*"Some assembly required my ass!"*
Nick Moser
Nick Moser
Jan 25, 2016

Do you like puzzles?

Because I've got one for you that has over a million pieces.

It's called "My Broken Heart."

And it's guaranteed to have you saying:

"Some assembly required my ass!"

My heart only beats in pieces.
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Aug 27, 2016

Bird call and poet song
short bursts of sound
meet and mingle
become life in motion.
The fields meeting
the sea. Our cathedral.
Our choir assembled.
Freedom ours. Voices
in time and eternity.

Like an assembly line
Feb 24, 2014

The horrors fill
Each inch
Of my shaking body
As I think about the future
And how I don't think
I'll be able to make it
That far
Because one after another
My demons
Come to see me
One by one
Like an assembly line
Of my deepest


Feb 21, 2013

That day the sky shed droplets;
Of throb, ache and grief.

Fallen like bright livid hails;
Everywhere I see.

It gave me scars and bruises;
And cuts not too deep.

I saw the ground beneath me;
Scattered pain unseen.

But I ought to assemble;
What's left to be seen.

Bristles of hurt and sadness;
I leaned to take in.

Dimming all hopes and roses;
All imagined tales.

Assembly line humans
Grace Nicole Espinoza

You’re all the same
Assembly line humans
Intentions hidden on
Perfectly designed frames

Street light eyes
To guide me home
Are lit by the fire
Stolen from my soul

All holding smiles
Glinting until they blind
You’re all the same
And you cannot be trusted

Because everyone uses you when it's convenient
Liis Belle
Liis Belle
Jun 26, 2015

They call your name and everyone cheers
For the amazing two years for which you’ve stayed here
It seems like minutes ago when I first saw your smile
But looking back at it now, it’s been quite a while

The girl in front of me has her camera out
Snapping hundreds of moments to remember about
Me, I capture with my eyes, it’s sweeter that way
Memorizing every piece of you for when you’re away

I had to hold myself back from calling after you
Or at least leaving a note and giving a clue
Would it make you come back if I let you know?
Or would you refuse to think twice and immediately go?

I know what you’d say, that I’d get over you
That sooner or later, I’ll find someone new
But even if I do, and the chances are few
I’d still fondly and lovingly think about you

I’ve got them in my arms: your deep voice, your stance
Your dark hair, your eyes – almost grey at first glance
And now you walk off the stage, so flawless and fine
That’s the last memory of you I’ll have on my mind

Today was the last day I'll ever see you again, and I just hope you know that I noticed you, even when it seemed like I didn't. And I would give up so many things for you to stay, but you can't and you won't and I understand, although my heart is shattering into a million pieces.
I'll be okay and maybe I'll slowly get over you, but if I ever look closely enough, you'll be there, somewhere in my heart, for the rest of my days.
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Feb 5, 2015

do i know you from somewhere/you look like someone i used to--/you're alive, and
who are you/sorry, i think i have the wrong number/i've been waiting for you

"shared life experience"
Feb 17, 2016

All of this requires giving pieces of me away, but

I've got my hands full trying to use them for myself.

Apr 30, 2016

Gallopi­ng Horses,
Insanely Jettisoning,
Killer Landslide,
Maniacally Nebulous Outpourings,
Perceptively Quizzical Rhetoric,
Slumbering Truth Under Veils,
Willfully Xenomorphic Yokeless Zen

Is it DNA?
it looked like a heart undone.
It was like hugging a baby,
Love them all, but trust no one.

You can create various sounds but,
please replace the cover of
The brain-
the organ of the mind.

Half photographic,half drawn,sinking,
One of them died, she was killed
What's he thinking?

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