the pink gloves rest softly on the table
Will Rogers III
Will Rogers III
Feb 24, 2015

the sun flickers upon his hand
and thoughts of the past flicker upon his mind
no time there is for school or band
when sadness, lies, and regrets are behind

freedom from all thoughts is his prayer
but that is not possible for now
he fears this time he can not bare
but he must trust Him somehow?

the pink gloves rest softly on the table
And the sun drifts softly across the heart unstable

[composed on January 22, 2014]
#lies   #freedom   #depression   #prayer   #sadness   #sun   #mind   #regrets   #pink   #gloves  
We fit into dozens of gloves throughout our lives.
Turn Off The Lights

They say that love fits like a glove.
But love doesn't fit like a glove.
We fit into dozens of gloves throughout our lives.
We use a new pair every winter,
We cherish them when the cold hits
But when the trees turn back to green
The scarves fall to the floor
We forget about sweaters and warm blankets…
The gloves disappear somewhere in a closet where we can never find one or the other again.
It doesn’t bother us.
We buy a new pair.
Miss the warmth of the previous one,
Maybe miss the familiarity of a pair that fit perfectly for a while but then…

Then we forget.

And it goes on and on.
So love doesn’t fit like a glove.
Love doesn’t fit.
Love torns.

But it is so worth it

Winter is coming and I have nothing to cover my hands
#love   #winter   #green   #forget   #tree   #cold   #torn   #fit   #glove  
and he had taken off his dark gloves for long enough
Sylvie Barton
Sylvie Barton
Nov 25, 2014

he holds a coffee cup in one hand
and a notebook in the other
it has a langston hughes quote on the cover
written in a midnight scrawl

when he paid, he smiled with all his teeth
and he had taken off his dark gloves for long enough
to reveal his calloused fingers
scarred guitar worn fingers

he drinks his coffee black and sits by the window
and Lord, the thought of him breaks me already

"oh my god, look at that face, you look like my next mistake" - Taylor Swift, *Blank Space*
#love   #first   #girl   #coffee   #boy   #romance   #sight   #hughes   #glove   #langston  
Atul Kaushal
Atul Kaushal
Dec 2, 2016

Scared before she could be my only wife,
Flew away on my tender touch a dove.

Abandoning the sinking relation-ship,
Caring not about the poetical trove.

She let me drown in the gifted grief,
Never cared to give me a shove.

To my eyes, it was just another blip,
Her hand was never in my glove.

The calm sound of happiness fife,
Than ego, she wants it not above.

It is strange how she lost grip,
Always like a princess dove.

Melted in heat of real life,
Such was her waxy love.

Rhyme scheme:







Rhyming is not a job for the dumb.
They hate rhyming poems.
Such fake inferior poets please excuse me.

HP Poem #1293
©Atul Kaushal
#love   #intimacy   #dove   #wife   #glove   #shove   #trove  
rose fall from the cold felt tips of my gloves
Nov 2, 2014

I looked to a dead man's eye
I saw the smile of his chapped lips mingle with the burnt cigarettes around his crippled body
I saw the smile of desperation smack my hair and I let the rose fall from the cold felt tips of my gloves
I shuddered when he accepted the rose
I gasped when he spoke the forbidden words
A voice with no moisture, dry, and cracked
He said goodbye to me
and I dropped my cigarette, stepping on it
Killing the flame
I said "Goodbye Dad"

These are the gLoves
Paul Goring
Paul Goring
Feb 5, 2011

My first gLove
Lost on the bus
Or In the street
Parted in the snow

My stolen gLove
Taken whilst my back
Was turned

My fleeting gLove
Impaled by a stranger
In the street
On a spike
For all to see

My forgotten gLove
Left lonely
For too long

My worn out gLove
From years of absent

My Christmas gLove
Ill fitting but warm
And worn
For a day

My lost summer
Lost summer
Lost summer gLove
Didn’t make the suitcase

My gLove for life
Soft yielding
And strong

These are the gLoves
I have loved and lost

Copyright - Paul Goring 2011
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