The was one little lime
Kollitiki Vradypodes

The was one little lime
It was a race against time
Who could first reach it
Before we did quit
If it is not mine it's slime

We are having a race for a lime that is about thirteen feet away. They are a very rare and valued food. I will update you on who wins in about two or three hours.
It is its lime
Erin Suurkoivu
Erin Suurkoivu
Sep 24, 2016

Night lowers its curtain of silence,
my only time to steal away, and
suck the flavour out of every
lovely rind.

It is its lime
mine to enjoy.
If only I could taste it.

#time   #night   #silence   #taste   #bitterness   #curtain   #lime   #flavour   #rind  
lime it takes
May 11, 2015

A droplet in a cave echoes the
impact that I've made;
A life of dribbled
lime it takes
to lay this
path of


waves wash
out the resonance
I crave - That steady, stoic
drop too forms the biding end atop.

Time drips slowly by.

Also, this rhyming business is getting fun!
#death   #leave   #dark   #thoughts   #behind   #legacy   #echoes   #drip   #lime   #formations  
Anna Lo
Anna Lo
Jul 9, 2012

The day shall come when you too shall become a formula
a jumble of this and that
and bit more of limes.

you and I are all formulas.
Cause and effect
Birth and death
Growth and decay
Yin and yangs

And while we're in the middle we
become questions
like why, who, when, what, how...


in a lime - light throat
5 hours ago

Sapphire you are
the subtle hesitation
to mere blood lemonade sunshine
that leeches are screeching
irises to ember, lilac, magenta,
mediocre mauve, however
no one can hear me
in a lime - light throat
that I have emerged
into ash-berries  
with bones of skeptical
bitter skinned peculiar
rubies questioning
"ymbryne fraudulent  adjectives of
psyche - delicate
like opaquely - catafalque
is mundane to crimson

- G

A Ymbryne (pronounced im-brin) is a female Syndrigast who can manipulate time and can take the form of a bird.
I  got inspiration from the novel Tales of the Peculiar and Gabriel burns :)
Lime & shank I have.
Atul Kaushal
Atul Kaushal
Feb 17, 2015

Oh beloved princess,
I'm just a commoner,
I just drink cannabis,
Lime & shank I have.

You are daughter of the king,
I lack any maids or servants,
You are protected by shawls,
I lack even a blanket or rug..

Get married to a moneylender,
Marry a lucky man...

I have pieces of purity,
But I'm just a commoner,
I just drink cannabis,
Lime & shank I have.

You live in the palaces,
I roam the wilderness,
You are not used to it,
I am used to roaming.

Get married to a rich man,
Marry a lucky man.

I just have purity in me,
Yes, I'm a commoner,
I just drink cannabis,
Lime & shank is all I have.

I carry on my austerity in incense,
I drink a slurry of cinders,
I tame hundreds of snakes on my neck,
I will scare you off my saturnalia.

You need a man with wavy hair,
A man with wavy hair.

My hair is dishevelled,
I am a commoner,
And I drink cannabis,
All I have is a lime & shank.

Translation of a Haryanvi folk hymn.

According to folklore, Lord Shiva tells this to his future wife Sati who was a princess that wanted to get married to Shiva.

She has things her own way in the end and marries the God.

In the story, Sati enters the fire when Shiva drinks the venom after Samundra Manthan - a tussle for the Nectar and thus sparing Shiva his life.

Sati was reborn as Parvati who in turn is a manifestation of Shakti - the energy.

Such are mythical love stories.

My HP Poem #781
©Atul Kaushal
#marriage   #princess   #shiva   #cannabis   #lime   #shank   #kripi   #drona   #sati  
Maggie Emmett
Maggie Emmett
Aug 8, 2014

Underwater light faceted
in the enormous aquamarine
set in bronzed stones.
A pale green mist lifts from the pool
follows the lantern lit pathways
back to the dark and shady places
edging to the olive grove
and the blackness
of the wych elms
and the limes
enclosing the garden
like impenetrable walls.

Here, on a very warm night
with a honeysuckle, jasmine breeze
heady, rich and almost liquid
You can stand on the sun-filled stones
stretch and hold
the heart-breaking sweetness
of the night.

#summer   #night   #pool   #honeysuckle   #jasmine   #wych   #elms   #limes  
Thomas A Robinson
Thomas A Robinson
Apr 30, 2015

I wrote you once

      But no more
              for you
        will I again

I loved you once
          and thrice

But not anymore
              for you
            this time

#apples   #lemons   #oranges   #limes   #plums  
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