dream, tired
Oct 7, 2014      Oct 7, 2014

dream, tired
wake up, tired
get up, tired
get going, tired
hi, tired
bye, tired
leave, tired
come, tired
sleep, tired
dream, tired
exhausted, tired

I'm so tired.
Mar 10

I'm so tired.
Tired of living.
Tired of dying.
Tired of just being so tired.

To not feel is a curse.
& to feel is a blessing.

But what is the in between?
Exhaustion I think.

I'm just so tired.

people are always tired
Jun 24, 2014      Jun 25, 2014

a popular response
people are always tired
from what though?
they're tired when they're sad
they're tired when they're mad
they're even tired when they're happy
I can't grasp why the hell everyone's so tired...

I'm tired
Scott Hoogenboom

I'm tired
Tired of you
Not tired of you
But tired of you.

That side that lies
I want it gone
I want the old you
Someone to count on.

I'm tired to wash up,
Esther Pang Hui Min
Esther Pang Hui Min
Oct 14, 2014      Oct 15, 2014

I'm tired to wash up,
So I procrastinate.
I'm tired to stand up,
So I'm sitting here.

I'm tired to walk to bed,
So I remain on the floor.
I'm tired to get myself to sleep.
So I'm still awake.

But I'm tired.

Feeling so sick and tired of
Natalie Neo
Natalie Neo
Nov 30, 2014

Feeling so sick and tired of
Feeling sick and tired of
Being so sick and tired.

#sick   #tired  
I'm tired of
Paul Andrews

I'm tired of
feeling bad.
I'm tired of
feeling sad.

Can't we be happy on our own
Instead of needing to be around others?

I'm tired of it all,
Can't it stop?

#sad   #tired  
Her tired eyes tell stories,

Her tired eyes tell stories,
Of a thousand lives before.
His tired eyes are weary,
Of a thousand lies he's been told.
Their tired eyes meet each other's,
A kind of magic unfolds.

And now their tired eyes together,
Don't look so tired anymore.

#eyes   #story   #magic   #tired  
I'm so tired that when I bent over the motivation ju

I'm so tired that when I bent over the motivation just shot right out of my ass! Now that's tired

#numb   #tired  
Tired of school
Blaine M
Blaine M
Oct 16

Tired of school
Tired of extracurricular activities
Tired of people
Tired of labels
Tired of crying
Tired of trying
Tired of lying
Tired of faking
Tired of hiding
Tired of sadness
Tired of hurting
Tired of missing
Tired of mistakes
Tired of regrets
Tired of not being good enough
Tired of being a screw up
Tired of all my imperfections
Tired of having to be someone I'm not
Tired of life
Tired of

I am so damn tired.
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