Nov 21, 2015

for her
words were keys for unlocking people's chests
and chests in their minds
she spoke with smiles, blinks
and hands her fingers
were dancing with her hair,
carried by wind and words

I still think that ever
will I meet someone like her

no one sings with the wind

he wrote this.
#sing   #wind   #singing  
Singing in the car
Aug 4, 2014

Singing in the car
Windows rolled down
Guy rolls window down
I look at him and sing
He smiles
We go on
And I keep singing

Jun 14, 2014

The song sings of the moon and the moon sings that song

#passion   #moon   #dark   #song   #light   #sing  
Antiquity Vaircome
Antiquity Vaircome
Oct 19, 2014

Sing for me, my sweet
You know I sing for you now
From the depths of me

My attempt at a haiku
#love   #sing  
Cress Rosario
Cress Rosario
Dec 23, 2016

She sings when no one can hear
She sings, “Hello!” to the morning
Dances under the sunshine
Lights up the stars of night sky

She sings when garden blooms
She hums when sorrow looms
She sings her pain away
She sings her love today

#love   #music   #song   #personal   #sings  

I love to hear you sing.
Your voice overwhelms my heart.
May I sing with you?
May  I accompany your great art.
I, myself, love to sing.
My voice makes me feel free.
Oh, please oh please
Will you sing with me?

I really do love to sing. I love to sing the most with one of my good friends. He is a very talented guy and his voice matches mine. It's not love that I feel for him, but a friendship.
#friends   #art   #sing  
Eleanor Rigby
Eleanor Rigby
Sep 28, 2014

I can't sing,
Or play the piano.
I can't draw
Like you do.

But I love you.


#love   #piano   #play   #sing   #draw  
Oct 19, 2014

as though no one is watching
as though you've never been hurt
as though no one can hear
as though heaven is on earth

#love   #dance   #live   #sing  
But now that I'm singing
harmony crescent
harmony crescent
May 14, 2015

If only I could think a little clearer

If only I could feel You somewhat nearer

My life is a little depressing right now

But now that I'm singing


I feel You here with me

Rafael Melendez
Rafael Melendez
Jan 26, 2016

I may not remember the names of the songs we used to sing together. Regardless, I adored them as you did. And as much as you can deny now, they once belonged to us.

#forgotten   #sing   #songs  
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