Emma Watson
Emma Watson
Jul 22, 2016

My heartbeat sending up an erratic hymnal to the hand tightening around my neck: The same hand that grabbed my thigh under the table. Only God saw. The mouth that asked forgiveness on Sundays is on my collarbones in the park after sundown. It still gives me a stomach ache to think about you. Your fingers wrapped carefully around my throat wasn't the reason I couldn't breathe. I miss it already even though in the moment I wished I was anywhere else; my world was closing in again and I felt trapped. It happened on the same bench where I sat alone in grade school and wrote haikus about birds and waterfalls. Something must be wrong with me for thinking you were a blessing that I deserved.

Jun 9, 2016

There was a bird flying above my head the other day.
I apologize for my stories delay.

The sun was out, the skies were blue - only quick glances today would do.
There is just something about birds, the way they cut through the sky.

Ugh. I wish I could fly.

My Grandmother absolutely loved birds - Cardinals specifically.
I have a few on my arm, so she and my Papa will never leave me.

They have been gone for quite a few years now...wow, how time flies.
Writing this is even bringing tears to my eyes.

I think that's why I like birds so much - I imagine they are my Grandparents.
Soaring the sky, exploring the world, checking in on me every now and then.

The year he left us, the Cardinals won the World Series.
The year she left us, the Cardinals lost the World Series.

Good one, Papa - I'm sure Grandma didn't appreciate your joke.

Each time you fly over me it brings a smile to my face and a tear to my eye, knowing you'll fly over me until the day I die.

a cardinal!
Mar 18, 2015


a flash of red
in verdant trees
a cardinal!
within its leaves!

the telltale call
and flirt of tail
announces love
in the plain

gentle nature
touches the pair
to bless my




(c) 3-18-2014

a perfect day in Tucson Arizona!
A cardinal sings-
Brixter Artan Quiel Oliveros

A cardinal sings-
Its own melody drags it down, preventing flight
A bass filled tune that echoes in a cage of bone

Every day it cries
A hot spring that reflects its color
Streaming onto the rest of the massive prison

A grey man
Older than the prison, as old as the cardinal
Asks “Why do you cry in your lonesome, tender bird?"

The cardinal sings-
Its own melody deepens its intake of air
With a bass filled tune it says: “Because I am alone."

Read more of my works on www.brixartanart.tumblr.com
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cardinal's eye
Sean Tierney
Sean Tierney
Aug 31, 2016

how do you
that moment
just before
the crow appears
and you see
for one tiny

the wild
curious look
in the feeding
cardinal's eye
before he
leaves in
a lightning red

I want to
that last bite
of seed
and make it
my prisoner
for all time

#time   #crow   #cardinal  
there are four cardinal directions, N E S W, do not forget abou
AD Mullin
AD Mullin
Sep 27, 2014

You are a leader ship

how I know this?

cause I'm a leader ship too

I can see the sinuous fibre of your very being

take a look

I bet you can see it too

we are borne of the earth and the stars

borne in the wind

there are four cardinal directions, N E S W, do not forget about the intermediary

be an intermediary ~ who wants to be a cardinal?

we need our leader ships following their own true north

2D - 3D -- 4D --- 5D ---------------------------- >

following the wormholes ... the aether

following certain signs and symbols

trust in divine feminine ... .. . .. ... masculine divine in trust
trust in masculine divine ... .. . .. ... divine feminine in trust

" 'It's all this!' He wrapped his finger in his fist; the car hugged the line straight and true." ~ Kerouac

Ship builders choose their timber mindfully
Be mindful with your archetypes, Noah!

Fleshed out 25 September 2014 in High River
Finished and published in Whitehorse ... but always in process ... stories are kinematic

William Anderson
William Anderson
Dec 2, 2016

The Snow spirals down
In millions of crystal particles.
Swooping away from their home that is now a ghost town,
Two red Cardinals.

An inspiration for those who care to see
A simple smudge for those focused on news articles
Flying through the snowy sea,
Two red Cardinals.

Faded tracks of twig-like feet
Left behind on pearl white hills
A lost memory taken by cheat
Two red Cardinals

White cardinal glows,
Ryan Downum
Ryan Downum
Aug 26, 2013

White cardinal glows,
soaring through an overcast sky,
a white lily within the gray clouds,
a white rose in a garden of red.

Scarlet streaks still stain the
coat of white cardinal,
the red smeared like paint on the
white canvas from delicate fingers.

Solace found in winter's breath,
white cardinal's wings beat
to the sound of snowflakes
melting on tree branches.

White cardinal shines silently,
sitting on the branch; a white rose
symbolizing the purity of new souls
and the innocence of a fresh new blanket of snow.

Inspired from this image I found online: http://d24w6bsrhbeh9d.cloudfront.net/photo/a3Y7325_460s.jpg
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