Feb 17, 2015

They say I suck at writing,
They say I suck at grammar,
They say I made syntax errors,
They say I made orthographic errors...

They say you are not good enough to express yourself,
They say learn English, you first grader..

They say I am too bad at everything,
That means  I am too bad even at expressing myself..

They say you are good for nothing...
Ah they are my real peers!

And with a different teaching style

I love the people who love cursing me for my good, and I promise I would show them that I am worth their anger - I would improve my English soon. :-)
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Simple yet delicate findings come to mirror my emotions (m)

I have half a notion to hide from them, like I do my reflection (n)

The coarse expectations from peers leave me drowning (m)

And I know I can't go around allowing them to control me (n)

If I walk the path that isn't made for me then there is no light that dwells in the dim tunnel

and the trouble is ,my tunnel is supposed to end with you, You're supposed to be the light that shines on me and right on through . I'll be the prism of colors you yearn for when depression hovers over you

Just a Vegas city boy

And a Kansas city girl

Sometimes they are never home

And Sometimes it makes me feel like an unopened expired bag of M&N;'s

© copyright Matthew Marvier Donald & Nicole Osborn
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If ya' can handle the pier pressure,
do whatever floats yer boat
and there'll be clear sailing ahead.

But, if ya can't,
you'll sink faster than a biscuit
at an all-you-can-eat buffet.

I love painting new colorful Southern expressions with a pallet of words. Correction - a palette of words not a pallet. I still had shipping my mind.
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Apr 6, 2015

No more years.
To cry those  tears.
No more beers
To drowned  my Fears.
Its time to kick it into gear.
Now say cheers.
With  your fellow peers.

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Jul 1, 2015

Child abuse!
Child abuse!
What kind of a monster are you?

Children all over the world are being abused.
They are abused at home by their parents,
At school by their teachers,
And as they play with thier peers.
They suffer from the East, North, West and South.

What then should be done to make an end to this problem?
Parents, teacher and friends,
Lets all think about this problem,
Lets all try to make an end to it.


A little visit back into the hands of time, the first poem i ever knew and presented during the age of 9 on the year 2009 and i still remember it word for word.
with peer pressure
the white deer
the white deer
May 4, 2014

say what's in this drink?
coz I don't really think
that that's such a good plan...

you know how I am
with peer pressure

and the shapes that you make with your lips
are all the most convincing kinds.

snatch has no peer, the python
Deadwood Haiku
Deadwood Haiku
Jun 7, 2015

the chinawoman's
snatch has no peer, the python
its only rival

cy tolliver
when i peer into the
noa harriott
noa harriott
Jul 15, 2013

when i peer into the
deep dark lake.

i wonder at the waves
the shadow-flickers
and the shafts of sunlight which
never seem to pierce very deep...

and urges to dive
to fall and swim
and to know the very unknowable
reaches of the silvery bed,

(c) noa harriott
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