people are always tired
Jun 24      Jun 25

a popular response
people are always tired
from what though?
they're tired when they're sad
they're tired when they're mad
they're even tired when they're happy
I can't grasp why the hell everyone's so tired...

Tired of this shit
Donna Bella

Tired of this shit
Fuck this bitch

I'm tired
Apr 12      Apr 13

I'm tired
No, not that kind of tired
Where it can simply cured
By sleep

I'm tired
Of all the things
That put me through
And through

I'm tired
Of all the times
Where I've almost
Shed a tear

I'm tired
Of all the friends
That used me
Like my feelings never existed

I'm tired
Of all the life
That makes me suffers
Days and nights

Even sunflowers grow tired of
Esmé van Aerden
Esmé van Aerden
Mar 30      Mar 30

Even sunflowers grow tired of
praising the sun when it rises
and mourning it when it sets.

#love   #life   #tired  
She was tired,
Apr 10      Apr 10

Dull eyes
Dark under-eye rings
Dazed look.

She was tired,
But sleep,
Not even a weekend's worth of it,
Could cure her tiredness.

For she felt hopeless,
Driven to desperation.

Dont you ever get tired
andy fardell

Dont you ever get tired
Tired of this day and last night
Tired of drinking coffee made from the gravy of a cows arse
Or tired from the vile armpits plastered in your face on the tube

I get tired
Tired of drivers that try and cut me in two like their scissors or something
Tired of so called men in cars with big exhausts and white vests parking in A disabled bay or parent and child when they are by themselves

I get tired too
Tired of all the fake news on the tv about a failed pop star loosening their Clothes whilst kids around the world starve
Tired of politicians telling me how much better off I am than i was 5 years Ago ....really !!!

Tiring aint it
Tired of people always moaning yet seeing them never take a step to Change their life's
Tired of the world in debt to itself from this so called money that doesn't Even exist
I'm tired of all this

Why cant we live together
Why do we do such harm
I want to live in heavens eyes
I want to live the land

Why do we fight for dusty tracks
Such evils are not born
It's time for us to change our rights
I'm tired of all this harm

So tired

#sad   #life   #tired  
I just can't, I'm too tired,
Amber Lynne
Amber Lynne
1 day ago

My bones have become filled
     to the brim with lead
until each step I take
     is so labored
     I can barely make another.
I am exhausted
     to my very core
And I'm expending
     every ounce of my energy
     simply attempting
     to hold my eyelids up.
I can't anymore, I'm sorry.
I just can't, I'm too tired,
I'm going to sleep now,
that deep, restful sleep
     from which one doesn't awake.

#sleep   #exhausted   #tired  
I am tired.
Alyna P
Alyna P
Apr 5      Apr 6

I am tired.
I have been tired
for a thousand days.

I sleep in.
I am never
wide awake.

I nap at noon,
and again,
at around 2.

I stay up all night,
because that is
what I have to do.

#depression   #life   #sleep   #dreams   #tired  
When people say they're tired of a person, often a friend—
Nanna Harrow Haley Yahraus

When people say they're tired of a person, often a friend—
Do they mean, exhausted with the idea of submission to their actions
Responding to their preferences
Falling prey to all their ways
Or hearing them drone loquaciously
Putting down disagree-ers gratuitously
Speaking of themselves, about very little else
Until all hope and faith in them has deteriorated beyond all mercy?
I am yet to confirm
What is true beyond all else
Gone through the Rubicon,
Universal to all nations
But why must I tolerate a monk
That devoutly praises himself to the depths
Beyond all fierce comprehension,
His devotion remains a quandary

#love   #hate   #friend   #selfish   #tired   #exhaustion  
"yeah, just tired"
Kelsey Greene
Kelsey Greene
Jun 22      Jun 22

I understand now
Why an increase in sleeping
Is a warning sign for depression.

Being sad?
It's a tiring thing to be.

Constantly exerting every ounce of your energy
Trying to appear happy to those around you.

When others ask if you're okay
"yeah, just tired"
easily becomes the automatic response.

Maybe because it's halfway true,
You are tired,

You're tired of life

Of things always seeming to go wrong
Instead of right

Tired of people letting you down

Of your dad drinking
Or your parents fighting.

You're tired of being tired
But most of all you're tired of being sad.

That's the only time you can really get away
From all the tired.

It's when your mind wonders to a different life

One where the words
"Just tired"
Don't exist.

I think that's why people sleep so much when their sad.

Their dreams
Are so much better
Than reality.

#love   #sad   #depression   #life   #heart   #pain   #hurt   #you   #sleeping   #tired  
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