a typhoon of trouble.
βέƦẙḽ Dṏṽ the Smartass Rabbi

A droplet of love can create
a typhoon of trouble.

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Dominique Espiritu
Dominique Espiritu
Sep 20, 2014

The falter of her step
Will trigger a
Mini tsunami.
There still is
The sound of gravel hitting stone
Brick upon brick;
Beautiful noise, too.

She'll cause the world to
Stop and stare
Either way.

Swirling in a typhoon
Tahirih Boodhoo
Tahirih Boodhoo
May 20, 2015

Swirling in a typhoon
Never wanting to be still again
For i have never felt so alive
So captivated by this natural force
A rush
A truth
A powerful pull
A true love

I AM the divine centre of this typhoon
Consumed by its very existence
Wanting to forever dance along with him
To be entwined with him
This typhoon of love i call --
Jason Bhaskaran

10:38am Wednesday,  20th May,  2015.

In love *.*
typhoon here with
Anna Vigue
Anna Vigue
Nov 8, 2013

wind lashing
rain pouring
typhoon here with
little warning
heaven opens
up it's eye
houses torn
people die
earthquakes rupture
torn apart
family's mourning
breaking hearts
natures wrath
against mankind
lashing out
a monster sky
global warming
oceans death
oh what a world
oh what a mess

As extreme weather hits, I take time to reflect upon my impact on this world, and what I can do to help future generations survive.
this typhoon has torn us apart
Gary L
Gary L
Jan 22, 2015

she said we could last forever
all she wanted was my hand to hold
love can change, just like weather
turning so windy and cold

sheets of rain soak to the core
lightning strikes us in the hearts
washing away the love we swore
this typhoon has torn us apart

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In the amidst of a typhoon,
-eArL jAnE- Yellow Majesty

                                                If you are a tree,

Bombarded by extreme winds,

                                            In the amidst of a typhoon,

                                                      ­                     I'll sacrifice to be your roots,
                                                          ­       To diminish your agony,

OH, I cannot manage seeing you suffer!

                             In carrying on in a big tragedy,
                                                        ­       With utmost throe alone ,

Let me be torn and broken into fragments,
                 And be cut in combating and holding for you,

That's how much I love and care,

                                          I wish you only knew...

               © Can You Hear Me
                         ♥ E.J.C.S.

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Another typhoon attacks the same nation
Ronell Warren Alman

Another typhoon attacks the same nation
Nothing but a major calamity
Hearts are suffering endlessly
A sad situation for all to see
People are grieving everywhere
The scenery is dark and dreary
What a major catastrophe
The country is in a state of uncertainty

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I am a typhoon,
Apr 19, 2014

I am a tempest,
     the most violent of
     winds whipping around
     without concern for any
     who surround me. 

I am a volcano,
     the lava of my emotions 
     exploding up and over
     to seep throughout
     every nook and crevice. 

I am a typhoon,
     my gale force winds
     showing mercy to
     neither sea nor land as
     I rip-roar over it all. 

And you…
     you are the halcyon tranquility
     I've been searching for
     all along, the serenity needed 
     to calm my frenzied turbulence
     with but a stroke of your lips,
     leaving me breathless and
     my winds settled at long last.

Typhoon hits Taiwan today, so I can’t go anywhe
maggie W
maggie W
Aug 7, 2015

How many is a few? According to an online forum, it means 2-3 .So here I go
Typhoon hits Taiwan today, so I can’t go anywhere but stay at home all day reading and watching movie (Wild Tales). I think should start reading Swann’s Way again. I was quite interested in Proust in my junior year, cause one time my ex said something I called ‘words of wisdom’ ,which echoed with Proust’s words about sleeping. Maybe they are completely unrelated, but while reading Proust I was unconsciously analyzing the reading in Proust’s way: comparing someone I know in real life with the characters in the book; or maybe I was just putting on airs by showing that I know the (far-fetched) relation between what bullshit my ex said and Proust’s words… The wind is getting stronger and stronger now and I am wondering where you are. On this lame typhoon day I’m suffocated by the boredom and humidity. I call it poetic nothingness.

sorry not a poem.It's a series of my diaries when Josh tole me he'd"be out of touch for a few days"
That's engaged in this worrying typhoon
Elizabeth Squires

On the forum's rostrum death threats are made
By someone who unleashes a tirade
Of fire arm employed on other Van
To assuage a peevishness in the mind
This demeanour not of outstanding kind
These ultimatums constantly flowing
The implications are ever showing
Harm being on an inane surveyor's plan
Hassling with notes of such dire menace
Of what'll be done by unthinking penance
They who hold a legal book shall act soon
Where a measure of law they will impose
So to keep nicely straight the baleful nose
That's engaged in this worrying typhoon

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