Feb 16, 2015

Frisky, little, swimmer
danceful wiggle dips

Yellowy, orange, shimmer
puckering fishy lips

Thoughtful, quiet, feller
never any yips  

Lonely, curious, critter  
Got any life tips?

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I have a goldfish called Fred
Chris Neilson
Chris Neilson
May 4, 2016

I have a goldfish called Fred
he's 12 years old
larger than he was
he features in my REM
that's Rapid Eye Movement
not Rapid Ear Movement
as a colleague once told me

I returned home
to find his tank had considerably grown
so had Fred
the next day he grew again
so did the tank
this continued
for several days

One day, he escaped from his watery home
the size of a sea lion
he'd also grown legs
I tried to catch him
he ran around my living room
flapping his flippers
with me in my slippers

I left him to it
I watched the TV for a while
then I switched the TV on
I turned around and Fred was gone
a gold sea lion with legs on the loose
my REM slowed then stopped
my eyes opened
I must tell Fred
he's a talented fish

I do enjoy my vivid dream sleeps
#dream   #sleep   #rem   #goldfish   #sealion  
Conor Letham
Conor Letham
Apr 20, 2014

Coming home from a fair,
cusped between your lap
a globe of darting eyes,
your hands rested atop
the thin film of a world
as you endlessly peer in.
Are you scrying over
your future career?

Here a tungsten bulbous
body, a chunk of flame,
swills itself in spins
and mindless dances,
as you think you could
be so careless like them
to live hazily in a framed
bubble of treasured youth,

fed by some divine fate
looking over you. Golden
scales make your skin,
binds you as if you were
a chocolate in a wrapper
for people to circus over–
every flicker being edible.
Or maybe you're like

those tinned peach slices,
posing in a cage for all  
as a marvel to feast with
until you end up rotting,
there in your tomb-space,
muttering an open mouth,
“help me” before they serve
you up on a silver-lined dish.

I assure you, you'll forget
these childish thoughts
of aspirations and dreams
sooner than you think:
no matter how much
you think they want you,
I'll bet they'll let yourself
drown in coming weeks.

This one's a long one, and I apologise in advance for the kind of depressing topic.
What went from the subject of children getting goldfish from a fair (that, as everyone knows, don't last very long) became a critique about the aspect of female sexualization that some girls may grow up to want to employ the use of.
Knit Personality
Knit Personality
Jan 27, 2015

I'd rather shine and sparkle in the shallow
   Depths of a pretty fountain
Than wearily swim an ocean dark and hollow—
   Or climb a rocky mountain.

little goldfish, you are so small
Amber S
Amber S
Oct 17, 2011

little goldfish, you are so small
one tiny piece. in this gigantic place.
little goldfish, you swim in the same circles.
never going anywhere.
little goldfish, why do you stare?
your large eyes
empty. drowning.
little goldfish, you rise to the top
only to find it hard to breathe.
little goldfish, you swim
to find there is nothing
vast nothingness.
water. just water.
little goldfish, does it scare you?
little goldfish, i wish i could take
your bowl and throw you into
the river.
i wish i could throw you on land
and watch you fade.
little goldfish, your suffering would end.

little goldfish,
where is your mind?

ct me from my head, swimming with scaly goldfish.
Joshua Hernandez
Joshua Hernandez
Aug 6, 2011

The blood flowing through my heart tickles as I lay in bed.
I have one wish: to protect me from my head, swimming with scaly goldfish.
I think, I thought, I remember.
All of this happens as I lay and ponder.
As I lay and rest, with this tiny goldfish tickle in my chest.

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