To be a **jerk**
Clarissa Wright
Oct 16, 2014

Seeing you drives me crazy
I can’t stand being in the same building as you
Let alone standing near you
You’re condescending
And you could use help in the anger management department

You’re so nice to me
So gentle
You must think I’m a damned fool

I’ve seen you hit and punch and scream
When we were 12,
You pinned someone to a wall
I think he said something racist
But that doesn’t really give you the right
To be a jerk

I hate feeling this way about you
I don’t want to like you
You’re so nice to me,
But you’re so terrifying to be around
Watching you is like watching a soldier
Who doesn’t know the war is over

I feel like I’m trapped in a war zone
Fighting with myself
Tearing my gaze away from you
Whenever people catch me staring
I feel like I’ll die because of the shame

You’re a jerk
 I love you
I hate it

ahahah I hate having feelings sometimes
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From the pain you know what rises
from rejection my eyes disguise it
a trick to continue to live
without you, I'm about to give

give up what wasn't mine
crying loud you're not so fine
you're disgusting in a way
you just make me go away

my tears just made a puddle
those tricks, so subtle
you're not worth it, you're crazy
you are terrible, and I'm amazing

I hope you learn the lesson from now on
You can come, but I'll move on
I just want to try and manipulate you
to show you how bad is to be screwed too

#sad   #pain   #terrible   #cry   #suffering   #mad   #jerk   #disgusting   #manipulate   #played  
damsel in distress
damsel in distress
Jun 28      Jun 28

You have no right to say that I am yours
When you are never been mine

You have no right to say that I am head over heels for you
When I never said I love you

You have no right to hurt me and make me jealous with your new girl
Because I never loved you

But the truth is, you have all the right in the world
I am yours since the day my heart beated for you but I guess yours did not beated the same
I never said I love you because i never had a chance
Suddenly, you left without a word
Without a last goodbye
I never loved you because I still do

Now, tell me if i deserve this kind of treatment
When all i did is to love you

I hate you!
#love   #broken   #sad   #depression   #hatred   #pain   #regrets   #jerk   #message   #assuming  
What a secretive jerk!
Shari Forman
Shari Forman
Oct 29, 2013

He threw our relationship away,
To get back the life he used to have.
What a secretive jerk!

i am now the jerk
Marie Belle

i am now the jerk
not speaking to him
acknowledging him
or giving the slightest hint

i do this because
i am scared
for people to find out...


i want to talk to him
i want to be friends with him
maybe even more

so i need to stop
being a jerk

because the first step of friendship

is saying hello

i need to talk to him
Nov 18, 2012

and i'd walk through hell just to prove a point
i date a girl for their heart and you try to avoid them,
why do you criticize when you don't even know
that your a poor little boy who harms their souls

Feb 16, 2014      Feb 17, 2014

I would stand by you if you had a better attitude.
I would love you if you were less shallow.
I would fight for you if you had a fight of your own.
I would listen to your problems
if I already didn’t hear them all.
What I wont do, is change for you.
I wouldn’t let you go without letting you know why.
And normally I wouldn’t ask you to change but I think you suck.

Jan 7, 2014

Sometimes when a person is talking to me
And what they're saying is particularly uninteresting
They might get the feeling that I'm not listening
And it's true
Because, mentally, I'm replacing the words they say with a repetition of the phrase:
Validate me!
Validate me!
Would you date me?
Masturbate me?
Won't you please?
Will you maybe?
And I stare back at them, stone-faced, while thinking:

you know what, screw you! screw you for being so arrogant and full of yourself, you don’t even get to see how much you hurt me! screw you for not caring, screw you for not running after me… screw you for letting me leave. screw you for making me feel this way.

you were the only person who mattered, but that don’t mean a thing now. not anymore. so screw you.

screw you for making me want you so bad, for making me love you with all that I got. screw you for making me laugh, screw you for making cry. screw you for bringing all these pain! screw you for lying! screw you for cheating! screw you!

you came with the promise of forever, but that don’t mean a thing now. not anymore. so screw you.

screw your eyes for being so beautiful…
screw you and your smile, damn it looks so wonderful…
screw your voice, screw your laugh…
screw you, screw you, screw you!

screw you, screw this!
screw you for the pain
screw you, will I ever get back up again?

and screw me for loving you still.

#love   #lies   #pain   #lie   #jerk  
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