Revenge is just a quick fix
Lizzie Juliet
Lizzie Juliet
Feb 24, 2013      Feb 24, 2013

Revenge is just a quick fix
That quickly slips from fingertips
Purse your lips and take a sip
It just tastes too good.

And I wanted revenge
Stacie Steele
Stacie Steele
Mar 17      Mar 17

And I wanted revenge
something to make you feel
every ounce of pain you put me
and now here we are
you're falling apart
and that's when I realized
this isn't
what I wanted

Revenge could be
1 day ago      3 hours ago

It would be so out of character
To treat people how they treat me

But oh how sweet
Revenge could be

Jay Bryant
Jay Bryant
Jun 26, 2013      Jun 27, 2013

The sweetest joy
Maniacal ploy
The plot thickens
I start grinning
As the goosebumps
Crawl up my spine
Its time to get even
Even if that means
Leaving my current
Mental state of sanity
Death to humanity
I guess its the imperfect
Man in me
My morals hide
My smile is wide
Now is the time
That vengance is mine

That is my revenge
Tayler Mac
Tayler Mac
Mar 2, 2012

Your teeth gnaw on my bones

The sound of grinding is the only thing that fills my ears

But it fills them from the inside out

Like a white noise

I am disconnected

I am impervious

Yet not immune to the sun

My skin bakes and cracks

And it gets filled with oil and grease and dirt and honey

from the bees that I crushed with my feet because their wings made too much wind

and it almost blew me off my feet

but I stayed grounded

I am the bark on the oak tree that the insects burrow into

They gnaw from the inside out and they make their homes and bear their children

I’ve raised a whole family inside of me

They’ve hollowed me into an empty vessel

The kind you leave under the kitchen sink that you pour grease and fat into but when you want to use me as a vase for your roses

The soap cannot remove the oils and I slowly fill your flowers

I kill them from the inside out

That is my revenge

As the dish of revenge grows colder
Alyssa Oman
Alyssa Oman
Nov 8, 2012

The bitter taste of resentment
As the dish of revenge grows colder
Waiting, watching, planning
As you get older and older

You stall until the perfect moment
When he will pay for the things they've done
At the time strike, you pounce
And after all that time you've won

Your patience has finally paid off
His breath no longer taints the air
He's gone from this world forever
And it's his own fault no one cares

Inspired by the quote "Revenge is a dish best served cold." -Shakespeare
Nov 16, 2013

There once was a Queen who ruled a magical land.

She reigned with an iron fist on a dainty hand.

This Queen was much too mean with servants so humble

who kissed her feet while she only would grumble.

“I’ve had enough!” She said, her fists in the air,

her eyes of wicked flame, snakes in her hair!

What made this great Queen so wicked and bitter?

They all knew what made her skin shiver.

With looks of a tainted angel, this Queen was so mad.

There was no joy in her kingdom to be had.

T’was the doings of a man that made her this way

the Queen learned the hard way how evil they play.

How they twist, choke, slaughter and destroy a whole heart,

only after making art and breaking her apart.

So, in rage, this Queen commanded:

“Bring me the man who caused my pain!” She demanded.

As they brought him to her, she cackled with delight.

They all would witness an awful sight!

Everyone knew he’d wind up dead.

“The blade!” She screamed. “Now sever his head!”

And with that, the blade fell with a sudden: WHACK!

And with a satisfied grin, the Queen wore black.

Definitely a favourite of mine. When I wrote it, I was thinking of a male in particular. But I wanted to move away from the traditional "I hate men" contemporary poetry. So instead, the poem is to show how a woman would really love to get back at someone who hurt her, and how she could if she were a queen.

P.S. Also went with a grim Doctor-Sues, creepy nursery rhyme type of theme. Let me know what you think! I love feedback.

P.S.S. I don't usually like rhyming, so feel free to message me and let me know if there are any other substitute words I could use to change things up. Thank you!
Dec 29, 2012

Its lost its spite.
Expired under my control.
I've saved this moment for too long.
Its bland now; gray with purpose.

Feb 8, 2013

If I ever see you again
I'll spat insults and hope they
Spray on your aviators
like the bugs that squashed against
my windshield the last time
I drove away from you

If fate destroys me
and I am in the same pub one night
as your wormy self
I'll tell you how you're the most
arrogant, vapid, shallow, womanizing,
asshole male mascot
I've ever had the disgust to know

I'll slap you hard across the face
Oh and not like Scarlett O'Hara,
you demon darling
No crushing kiss will follow
and I'll mean vengence
vile will seep through my mouth
instead of the sweet saliva
I let you taste
long ago

If I ever hear your voice
or see your mocking manequin
among my tele again
With disgraceful force
I will lift that 50 lb set
and propel that fucking screen
across the state
The way your black static apology
shattered the brightness
that used to reside

If I hear of you
one more dispicable time
I'll grow bombs maticulously
within my empty core
and time them so perfectly
that all of your dysfunctional doormat
will explode the second they come near me
and their manipulative cells
will burst
and be burried among the soil
of dirty words
you whispered in my ears

Fuck, if I ever see you again
I'll shatter every martini glass around me
and down a fifth of fireball
and breath venomous fire
and burn you, you beastly boy
And I'll pretend beauty amongst you
and walk away, a tall glass of water
That could diffuse
that angry licking fire
that is swallowing you up

When I see you again
I won't acknowledge your existence
and I'll be dressed to the nines
and I won't do a fucking thing about it
Because you aren't worth a sentence within this stanza

But I know I am.

I would give anything to have the last say, but I wouldn't...not myself.
This is your revenge.
Dev A
Dev A
Jan 25, 2012

Feel the wrath
From the devil.
Feel the fire
From hell.
Feel the burning
From inside you.
This is what it feels
To leave those you love.
This is what it feels like
To no longer care about those who thought you did.
Feel the fire in your veins.
Feel the heat in your lungs.
This is your guilt.
This is your revenge.
This is what you brought
Upon yourself.
Don’t bother me again,
For I no longer care for you.
So leave me now,
And go your own way.

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