Revenge isn't best served cold- it should be sw
Nov 8, 2014      Nov 9, 2014

My words sweet as honey
Will leave a bitter taste in your mouth .
Revenge isn't best served cold- it should be sweet with a hint of poison.

Revenge will be sweet-
Deedee Matins
Deedee Matins
Mar 27      Mar 28

My voice as sweet as honey,
My words dripping with venom.
I whisper words of comfort,
While my eyes say other.

I may look like a sheep,
But others know better.
Under these charming smiles,
A beast lays in slumber.

Revenge will be sweet-
With the taste of venom

Nov 4, 2014      Nov 4, 2014

I’ll make you feel the heat of my blood,
but only when I feel yours
in my tongue.

#death   #blood   #angst   #revenge  
vicious revenge feel its strain.
Feb 25      Feb 26

vicious revenge feel its strain.
Engrained forever on a decaying brain.
For its a plague with no andetote. No cure.
Nothings sacred. nothings pure.
No honor here to gain but a grasp of guilt, sorrow and pain.

A trench deep seated with animosity.
Hearts too blinded by hatred to see.
Its walls engulfing like vines round a tree.
But no vegeance shall set you free.

In realising its errors and fate
The soul desperately searches to escape.
Weary, hollow, it longs to retire
But hatred enslaves as its walls grow higher

For this is one prison sentence that will never transpire..
If you fight fire with fire.

Crying Silhouette
Crying Silhouette
Dec 30, 2014

Mark my words
Like you mark calendar,
With a bright red pen,
Because you'll be haunted by them
Like they are the date of your death.

#anger   #pain   #betrayal   #revenge  
Mr X
Mr X
May 29, 2014      May 30, 2014

Remember how you tried to burn me and reduce me to ruins?


The fire still persists,
And feeds on your cursed life.

#hate   #fire   #revenge   #rage   #vengeance   #vendetta  
May 5, 2014      May 6, 2014

The way you pretended
Is the way
You love her now
The way you didn't
Is the way
You value her now
No vengeance will there be
But baby
You will have to pay for it

Oct 15, 2014      Oct 16, 2014

I am going to travel the world
and I'm going to leave this place behind
and I'm going to come back
and you'll be just another destination

#poem   #poetry   #world   #free   #verse   #travel   #revenge  
But me it's for Revenge, not Dominance.
Heartless lover
Heartless lover
Dec 5, 2014

Yesterday you teased me
Which is a big no-no
I tease boys they don't tease me.

You want to stay dominate and that's what you're fighting for
But me it's for Revenge, not Dominance.

My boyfriend was the biggest tease the other day!
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