What a secretive jerk!
Shari Forman
Oct 29, 2013

He threw our relationship away,
To get back the life he used to have.
What a secretive jerk!

Nov 18, 2012

and i'd walk through hell just to prove a point
i date a girl for their heart and you try to avoid them,
why do you criticize when you don't even know
that your a poor little boy who harms their souls

Feb 16      Feb 17

I would stand by you if you had a better attitude.
I would love you if you were less shallow.
I would fight for you if you had a fight of your own.
I would listen to your problems
if I already didn’t hear them all.
What I wont do, is change for you.
I wouldn’t let you go without letting you know why.
And normally I wouldn’t ask you to change but I think you suck.

Jan 7

Sometimes when a person is talking to me
And what they're saying is particularly uninteresting
They might get the feeling that I'm not listening
And it's true
Because, mentally, I'm replacing the words they say with a repetition of the phrase:
Validate me!
Validate me!
Would you date me?
Masturbate me?
Won't you please?
Will you maybe?
And I stare back at them, stone-faced, while thinking:

Lorenzo Dobson
Lorenzo Dobson
Sep 29, 2012

She invited me into her home
I entered
I didn't wipe my feet
I didn't bother to take my shoes off
I left footprints all over her floor
I raided her refrigerator and her snack cabinet
I sat on her couch
I laid in her bed
I showered
I used her towel to wipe me clean
I put my clothes on
I left without saying thank you

Lately, as I settle down
on my elevated bed,
ready to sleep
and wake up revived,

t houghts of you
h ave soaked my mind
l ike a flannel
u nder the hot water tap.

T  his is unorthodox,
n  ormally it's her
w  ho stalks my visions
s  o why you,

w   hy now?
I   s this one of those things
t   hat's supposed to tell me
'   Look 'ere mate,

i    t's a sign you're movin' on?'
B    ut to this person?
G    ive over.
A    bit odd in my opinion,

b     ut she's not like the others,
t     hey're all shacked up
f     or the rest of their lives.
P     art of me shrieks no,

s      he can never know
a      nd the other part whispers
j      ust go ahead,
s      ee where it takes you.

Eyes open.
Oh, I was dreaming.
Jerked awake.
Choice to make.

Written: June 2012.
Explanation: Not my best - a poem written in my own time. The title refers not only to the jerk that people can experience as they fall asleep, but also to the way the text 'jerks' further right as the poem goes on.
Shaine Frazier
Shaine Frazier
Oct 8, 2013      Oct 9, 2013

Tell another excuse
and another excuse
and another excuse
tell her she got you confused; tear her heart to pieces
at least thats the best you could do since it's not literal don't take it so literal litter on her liver, you recycling your old lies lead her from reality and family
her old life
lead her to commitment to addiction or the matrix a false sense of presence and connection in your own life
never gave her a chance
never holding her hand
she always made the advance.
Baby not in public.
She said I'm tired of texting first I'm never on your mind as far as I'm concerned I'm in a hearse you never gave me life
but I bought her these jewels
but I bought her those shoes
but I love when she nude baby he love when you're nude
you know she don't deserve this you always take her gold
forehead kiss
eases pain as she remain your victim

© 2013 by S Fraz All rights reserved. No part of this document may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without prior written permission of S Fraz
John Snow
John Snow
Dec 1, 2011

Because there is an opening
fire all over your body
the tight space in your pants
being its nexus.

Skye Applebome
Skye Applebome
Jun 21, 2013

I am your enemy, your "victim."
The ice to your fire, the paper to your scissors,
the blue to your orange.

The point is, I hate you, in case you haven't noticed.
So leave me alone.

Seriously, I cannot take your harsh words anymore.
Go bully someone else.

To this guy who won't leave me alone, even though I expected the summer to be a break from people like him. :/
jerk me around
Sep 9, 2013

jerk me around
just throw my life upside down
everyone else does
don't ask me why it, its just cause

what the hell man
spin me around more,
let me look like a fan
i keep heading for the door

but get sucked back in
by you and your bullshit
by you and my "friend"
and friends, i'd rather be hit

in the face with a chair
i am am yelling at the sky
ripping out my hair
sometimes i just want to die

jerk me around
just throw my life upside down
everyone else does
don't ask me why it, its just cause

you drive me insane
you can't make up your mind
i want some stability, not this pain
but this topsy tervy bull crap is all i can find

everyone make up you mind and pick
should i stay or should i go
should i leave or stick
around, man i don't know

jerk me around
just throw my life upside down
everyone else does
don't ask me why it, its just cause

i wish i could find someone to provide me some dang stability
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