John F McCullagh
John F McCullagh
Aug 17, 2014

Look into her eyes where kindness keeps
Or else a jealous dragon sleeps
Her eyes will tell if she’s true and fair.
Are you saved or dammed? The answer’s there.
Her words may dissemble and lips oft lie.
Those curves may distract as does her smile.
No, her eyes are where true beauty lies.
The sooner you learn this the sooner you’re wise.

One hypnotic beauty filled with instant attraction.
jeffrey conyers

Them lips.
Them eyes.
Various hypnotics parts that guys notice close or far apart.

Them hands.
Them legs.
Parts pf you that makes men notice.

Oh, you're not meat to eat.
Or anything like that.
But you have the  ingredient to make men want a sandwich.

You the one thing that men loves.
One hypnotic beauty filled with instant attraction.

Any beauty contest that you might enter.
Will instantly be won by you.
And in this case, i'm anointed winner.

eileen mcgreevy
eileen mcgreevy
Oct 29, 2009

Entranced in him, i gave him the power,
His touches made me wilt like a flower,
I felt the puncture on my flesh,
He licked his lips and drank the rest.

The climax made my body rise,
He had me mercilessly hypnotised,
Surrender never felt so good,
As he made love, as only he could.

Intense and hard, our lust went on,
All night we fused until the dawn.
The sunlight called a halt to lust,
For him to feed again at dusk.

Selim Ready
Selim Ready
Dec 29, 2013      Jan 1, 2014

Memorized by a vacant lot. At the edge of an abyss. Darkness is solitude. Solitude for a crowded my mind. There is no break for a mind. Constantly crunching away at what is reality. The concept of nothingness makes the mind clock overtime. Are we creatures of logical limitless. Or finite beings who cant grasp that nothing is infinite. We are here to observe. To learn. To yearn. In search of a purpose. In search of anything that keeps us from thinking we are worthless. We are creators. We are makers. We are breakers. We are fakers. We are individuals. We are imitators. I am you and you are me. One in the same. On an even plane.. on a round earth. We are haters. We are lovers. We are creatures of similarity. We are creatures of contrast. Idiosyncratic nuances that make us a so far apart but so alike. The performer with a mic. The crazy man on a soap box. The angry in jail. The stoners in a hotbox. The gated community members. And the thieves breaking pad locks. The rich and the poor. The nun and the whore. The killer and the doctor. The lover and the boxer. All so far apart yet always united with a common theme. One in the same. He is her and she is him. Cell by cell. Limb by limb. United until every atom that we were connected through is torn away into nothingness. Vacant lots at the edge of an abyss.

Stephen Parker
Sep 15, 2011

Day's end, sun's caisson doth wend
Residual rays a respite to append
Twilight's shroud dreary dividend
Swirls of gray into firmament blend

Vestments of light shed sacral veil
Luna's naked, pale orb flashes its spell
Twinkling sprites across dark tides sail
Constellation's mystical portents braille

Nyx, Erebos eclipse Hemera's blithe melody with bass duet 
Earth's warmed bed yields its thermal blanket
Ocean tides move in rhythmic tandem to cadence of lunar clarinet
Swarming shadows stalk each footstep paring each dark secret

   Greek gods
Nyx: goddess of Night
Erebos: goddess of Darkness
Hemera: goddess of Day

Cara Keyser
Cara Keyser
Dec 4, 2012

There is a sweet, sticky taste in my dry mouth,

And there is a banging ache in the low, buzzing back of my brain,

And there is a stiffness in my flexed neck,

And a low-lying clamminess hovering on my skin.

And I cannot help but hearken to a
Nonexistent music,
As it beats a feverish swirl
On every inch of yielding bone.

And I feel the clasping grasping
Of a person irresistible
Whose smiling face I shall not ever see.

And yet I see his dark blue misting coattails,

As he stomps me to the music,
As he twirls me through the bursting.
And the dark blue misting coattails,
Twine around us, ever, ever,

Looking all the world as if they bind us,

Knotted strings,


The night’s beauty
Gorgeous as silver
Dipped in dew
Misty veil
Ripped apart
Elegant beauty
Why care?
In a stupor
Immersed in beauty
Lazy elegance
You surrender

We cannot share an American Dream
in a nation inhabited by insomniacs.

of this hypnotic, starry world.
Noah A Baker
Noah A Baker
Apr 17, 2014      Apr 17, 2014

See, it’s more of a… hypnosis,
A deep slumber of an everlasting fantasy. Trust me, I love it.
Like a whisk into a different parallel world
Filled with flashing colors that swirl and twirl, in fact,
kind of similar to a dress on a ballroom floor.
Not just any ballroom floor though.
No, this, like Van Gogh’s Starry Night
a masterpiece that cannot be replicated,
and to step foot on it is one of careful deep sea excitement
I wish to step there.

However, I am a tad ungraceful
and my feet are about as elegant as a scuba diver’s flippers.
So I might just impersonate one
and dive deep into the sea of the unknown and secret homes
hoping it delivers an innate whisper of the anticipation, the excitement
of this hypnotic, starry world.

Deeper I go, into this never ending oceanic abyss
With the darkness just as tongue twisting as it gets
Looking for something, anything,
to salvage my reason for going this deep, this late,
Because I have a tendency to procrastinate about the tasks most essential to my fate.

But, if you want, you can accompany me
and we can scuba dive together
into the deep sea of the not yet discovered and shining beacons of wonder
And if we’re lucky, we might find the lost city of Atlantis.
And while we’re there we can search and search for the spoils and riches of the hidden majesty
and wouldn't it be just lovely if we find a treasure chest, something?
With an eye for design we can admire it’s beauty
but we have to open it
because that’s the secret in the treasure.
To open it.
And the contents are the spoils.
Open it.

#unknown   #darkness   #night   #treasure   #wonder   #ocean   #sea   #deep   #open   #chest   #deeper   #spoils   #atlantis   #van   #gogh   #starry   #hypnotic  

Do reading books in braille make blind people fall asleep?

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