but they weren't good enough
i always tried to think of you--
this may be sacrilege, but it is no bluff

the heart wants what it wants;
mine wanted another
this is not the sin, but what does haunt
is how my actions now smother

smother you beneath brimstone
under hot, callous coals
and I cannot atone,
nor purge the guilt from my soul

in wandering towards other pastures
i left you behind in the valley of shadows
forgive my godawful gestures--
for this guilt calls me to gallows

i didn't mean to hurt you. I... just found another
Frank Ruland
Frank Ruland
Oct 16, 2014      Oct 17, 2014

Brothers and sisters, RISE
From all the oppression;
Buckle not beneath lies!
Stand against aggression!

Who are you to be put aside?
Who are you to be cast in flames?
Who are you to be thrown to tides?
Who are you to dig your own grave?

Who are they to chastise your name?
Who are they to decide your worth?
Who are they to justly blame?
Who are they to steal all your mirth?

"No more!" I do so lay this claim!
No more Valleys, Shadows, or Death!
No more will we play their game--
No more are we their fools to jest!

Who among you is without skin?
Whose been rendered of flesh and soul?
Whose been robbed of meaning within?
Whose been made to renounce control?

Take it back! Fight for your lives, friends!
Come together! WE are stronger!
It's the beginning of their end;
Tyranny won't last much longer!

WE must stand together and strive!
Where one is weak, WE are scary!
Unite; WE will take back our lives!
WE are Legion--WE are many!

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Frank Ruland
Frank Ruland
Oct 21, 2014

My flock, there are wolves among sheep!
They covet your work, your thoughts--
The bastardly thieves prey on the meek!
The fruit of your labors is sinfully sought!

Their treachery gives rise to a witch hunt!
Seek them out and banish the devils,
For they won't ever quit this ungodly stunt!
They must be exorcized for these evils!

Damnation awaits prophets with false tongues!
Have thou no shame for such slothful sin?
I wish your hands pierced through with prongs,
Until the day you can admit wrongs within!

Ostracize the heathens as they should be--
Sentence them to solidarity for eternity!
They deserve no piece of Heaven on HP,
For their plagiarism instills enmity!

Brethren, I preach, "Thou shalt not steal!"
Do not suffer their sins in such silence!
Rise up, and show them how you feel--
We will rage against the fools in defiance!

This goes to all the plagiarizers out there. We know you are out there, and we will not stand for your slothful, sinful ways. Repost this if you feel angered by plagiarism!
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Frank Ruland
Frank Ruland
Nov 8, 2014

We are not stains upon a page,
nor are we mistakes to be purged!
Of your ignorance, we rage.

Who are you to make a mockery?
We sing quietly and write our songs,
whilst you laugh and cast stones!
Making us feel as if we don't belong!

Damnation and brimstone upon your heads!
We don't deserve this abuse,
and we won't take it lying down anymore,
for of your self-righteousness we are not amused!

No more Valleys, Shadows, or Death!
We are not afraid to face your evil,
we fear no man, no wickedness...

#hell   #anger   #abuse   #evil   #wrong   #devil   #rage   #stain   #erase   #sermon  
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