I'd rather shine and sparkle in the shallow
   Depths of a pretty fountain
Than blindly swim an ocean dark and hollow—
   Or climb a rocky mountain.

Conor Letham
Conor Letham
Apr 20, 2014      Apr 20, 2014

Coming home from a fair,
cusped between your lap
a globe of darting eyes,
your hands rested atop
the thin film of a world
as you endlessly peer in.
Are you scrying over
your future career?

Here a tungsten bulbous
body, a chunk of flame,
swills itself in spins
and mindless dances,
as you think you could
be so careless like them
to live hazily in a framed
bubble of treasured youth,

fed by some divine fate
looking over you. Golden
scales make your skin,
binds you as if you were
a chocolate in a wrapper
for people to circus over–
every flicker being edible.
Or maybe you're like

those tinned peach slices,
posing in a cage for all  
as a marvel to feast with
until you end up rotting,
there in your tomb-space,
muttering an open mouth,
“help me” before they serve
you up on a silver-lined dish.

I assure you, you'll forget
these childish thoughts
of aspirations and dreams
sooner than you think:
no matter how much
you think they want you,
I'll bet they'll let yourself
drown in coming weeks.

This one's a long one, and I apologise in advance for the kind of depressing topic.
What went from the subject of children getting goldfish from a fair (that, as everyone knows, don't last very long) became a critique about the aspect of female sexualization that some girls may grow up to want to employ the use of.
Feb 16

Frisky, little, swimmer
danceful wiggle dips

Yellowy, orange, shimmer
puckering fishy lips

Thoughtful, quiet, feller
never any yips  

Lonely, curious, critter  
Got any life tips?

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May 26

Stay away from me
Stay away

You can’t control me
No, you can’t

I’ll paint this world with my favorite colors
I’ll hanging in the sky and laugh at you

Pathetic liars

Apr 24

seperti kamar yang kamu tinggali...
seperti ruangan yang menjadi sejarah kita...
terbuka, tanpa sekat, tanpa jendela....

kamu dingin
tapi dalam pelukmu aku merasa hangat...
angin kencang atau hujan gerimis....
mana kamu peduli...
kamu bilang, "asal kamu disini, semua menjadi hangat"

kenapa kita berbeda?
kenapa ruanganmu lebih besar?
bukankah kita saudara?
bukankah aku adik terbaikmu?
lalu, kenapa aku tidak ingat masa kecilku disini?

ya, lagipula...
semua itu hanya mimpi...

Apr 23      Apr 25

I’ve been awake for a long time…
I’m in my white long shirt… walking to the deep forest…

They’re dancing… — the trees, winds, clouds

well, I’m just passing by…

winds blows but- there- I saw someone…

he’s just like me.. but in male version…

“What’s your name?”
what’s yours?


“Are we twins?”
he just smile…


is this a lie?

he fly… — he’s a ghost

are you scared?

he’s flying around… and I’m just following him… turn around in circle…


“Because you’re my twin”

Similar a goldfish
Emma Fay
Emma Fay
Dec 13, 2014

The presence you hold in my heart will forever be sewn of silver and gold.
At the draw of s string
It all will unfold.
For you my dear.
All for you.

For you my dear
Open the screens and the gears.
All for you.
The pumps
The tanks
The engine
All thud in unison.
You perceive a beautiful melody.
I block out shreiks and creeks.

Circling the heart
Similar to a stray dog fight or a used car dealer.
Are you a man or a mouse?
From which did this come out?

So treat it like another plaything.
Similar a goldfish

Ivory scars line her chest
Sharp stings when touched
Sharp stings when untouched.

To think...your heart a goldfish?

I'm sorry for my mistreatment of you :/
ct me from my head, swimming with scaly goldfish.
Joshua Hernandez
Joshua Hernandez
Aug 6, 2011

The blood flowing through my heart tickles as I lay in bed.
I have one wish: to protect me from my head, swimming with scaly goldfish.
I think, I thought, I remember.
All of this happens as I lay and ponder.
As I lay and rest, with this tiny goldfish tickle in my chest.

Oct 21, 2012      Oct 21, 2012

there were two deaths
a)  a light bulb b)  Gatsby
Floyd had sent a mass email:
         New medium folks, send me any dead light bulbs.

the glass browned indicating the tungsten
filament evaporated, I put it in a plastic bag
Gatsby's was an easy autopsy
He was found in the tank's electronic filter
His eyes still wide
floating belly up in my toilet bowl
I took some petals from a potted daffodil
sprinkled them over him

I hadn't slept in three days
with both hands against the tiled wall,
I looked down into
the shower drain wanting
to slip inside it

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