a typhoon of trouble.
βέƦẙḽ Dṏṽ the Smartass Rabbi

A droplet of love can create
a typhoon of trouble.

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this typhoon has torn us apart
Gary L
Gary L
Jan 22

she said we could last forever
all she wanted was my hand to hold
love can change, just like weather
turning so windy and cold

sheets of rain soak to the core
lightning strikes us in the hearts
washing away the love we swore
this typhoon has torn us apart

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Elinor Robbins
Elinor Robbins
May 2, 2013

quiet, blustery,
hissing, swelling, biting,
specter in a shell,
ebbing, rising, crashing,
wet, supple,

Jade Ransohoff
Jade Ransohoff
Jun 18, 2014

For a long while I lay next to you
Sheltering myself from your fan
And listening to you breathe
I touched your face
But you refused to wake
So I grabbed my things
And stole a kiss before I left
The only one I had received that night
And like so many times before
I snuck out the back
And trekked to my car in the dark
I didn't realize I had left
Until I was halfway home
Choking out lyrics to a CD
That I will never be able to listen to
Without thinking of you
After so many times
You would think I'd be used to you
But each time it's the same
Taking the downtown exit
With blurred sight
Only able to make out light
And color

Marie Ellen Grace
Marie Ellen Grace
Sep 22, 2013

Banging on my door.
Knocking on my window.
Oh, wind.
Just go away.

But sometimes,
I would like you stay.
Maybe till summer's day.

Because of the typhoon there's been strong winds... I wish we had winds like that in summer...
Jul 5, 2012

Your love is the wind
compass reeling
in fearsome gusts.

My love is the water
rushing rising
and carrying away.

Dominique Espiritu
Dominique Espiritu
Sep 20, 2014      Sep 20, 2014

The falter of her step
Will trigger a
Mini tsunami.
There still is
The sound of gravel hitting stone
Brick upon brick;
Beautiful noise, too.

She'll cause the world to
Stop and stare
Either way.

Jul 24, 2014

Storm after storm
Listen to the news
Be wary about the next one
Arriving in stilettos
With a red lipstick
And a winged eyeliner
Fated to destroy her path
1st landfall is your spine
2nd one is your heart
To travel towards your lungs
Gustiness will leave you breathless
Going to blow your mind
She's more destructive
Than you ever thought.

typhoon here with
Anna Vigue
Anna Vigue
Nov 8, 2013

wind lashing
rain pouring
typhoon here with
little warning
heaven opens
up it's eye
houses torn
people die
earthquakes rupture
torn apart
family's mourning
breaking hearts
natures wrath
against mankind
lashing out
a monster sky
global warming
oceans death
oh what a world
oh what a mess

As extreme weather hits, I take time to reflect upon my impact on this world, and what I can do to help future generations survive.
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