Revenge will be sweet-
Deedee Matins
Deedee Matins
Mar 27      Mar 28

My voice as sweet as honey,
My words dripping with venom.
I whisper words of comfort,
While my eyes say other.

I may look like a sheep,
But others know better.
Under these charming smiles,
A beast lays in slumber.

Revenge will be sweet-
With the taste of venom

Revenge isn't best served cold- it should be sw
Nov 8, 2014      Nov 9, 2014

My words sweet as honey
Will leave a bitter taste in your mouth .
Revenge isn't best served cold- it should be sweet with a hint of poison.

Crying Silhouette
Crying Silhouette
Dec 30, 2014

Mark my words
Like you mark calendar,
With a bright red pen,
Because you'll be haunted by them
Like they are the date of your death.

#anger   #pain   #betrayal   #revenge  
Nov 4, 2014      Nov 4, 2014

I’ll make you feel the heat of my blood,
but only when I feel yours
in my tongue.

#death   #blood   #angst   #revenge  
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