*wild is the wind*
words in the wind

trees dance
sway insatiably

   stirring tantalizingly ...

invisible secrets

blowin' the winds

wild is the wind

Notes (optional)
*The wind whispers
words in the wind

The wind whispers
                              in untold words ―

borne deeply within
                              the heart of the sky

and, like a kite broke free
                              of tethered strands,

"I may as well try
                              and catch the wind"

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all the wind's timbre
words in the wind

synergy in the mist
of creations' breath...
multitudes croaking so loudly
drowning in eventide dew,

all the wind's timbre
is hushed;

by earth’s
communing symphony,
creations’ living
pulsing thrum..

alone in a crowd
the glory of now...

and i wishing
i were a frog,
and unalone
in the throng

maybe evolution
as this—
is reversing...

i need to search
for an intimate kiss

another incarnation

that will turn me
   back into a frog—

a speck of stardust
in a sky full of stars
seems better than
feeling like ashes

a burned out candle
by the gypsy choir

the call of the wild
sung in the wind

wild is the wind © march 2016

of the wind,
words in the wind

Wondering through
the complex mazes
of the wind,
trying to feel beyond
what I cannot see;

trying to see beyond
   what I can feel ―

The echoes of the breeze
invigorate the stillness

The weight
of a world heavy
expands like the traces
of life lived
packed deeply beneath
jagged fingernails

Lost in the wilderness
of my soul,
a feral wind
abides silently
as I wonder alone
from end to end

...  side   to   side
through a portal
shapeless as the wind

Blinded by a collective
bioluminescent light
rooted deeply within,
intimately touching
crystalline fountains
as the deepest pools
of innate blackness unfold
in the wake

I reverently touch
the inward rhythm
where a heart strong
     runs alone …

feeling its
pulsing cadence
    quake and thunder
    in reach …

Rivulets thrumming across
the burgeoning blossom
of soothing netherworld seas

Washing away
all the memories made
like the shapeless waves of wind
moving the stillness

wild is the wind ... 1. 27. 2017

the answer is blowin’ in the wind
The wind blows on the prairie
Ashley Somebody
Ashley Somebody
Apr 5, 2014

The wind blows on the prairie
The wind blows on the moor
The wind blows in the ferry
None compare to your speech before.

To the wind
Jason Cole
Jason Cole
Apr 30, 2015

To the wind
with the regal reticence
of unrequited love!

#love   #poem   #unrequited   #wind   #winds  
The wind speaks
erik lubbe
erik lubbe
Oct 13, 2016

The wind speaks
The wind listins
The wind carries my voice
The wind feels my voice
The wind carries patterns
The wind carries messages
The wind is my friend
The wind is all
The wind speaks to me
The wind is my only friend
The wind carries codes
Remember the wind is all

Wind is all the wind speaks
#wind   #windisall  
through your (wind)ow
Sean Tierney
Sean Tierney
Jul 20, 2014

through your (wind)ow
i let him watch you

and now the (wind ow)es
me big time

"introduce me
to thunder"

#window   #wind   #thunder  
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