Aug 13, 2014

with a soft flair sweet,
   sublime in dress,
that chains my heart around.
     feet that gracious are abounded
tressed, liked begs from cries
        a blissful wishful sigh,
           in mind's eye.
'tis unfair to leave me
        from your magnificence,
or i will seek.
ever ,
           to be

Three tresses for the Trinity,
Jun 20, 2013

By glance upon the emerald dale
a laird rides 'pon the crest
Grasping in his calloused hand
a Faerie Maiden's tress.

One tress for infinity,
two cut for grace divine.
Three tresses for the Trinity,
and four for wealth of time.
Five beats of a Sparrow's wing,
Gets six maidens pon your perch.
Seven for good luck in life,
Eight for endless mirth.

The pompous laird rode proudly on,
Unwary of a Siren's song.
She led him to the river's edge,
And scalped him come the breaking dawn.

silvery tresses of moonlight cascaded
Elizabeth Squires
Elizabeth Squires
Apr 22, 2013

silvery tresses of moonlight cascaded
down upon the palm tree lined shore
where young couples slowly strolled
taking in the night's ambiance
tarrying on the sea air
an affection wave
played with joy
so sweetly
in their

Zack Phillips
Zack Phillips
Sep 26, 2014

The cross-tressed paintings on the wall
Let light in, but hide it all
Not to short, not too tall
The cross-tressed paintings on the wall

The gilded handle on the door
Will enclose me here no more
An hour long in this bore
The gilded handle on the door

The piercing sunlight through the trees
Doesn't seem to bother me
Now outside, I'm finally free
The piercing sunlight through the trees

you play with your enticing, enchanting tresses.
Aditya Shankar
Aditya Shankar
May 23, 2014

I am the tenderness in your eyes
When I hold your hands in mine.
I am the shiver down my spine
When your soft lips touch my skin.
I am the blush that colours your cheeks
When you smile at me in your special way.
I am the air of mysterious charm you carry
When you play with your enticing, enchanting tresses.
I am the hesitation in your voice
When you voice your deepest desires.
And I am your impulsive smile
When our eyes meet when its least expected.

I am all you are, I am all you feel
And yet, I'm nothing without you.

#love   #i   #poems   #you   #blush   #nothing   #tresses  
in the folds of her tresses
Prabhu Iyer
Prabhu Iyer
Apr 13, 2015

There be some juice. Light, we cannot drink.
Dark our days that trudge on, laden caravan.
There be some song, to the tune of the winds.
Parched, the baked earth thirsting for a caress
wet from the silken lashes of the sky maiden.

Let's talk to her tonight,
the last lotus is in still-bloom
in the folds of her tresses
as she goes about plucking
stars for her worship-basket.
Soon the earth is covered
in the misty offerings to Deities
at the far end of spacetime.

Juice some there be. Drink, we cannot light.
Caravan laden on trudge that days our dark.
The winds of the tune to song some there be.
A caress for thirsting earth the baked, parched
maiden the sky of lashes the silken from wet.

Let there be light, let there be.
Darkness, we have enough.
#dark   #lotus   #light   #tresses   #spacetime  
Stu Harley
Dec 16, 2012

oh weathered
face of time
if the
spirit walked
right through me
the Lord be thine but
let faith heal us
every time
when the trees
are made of gold

Phoebe Hynes
Phoebe Hynes
Dec 12, 2015

I love the way rain looks when it melts the pavement into glass.
All the trees and lights cast back the tangled road.
Looking out the window during a storm
and bringing your eyes from the street
to the window,
all the water droplets move along to their own rhythm like land sperm, ending up a puddle in a stage of full maturity.

#window   #water   #glass   #maturity   #road   #land   #pavement   #sperm   #puddle   #tress  
PK Wakefield
PK Wakefield
Apr 2, 2012

deep with kissing easy trees Spring
wells like blood between the imminent
corpse of day where pennyeyed kittens
and ladybugs mingle with the deliberate
breath of the earth a flower meagerly strives
fragile homely limp and flush Spring languishes
an instant collected warmly into the salient brush
of breasts tingling abruptly pricking a loose cotton
with marble hard nipples round rosey cheecked apple
blossoms in Spring hang briefly like youth without youth
Spring i draw your quivering uglywonderful mouth to my
mouth and creep into your winsome shrill maw my blood

Nov 22, 2014

Even though you’d search six feet under the ground
It’s never deeper than this hole in my heart
You can’t patch this up with stumbling apologies
And misguided avalanche of cracked voice

Where in the forests
You can read the words I etched in every trees you’d walk in
And you’d wonder if ever it’s meant for you
But then I know you’d figure it out, I know you’ll know
It’s meant for you and you alone

You can’t drown yourself on the ocean by falling in
Just because I jump through it like a winged mermaid
They said I could finally breathe after having to swim
But when you told me, “Stay”
Everything went high tide again

So, would you wait for me by the shore?
While I’m away in the vast depth of the ocean
Cascading in the midst of storm every time you try to be my achor
Sailing across the unbeknownst ?

Would you tell me how you loved the whispers and hushes
Of the wind that runs a distant rhythm and the leaves that stutter together?
Wold you go to the north and west where dense forest lie in a valley with mountains
Full of birds mimicking the way you sound when you said my name?

i suck at making titles, really.
#poem   #poetry   #hide   #and   #never   #ocean   #forest   #seas   #seek   #tress  
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