May 5      May 6

The way you pretended
Is the way
You love her now
The way you didn't
Is the way
You value her now
No vengeance will there be
But baby
You will have to pay for it

Mr X
Mr X
May 29      May 30

Remember how you tried to burn me and reduce me to ruins?


The fire still persists,
And feeds on your cursed life.

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Sarah F
Sarah F
Jun 14      Jun 16

I. You told me that you saw the universe in my eyes whenever we stared at each other for longer than six seconds. The universe is infinite and I thought you were comparing it to our love.

II. You fell in love with the way I laughed and acted around you because I reminded you of a rose bud that you planted on your garden. Little did you know, a rose has its thorns and I'm guessing you weren't prepared for that.

III. The first time you looked at me with tears streaming down my cheeks, you blamed me for being so ugly looking. I was cursing myself when you walked out the door and didn't look back.

IV. Months after you left and I was buried deep under the ground, he found me. Dirty and covered in mud, he washed me from head to toe. I knew I'd fall for him.

V. He and I had our first kiss on New Year's Eve and he gave me hope more than you ever did. I knew I deserved him.

VI. I saw you walking down the street while I was holding his hand and the next thing I knew, you were screaming so loud I could barely understand what you said. Later, I found out that you were cursing me for being freed by him from where you buried me.

VII. I found a letter by the front door the very next day and all that it said was how the writer could still see the mud on my face and on my back, just like the last time they saw me. I knew the writer was you.

VIII. The night he found out about the letter, he hugged me ever so tightly and he swore he wouldn't let anybody harm me. Let the Power above dealt with the problem.

IX. I'm happier than ever now that I know I have someone whom I can hold on to. I don't even see any mud on my face; it is you who's covered with dirt the most.

I wrote this for my friend and I thought, well, I'd post it here!
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Jul 9      Jul 10

Make every second divine,
tonight you are mine.
Get used to the feeling,
my love tortures; it's killing.
Mesmerized now for your life,
I'll stab you in the back with a knife.
Trust your instincts you knew they were right,
this is such an unpleasant sight.
Seeing you vulnerable brings me pleasure,
I laugh.
I return the favor and spite you down with a shaft.
Controlled willing to do anything I say,
try to comprehend it's time for you to pay.


Standing over you as the pleading begins,
Forgive my father for the justice I bring,

You murdered my Husband and tore my life apart,
Laughed in the courtroom no remorse in your heart,
No fear of anyone or being locked inside,
Her majesty's prisons filled you with pride,
An animal in a cage with more privileges than my own,
provided for the brutal murder of a man walking alone,

A test victim for the gang, so they would let you in,
Robbing 'the rich bastard' widened your drug filled grin,
One punch, one kill as his head cracked off the ground,
The laughter of your 'friends' were suddenly drowned,
As my husband convulsed and took his last breath,
You cowardly bastard stole his life and left,
He would of survived if you gave him a chance,
You could have called for an ambulance!

Instead I’m without a husband and a doting father of two,
The love drained from my heart as my blood runs cold blue,
I've waited ten years to take your pathetic fucking life,
I'll Carve you into pieces with this butchers knife!
Or shall I make this easy? With a bullet in the head?
I doesn't really matter as long as you’re dead!

Please let me go, I beg of you!
Your children will have no parents, if you go through,
with taking my life, you would be the main suspect,
Burdened with Murder and full of regret,
your husband wouldn't want this from you.....



I live with the guilt every night and day,
Praying to god to show me the way,
I have a family of my own, I've made a new start,
You kill me now? You tear another family apart.
Look in my wallet, there’s a picture inside,
of my wife and my daughter the root of my pride,

I work for charities to help victims of crime,
to help children to escape from the gangs born from the grime,
I vow I won't tell anyone of what you have done,
I understand your reasons, and why they begun.

Coming from the man that killed my love, with his bare hands?
The man that sneered as he looked me in the eyes,
Laughed at his sentencing as he watched my daughter cry?
Who walked out of prison and began a new life,
While mine was finished when I became a widow of a wife,
Taking medication to keep my suffering inside,
Being sectioned for my illness, my daughters are in care,
Your luxury of a life? Do you think that it’s fair?

I have no reason to live, no family left,
The only peace I will have, is to watch your last breath.....

Revenge is just a quick fix
Lizzie Juliet
Lizzie Juliet
Feb 24, 2013      Feb 24, 2013

Revenge is just a quick fix
That quickly slips from fingertips
Purse your lips and take a sip
It just tastes too good.

4 days ago

Weak people
Strong people
Intelligent people
        ~Albert E

Revenge feels good for a moment
Jul 1

Revenge feels good for a moment
but it isn't until time has passed
that we realize it's true consequence.

And I wanted revenge
Stacie Steele
Stacie Steele
Mar 17      Mar 17

And I wanted revenge
something to make you feel
every ounce of pain you put me
and now here we are
you're falling apart
and that's when I realized
this isn't
what I wanted

Revenge could be
Apr 15      Apr 17

It would be so out of character
To treat people how they treat me

But oh how sweet
Revenge could be

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