Herr Kiffer
Herr Kiffer
Aug 20, 2014

We are polar opposites
We are different
Now think about this
Don't opposites attract?

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Audrey Lucille
Audrey Lucille
Sep 2, 2014

I am
In love
One who

Jun 22, 2014      Jun 22, 2014

No man
Can plug holes
In this dyke

#gay   #men   #lesbian   #opposite  
the complete opposite
Alex Hedly
Alex Hedly
May 10, 2014

I am extraordinarily unextraordinary
but the way he looked at me
made me feel
the complete opposite

sarah J
sarah J
Aug 25, 2013

You see,
Death likes flowers and heaven houses serpents
As if to be advertising competition.
You give your gifts of rage through anger
And breathe morning mist,
As time runs out and regret fills up
And you wonder why your here
Because you can't think of one reason let alone ten
This treasured time being one more multiple choice section on an open note test,
And there's a 50/50 chance of winning
But one 50 just got shot
And the other one just dropped the gun.
Leaning over the dead body
There's a 50/50 chance he cried
But maybe he just died too.
Floating in the ocean, but not on it.
Because if your on it you can fall off,
And I guess if you in it you can drop out, too.
But you can't get out if your lungs are filled with water and your fingers are chilled.
Flowers grow and mountains tower,
And they tell me to build my life around my past,
But my past is broken like a mirror shattered on a bathroom floor.
I'd like help picking up the pieces,
But you're not coming back.

Christos Rigakos
Christos Rigakos
Oct 17, 2012

the cemetery
echoes over headstones
children's peek-a-boo

(C)2012, Christos Rigakos

Sep 16, 2014      Sep 18, 2014

I hate it how
whenever you need me
I’m there
I won’t ever let you down
But every time
that I’m in need
in need of talking to you
it’s like I don’t exist
not before your problems occur
again I’m there
my world is crashing down
you still don’t see me
you still don’t hear me
you’re simply not there
but I always am


Matthew Walker
Matthew Walker
Aug 21, 2013

Life is not what I thought,
Nothing is as it seemed,
I thought I knew
Thought I had it figured out.

But now,
It’s like I’ve been kicked to the ground.

The friends I thought I had,
The God I thought I knew,
The answers I once had,
They’ve abandoned me.

They’ve left me,
Bitterly alone.

I’m not sure what to do,
Seek God where I am?
Or run away to find something new?

All I want,
Is to know truth,
I don’t care about anything else,
I just don’t want to be confused.

Where is peace in this world of pain?

However, I can assure you it's all the opposite
Dec 11, 2014

You think I don't want you,
you think I'm not interested
You hear the snappy comments
You must think I hate you
However, I can assure you it's all the opposite

I'm having a rough day, sorry for snapping
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