Elinor Robbins
Elinor Robbins
May 2, 2013

quiet, blustery,
hissing, swelling, biting,
specter in a shell,
ebbing, rising, crashing,
wet, supple,

For a long while I lay next to you
Sheltering myself from your fan
And listening to you breathe
I touched your face
But you refused to wake
So I grabbed my things
And stole a kiss before I left
The only one I had received that night
And like so many times before
I snuck out the back
And trekked to my car in the dark
I didn't realize I had left
Until I was halfway home
Choking out lyrics to a CD
That I will never be able to listen to
Without thinking of you
After so many times
You would think I'd be used to you
But each time it's the same
Taking the downtown exit
With blurred sight
Only able to make out light
And color

Marie Ellen Grace
Marie Ellen Grace
Sep 22, 2013

Banging on my door.
Knocking on my window.
Oh, wind.
Just go away.

But sometimes,
I would like you stay.
Maybe till summer's day.

Because of the typhoon there's been strong winds... I wish we had winds like that in summer...
Jul 24

Storm after storm
Listen to the news
Be wary about the next one
Arriving in stilettos
With a red lipstick
And a winged eyeliner
Fated to destroy her path
1st landfall is your spine
2nd one is your heart
To travel towards your lungs
Gustiness will leave you breathless
Going to blow your mind
She's more destructive
Than you ever thought.

Jul 5, 2012

Your love is the wind
compass reeling
in fearsome gusts.

My love is the water
rushing rising
and carrying away.

mac azanes
mac azanes
Nov 11, 2013      Nov 11, 2013

Warning and signals;
Are not enough.
For us to suffer less;
And Sleep at night,
At peace.

Your wind blows like a bullet train.
As it passed every town,
It leaves a devastating traced.
Roof's are like crumpled paper in the air.
Trees are like's matches sticks scattered in streets.

We are a country,
Of Hope,
And Happiness.
But in every tryst you visited,
You can't see a smiling face.

Broken Houses and families,
Is all that you can see.
for some of it's members and pieces,
Are still missing,
And not in place.

Bodies lies in streets.
Kids are crying,
Craving for some food to eat,
A place to sleep,
And a shelter for them to take a safe rest.

We will stand after this.
and clean the mess that you've left.
For tomorrow we all know,
That sun will shine in every heart,
Of every FILIPINO people that you've hurt.

Please pray for my countrymen whose lives are taken and families that has been broken.
Another typhoon attacks the same nation
Ronell Warren Alman

Another typhoon attacks the same nation
Nothing but a major calamity
Hearts are suffering endlessly
A sad situation for all to see
People are grieving everywhere
The scenery is dark and dreary
What a major catastrophe
The country is in a state of uncertainty

#life   #loss  
I am a typhoon,
Amber Lynne
Amber Lynne
Apr 19      Apr 19

I am a tempest,
     the most violent of
     winds whipping around
     without concern for any
     who surround me. 

I am a volcano,
     the lava of my emotions 
     exploding up and over
     to seep throughout
     every nook and crevice. 

I am a typhoon,
     my gale force winds
     showing mercy to
     neither sea nor land as
     I rip-roar over it all. 

And you…
     you are the halcyon tranquility
     I've been searching for
     all along, the serenity needed 
     to calm my frenzied turbulence
     with but a stroke of your lips,
     leaving me breathless and
     my winds settled at long last.


I find comfort in the news
Be it typhoons or drones
I feel like a 100 year old Camus
For he was a miserable little raccoon
Or should I say Morrissey?
But the bipolar king is lost at sea!
I think of Sylvia Plath and her oven
Incinerated in a jar or in a coffin?

I will mention roses in a second
But first, wear your veil
May I eat your cheeks?
I’m your psychopath with style

We bathed in herbs together
The pale breasts that shone
A reoccurring dream of two moons
I believe in reincarnation
bosoms, as the lunar eyes of an owl

Stars, rain, coffee, cigarettes and music
Few clichés, I forgot about your roses
One day I’ll strike the balance
between rhymes and passion

Filipinos as far as the Recent Visit of Typhoon Yolanda (International Code Name: HAIYA
Xavier Paolo Josh Mandreza
Xavier Paolo Josh Mandreza
Nov 27, 2013      Nov 27, 2013

Normally when I am Inspired by a Person, an Event or Occurrence I would usually put it in the Form of a Sonnet or some other Verse.

As I mentioned - NORMALLY.

This Past Week has been very Harrowing for myself and for my Fellow Filipinos as far as the Recent Visit of Typhoon Yolanda (International Code Name: HAIYAN) from around the 04 to the 08 November of 2013.

I am safely here in Las Piñas City, Manila. Though I cannot say in Full Percent that I feel Fortunate to be one of those Spared by the Monster Typhoon.

As I watched the News Coverage of the Aftermath such Monster left in Cebu, Bohol, Iloilo, Antique, Aklan, Samar, Leyte most especially in its Capital, Tacloban City - I really could not Help but feel a Significant Sense of Guilt as I witnessed the Weeping and Pleading Faces of my Countrymen in those Areas and there is not one D---N thing I could do a-bout it.

Well, just like anyone in Safer Areas, anyway.

Of course, there are the Standard Charities and Relief Operations. Our Contributions in Cash and Kind will definitely be of Great Help to our Fellow Affected - and thereby Ease our In-Direct yet Silent Guilt.

So I decided to Help.

And Help I did. Though the Guilt takes a bit more Whilst to subsume.

If you Personally ask me who are the Real Heroes - it is EVERYONE involved in this Tragedy. Not just the Donors and Rescue Workers though they have Definitely made a more Visible Impact; And I firmly Applaud my Fellow Kababayans who have Managed to Survive in the Affected Areas themselves.

Naturally as Human Beings desperate for Maintaining their Basic Needs they would have no Choice but to Resort to Deeds which if Judged by Civil Standards will be seen as Criminal. And I am simply talking a-bout the Looting and Panic-Buying at the Local Shopping Malls. Though they were Purposely Closed to keep such Looters at-bay nothing would seem to keep them in Chains:

They were HUNGRY. They were NEEDY. They were DESPERATE. They were beyond Civil Law. Even our Roman Catholic Church decided to Absolve them from their supposedly Grave Sins.

NATURE was the Boss for that Week. And No-One would Dare Defy Her. NO-ONE.

Even the Correspondents both Foreign and Local. The Former who finally submitted to his Innermost Compassion and Daringly broke Protocol to save Someone's Life; The Latter almost lost in the Harrowing Fray but managed to Live to tell the Tale of such Sorrowing Event.

Foreign Aid has finally Arrived: Surprisingly at least in my View the Vatican City donated around €1,000.00 for Financial Support; The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland pledged €6,000,000; The United Arab Emirates pledged some of the Largest for €10,000,000; The United States of America - our Historical and Cultural Ally - provided $100,000.00 plus Full-Fledged Military Support. Those are the Figures I have Learned so far; Others have Definitely offered what they can.

Note how these Figures have already Increased to our Benefit.....But the Amount is irrelevant; What matters is the INTENT.

And that is where the HEART comes in.

I'm personally Glad that our President Benigno, "Noy-Noy" Aquino Jr. took his Busy Time speaking and planning about the Aid and Recovery we have been recieving lately.....As is the Duty of any Leader whose Country is Severely Affected by such Calamity. Despite his reported Popularity Drop in regards to the Slow Flow of Aid coming through the Most Affected Areas we Seriously do need to give him a Break and Nurture this Good Faith that he as well as the other Government Officials are doing the Best that they can to the Best of their Abilities.

They are still HUMAN, after all. They are LIMITED - as do WE. Yet they still Managed to REACH OUT regardless of whatever Political Repercussions it may bring - ELECTIONS or Otherwise.

AID is here. HELP is here. PRAYERS and SUPPORT has been Offered and Made. I suppose we need to do our Part as well.....?

Of what use is there if we COMPLAIN? If all we See is just another Strategy of those same Officials trying to Increase their Future Chances of Gaining more Votes at the cost of our own Welfare? This has been in Practice for AGES. Nothing has really Changed as far as that Aspect is concerned. We simply need to Absorb this and Carry-On.

My Mum was Right. My Elders are Right. POSITIVE People are Right: Now is NOT the Time to Blame and Point Fingers especially Above. This is NOT God's Will; This is NOT some Divine Punishment towards my fellow Gays and Lesbians living in these Affected Areas as Claimed by some Dastardly and Influential Homophobes.

And yes.....There are Individuals who still Exist with that Kind of Thinking. Depressingly Sad but True.

Though we may not be as Disciplined and Methodical as those of the Japanese during the 2010 Earthquake and Tsunami I can Definitely Boast that we as Filipinos have a lot more SPIRIT within us. We are Known - NOTORIOUS even - to Laugh in the Face of Danger.....And I mean this to the Point where even our very Lives are Threatened. Mostly, in-Common, we tend to see the LIGHTER SIDES OF LIFE. Which Explains why even in the Most Serious of Matters we tend to Crack a Joke once in a whilst.

I personally Envy my Countrymen. My KABABAYANS. I just Wish I could be a little More like Them. Maybe I could.

As I mentioned before - though the Media has severely Criticised the Aquino Administration of being too Slow in Reaching Aid towards the Most Isolated and Affected Parts in the Visayas and thereby seemingly Decreasing the Popularity Rate of our President perhaps they should be a lot more Aware of what is REALLY Happening recently: And I am talking about those Subtle Deeds which in many Ways had a lot more Impact than what is Shown by the Media. I'm really Sorry: > as what my Professor in Literary Criticism once Advised me: THE MEDIA SUCKS. Given its Objectively SUBJECTIVE Nature.

They only Report on what is POPULAR, and what is in their BEST INTEREST; What the Feel they could Exponentially BENEFIT from - FINANCIAL or Otherwise.

But Enough a-bout them; They'll end-up Denying it anyway. Typical.

Keep Strong, Taclobañeros: Though you have been the Hardest Hit, you have Won the Most of our Hearts. Here. And the World.

What Matters is that you HEAL; What Matters is that you LIVE; What Matters is that WELL-BEING comes to you even at the Cost of my Own. Your LIVES are far more Important than mine.

Please forgive my EGO. I am in a State of Utter Depression after what you all have gone through. I Realise it is the Wrong Attitude but I also cannot really Help myself at this Time. I Feel so POWERLESS: I Wish I was some sort of Divine Being who could Wipe all your Sufferings with just One Swipe of my Wand and make it All go a-way. But that is also Utter Lunacy.

BE WELL. May GOD in His Infinite Goodness Strengthen you Always - Though you may not all Understand during this Time. Yet I Wish you all Well nonetheless.

Let these Prayers be Heard.

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