a typhoon of trouble.
βέƦẙḽ Dṏṽ the Smartass Rabbi

A droplet of love can create
a typhoon of trouble.

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this typhoon has torn us apart
Gary L
Gary L
Jan 22

she said we could last forever
all she wanted was my hand to hold
love can change, just like weather
turning so windy and cold

sheets of rain soak to the core
lightning strikes us in the hearts
washing away the love we swore
this typhoon has torn us apart

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Swirling in a typhoon
Tahirih Boodhoo

Swirling in a typhoon
Never wanting to be still again
For i have never felt so alive
So captivated by this natural force
A rush
A truth
A powerful pull
A true love

I AM the divine centre of this typhoon
Consumed by its very existence
Wanting to forever dance along with him
To be entwined with him
This typhoon of love i call --
Jason Bhaskaran

10:38am Wednesday,  20th May,  2015.

In love *.*
Elinor Robbins
Elinor Robbins
May 2, 2013

quiet, blustery,
hissing, swelling, biting,
specter in a shell,
ebbing, rising, crashing,
wet, supple,

Jun 7      Jun 7

The wind will howl
at our agonizing fall,
The tides will lash at
their confinements;
and suddenly, inevitably
we will be torn apart

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Jade Ransohoff
Jade Ransohoff
Jun 18, 2014

For a long while I lay next to you
Sheltering myself from your fan
And listening to you breathe
I touched your face
But you refused to wake
So I grabbed my things
And stole a kiss before I left
The only one I had received that night
And like so many times before
I snuck out the back
And trekked to my car in the dark
I didn't realize I had left
Until I was halfway home
Choking out lyrics to a CD
That I will never be able to listen to
Without thinking of you
After so many times
You would think I'd be used to you
But each time it's the same
Taking the downtown exit
With blurred sight
Only able to make out light
And color

Typhoon Coming.
Sep 18

creeping up
no not creeping--
swelling, crashing!,
frothing and spilling forth from the soul.

shaky hope,
acceptance. loss.

abandon the ship and your cargo, ye slavers...
Typhoon Coming.

inspired by jmw turner and reflections of a particular moment of insanity
Marie Ellen Grace
Marie Ellen Grace
Sep 22, 2013

Banging on my door.
Knocking on my window.
Oh, wind.
Just go away.

But sometimes,
I would like you stay.
Maybe till summer's day.

Because of the typhoon there's been strong winds... I wish we had winds like that in summer...
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