Frank Ruland
Frank Ruland
Aug 23, 2014

God damn,
cannot see through
bloodshot eyes.

Slurred words;
six-shot silvers
on my sides.

Got spiders
in my brain
waiting for
it to rain.

Slo-mo vibes
room spinning
Charlie Sheen cheers,
"I'm winning."

All my friends
dead in the head
soon I'll join them
in the red.

Drunken venom
in my veins
helps me stay
crazy sane.

#drunk   #pain   #alcohol   #memories   #angst   #rant   #winning   #venom   #hypnotize   #hypnotized  
Atul Kaushal
Atul Kaushal
Jun 13, 2016

Your blue eyes,
Me they hypnotize.

Hair so dense and dark,
Lost within them is an ark.

This one is for my Facebook friend Luna.

My HP Poem #1088
©Atul Kaushal
#eyes   #lost   #dark   #blue   #hair   #ark   #dense   #hypnotize  
Amitav Radiance
Amitav Radiance
Jan 10, 2015

The night’s beauty
Gorgeous as silver
Dipped in dew
Misty veil
Ripped apart
Elegant beauty
Why care?
In a stupor
Immersed in beauty
Lazy elegance
You surrender

Hypnotic days
Feb 26, 2016

Hypnotic days
hypnotic nights
our bodies have burnt
all clothes
and several lives

we are
as hungry as the world
as old
as young

our bodies
two motionless stones
in a mountain river

Ioana Ieronim, from The Lens of a Flame

a repost from one of my favourite poets, I accidentally deleted it
AD Fox Spirit
AD Fox Spirit
Sep 21, 2016

Let me pull you back into me arms,
Let me breath in your perfume;
I want to always remember your scent,
So I am able to last the day without you.

I know I seem so clinging,
But I simply can't live without you.

Your eye's and lips,
They have this softness that Hypnotizes me.
Your hair and skin is like silk,
I am allured by them;
Making me want to reason out and touch.

Your words they are like witchcraft,
The keep me on the edge and in a trance.

Oh my dear can't you see,
I am under your enchanting spell,
I shall always be Hypnotized by you and the way you are.

#love   #desire   #spell   #silk   #hypnotized   #echanted  

A peaceful man in a belligerent nation
Delivering messages of hope station to station
Through words of power and words of encouragement
Supplying the spiritually needy with nourishment
Don't stop, because this place needs an uprising
Creativity is dead and authority is hypnotizing

;      swaying hypnotic,
May 17, 2016

Your words of tender, mellow slur
are furls and wisps of thin, streaming clouds;
       dancing ecstatic,
       swaying hypnotic,
       sailing on the somber oceans of the wind--
then nestling as mist
   at the doors of these still lake lips of mine,
   hankering to swallow and wallow the low-resting, quiet, ambrosial fog.

#love   #desire   #talk   #lake   #ocean   #small   #converse   #ecstacy   #hypnotize   #enchant  
Autumn Ann
Autumn Ann
Mar 12, 2014

I can't let it go
It consumes me

Your face, your voice
Your hands, your skin

I fell in love with you
Your everything

And I won't let go
I can't let go

I am completely and utterly
Hypnotized By You

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