Andrew Name
Andrew Name
Apr 29, 2015

rain dogs
lightn bolts
wet shirt
at forty five

pants soak
holes float
aflush with road
abig like sky

black chai
death sticks
all sunk
I hated it dry

forty five: degrees
#hate   #death   #rain   #dry   #tea   #wet   #go-go   #sunk   #chai   #tutun  
May 19, 2014

you are the dust in my veins
bring me the chaos in my head
gives me an arctic sense in my hand
and all of the dead stars
are staring at me,
the blue soul with empty eyes
telling me it is the time
to let you fly
across the universe
and to let you go
from the room in my little heart

#go   #letgo  
Jun 23, 2014

this is the last time
i will not write about you
anymore good bye

#go   #short   #haiku   #not   #this   #anymore   #to   #letting   #overthink   #going  
Buddy T
Buddy T
Dec 29, 2016

please hold me closer
before you let go
let me in your world

so far away
but i can reach up and grab you
paper that can crumble

let me inside your world
only for a few days
a few minutes

a second goes by
you take me
i'm gone

if you will
let me do it again

could I stay a bit longer
Oct 22, 2016

If you're not here to stay,
Then you're here to cause pain,
And if you're here to hurt me,
Then you can get up and go.

If you're not here to stay
Then you're here to go,
And if you're here to go,
Get up and leave.

But if you're here to stay,
Then take my hand
And take me away
Take me away
If you're here to stay.

If you're here to stay,
Let's find a way
To love the night away.

If you're here to stay.

(If you're here to stay,
And I know you are,
Then love me that way you do,
And I'll be glad
To stay here with you.)

Twelve. Days. They need to go faster.
#love   #go   #stay   #spokenword   #freeverse  
gray rain
gray rain
Apr 27, 2016

If you're letting go
you don't need me

If you're letting go
I won't stop you
not that you want me to

if you're letting go
You've been stuck waiting here too long

#go   #leave   #moveon  
Jul 12, 2014

maybe it's time for me to go


maybe it's time to let it go

Nov. 15
#go   #time   #leave   #you   #maybe   #leaveyou  
Donna Bella
Donna Bella
Aug 20, 2014

The sooner I go
The sooner I know
I know it's time for me to go

#love   #go   #life   #death  
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