Liis Belle
Liis Belle
5 days ago

They call your name and everyone cheers
For the amazing two years for which you’ve stayed here
It seems like minutes ago when I first saw your smile
But looking back at it now, it’s been quite a while

The girl in front of me has her camera out
Snapping hundreds of moments to remember about
Me, I capture with my eyes, it’s sweeter that way
Memorizing every piece of you for when you’re away

I had to hold myself back from calling after you
Or at least leaving a note and giving a clue
Would it make you come back if I let you know?
Or would you refuse to think twice and immediately go?

I know what you’d say, that I’d get over you
That sooner or later, I’ll find someone new
But even if I do, and the chances are few
I’d still fondly and lovingly think about you

I’ve got them in my arms: your deep voice, your stance
Your dark hair, your eyes – almost grey at first glance
And now you walk off the stage, so flawless and fine
That’s the last memory of you I’ll have on my mind

Today was the last day I'll ever see you again, and I just hope you know that I noticed you, even when it seemed like I didn't. And I would give up so many things for you to stay, but you can't and you won't and I understand, although my heart is shattering into a million pieces.
I'll be okay and maybe I'll slowly get over you, but if I ever look closely enough, you'll be there, somewhere in my heart, for the rest of my days.
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Patricia Drake
Patricia Drake
Sep 5, 2013

we were late
the gathering had already begun
a solemn voice recited
his stories
his words
became ours
among whitened walls
behind him were instruments
quiet like us
anxiously waiting
unfamiliar with house
he finished and we applauded
along with the faces
captured on canvas
and hung with nails
on the walls
The next voice was a woman
she spoke in verse
free, blank,
only slightly
but sensual
inside and beyond
our faces
her voice
her body
reflected in the windows
and we were invited
to eat and drink upstairs
that night
with words
and faces surrounding us
voices and music
a strange lady
mostly to herself
but everything
telling more stories
for us to contemplate
until next time

Like an assembly line
Feb 24, 2014      Feb 26, 2014

The horrors fill
Each inch
Of my shaking body
As I think about the future
And how I don't think
I'll be able to make it
That far
Because one after another
My demons
Come to see me
One by one
Like an assembly line
Of my deepest


Find meaning in what you do
rather than what you have.

Value your experiences
because they shape who you are.

Practice patience in all things;
learn, be quiet, and listen.

Appreciate the small joys in life
because they all come to an end.

Seek to make a difference
and don’t expect recognition.

All of us will die
and all we can leave is our impact.

Everything is temporary

#love   #sad   #life   #death  
Hannah Morse
Hannah Morse
Feb 25, 2014

'Look everybody, look at his eye!'
I look, at his face,
his contrived, forlorn expression.
Yet the class sees only the bruising.

'We don't hurt each other like this,
do we?' She looks at me.
Fire clambers up my neck,
pricks my chin and
gathers, finally,
in the balls of my cheeks,
where it blazes.

The mouth-shaped bruise
on my arm tingles,
teeth marks still bloody.
I roll down my sleeve,
too proud
to be considered a grass.

Later, she wants to talk,
but I can't for crying.
And I hate when she tells me,
'Just don't do it again.'

Assembly line humans
Grace Nicole Espinoza

You’re all the same
Assembly line humans
Intentions hidden on
Perfectly designed frames

Street light eyes
To guide me home
Are lit by the fire
Stolen from my soul

All holding smiles
Glinting until they blind
You’re all the same
And you cannot be trusted

Because everyone uses you when it's convenient
bucky barnes
bucky barnes
Feb 5      Feb 6

do i know you from somewhere/you look like someone i used to--/you're alive, and
who are you/sorry, i think i have the wrong number/i've been waiting for you

"shared life experience"

Everything you say
Feels like a cliche
No new things to say
No new places to explore
How much worth
On what has been done before

It feels like small talk
Memorized and rehearsed
An endless curse
Over and over
Until the words
Don't even have any meaning
Saying nothing but screaming

The worst habit to have
Is not being yourself
Trying to fit
A cookie-cutter mold
Always doing what you're told
A forever quest to be
Accepted and respected

The world doesn't have any sympathy for you
Because your problems aren't unique

The only thing unique about you is

Somewhere in the fading echoes
as the daylight slows
my eyes will close
upon this scene
as if I'd never been at all.

On tombstones where names flake away
In year books from a yesterday
perhaps an image will remain
to stain your memory.

What price is it that we must pay?
What fee is due?
When you or I take that last look at the Summer sky
and fly off to one more blind fate
the final unknown unkind blind date
Who will wait to etch our passing in the book of time?
Who will catch the echoes that we leave behind?

And should I care?
I was never born,never lived,didn't die
I was not there
it was not me you saw
soaring free.
It was not me
It couldn't be.
How would I give up that which is given freely?
that which I should love so dearly
and so very nearly,
I begin to see
how it could be me
I could be there
could live and die with no one to care and at the fade out
would I still shout
It was not me?

These questions sent to try me
tire me.
The fire that was me if it ever was me
is now the embers in the grate.
The cold hand of that unkind blind date
is reaching out to me.
It cannot see me shake
nor can it feel as my heart breaks and daylight flakes away
into the coldness of the final night.

It might have been me that you saw soaring free
or in the echoes of light smashing into the ground.
Stick around
I'll let you know
but then one day,like me you'll have to go.
Just so you know
if you're looking
I'll be in the garden smelling of roses.

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