Frank Ruland
Frank Ruland
Aug 23, 2014

God damn,
cannot see through
bloodshot eyes.

Slurred words;
six-shot silvers
on my sides.

Got spiders
in my brain
waiting for
it to rain.

Slo-mo vibes
room spinning
Charlie Sheen cheers,
"I'm winning."

All my friends
dead in the head
soon I'll join them
in the red.

Drunken venom
in my veins
helps me stay
crazy sane.

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Amitav Radiance
Amitav Radiance
Jan 10, 2015

The night’s beauty
Gorgeous as silver
Dipped in dew
Misty veil
Ripped apart
Elegant beauty
Why care?
In a stupor
Immersed in beauty
Lazy elegance
You surrender

A peaceful man in a belligerent nation
Delivering messages of hope station to station
Through words of power and words of encouragement
Supplying the spiritually needy with nourishment
Don't stop, because this place needs an uprising
Creativity is dead and authority is hypnotizing

Autumn Ann
Autumn Ann
Mar 12, 2014

I can't let it go
It consumes me

Your face, your voice
Your hands, your skin

I fell in love with you
Your everything

And I won't let go
I can't let go

I am completely and utterly
Hypnotized By You

One hypnotic beauty filled with instant attraction.
jeffrey conyers
jeffrey conyers
Feb 12, 2015

Them lips.
Them eyes.
Various hypnotics parts that guys notice close or far apart.

Them hands.
Them legs.
Parts pf you that makes men notice.

Oh, you're not meat to eat.
Or anything like that.
But you have the  ingredient to make men want a sandwich.

You the one thing that men loves.
One hypnotic beauty filled with instant attraction.

Any beauty contest that you might enter.
Will instantly be won by you.
And in this case, i'm anointed winner.

We cannot share an American Dream
in a nation inhabited by insomniacs.

Unstoppable and hypnotic
Sarah Kersey
Sarah Kersey
Sep 11, 2015

I think if you were cremated right here and now, your ashes would burst into flames
You are like wildfire
Unstoppable and hypnotic
My lungs pour out smoke as your eyes light up when the sun goes down
Your temper is like a flare gun against the red of the sky
Fading faster than I am
I make you sound like a crime scene
but you are so much more
You are interlaced fingers as the lights chase us out of town
When I look at you, I see the hue of police sirens
The burning fire of the strands that erupt out of your skull contrast with the pharmaceutical waves of your eyes
The essence of you narcotizes my system

A piece I wrote for a friend's video project that I'm actually quite fond of.

I will love you so fiercely
that the sun's love shall never again feel the same
nor hold you hypnotized in its beauty.

I will drill my way
to your heart
though it may be a tedious task.

I will peel you
layer by layer by layer
until all that is left of you
are your organs and your soul.


Once I too am inevitably consumed
by the tide of this ordinary life.

If I have not sucked
the life
out of you
in an attempt to show you how strong my love is,

And if you happen to outrun this love of mine:

Play hopscotch
on my tombstone
and pour tea parties in the graveyard
in my memory.

I promise to attend.

#love   #poem   #sun   #morbid   #party   #sea   #tea   #erosion   #hypnotized   #teaparty  
Brooklyn Brooks
Brooklyn Brooks
Oct 1, 2014

Maybe these voices I am hearing are what I should be listening
They may be telling me
not to be hypnotized by possibilities
blinded by these ashes
Deafened by explosions of passions
Does it even matter
How it is what ever I look for
That is happening all around  
"I" is only the first letter of this Illusion.

In a nowhere flat, wishing nothing - ‘cept release
Release from mind - release from nothing -
Everywhere release, in nowhere fashion -
Lame tame nobodies doing nothing all the time
Lax time in tame eyes - everybody is hypnotized -
From above, the name of God - and cross nothing -
Everybody is hypnotized, with screens - glasses
Brought forth from nowhere, in nowhere time
Time time, lame time speaking sinful prayer
Asking for nothing, not revenge, not salvation,
Not a thing that nowhere nothing could bring in mirrors
Everybody is hypnotized and words are useless to use
When in time for becoming mirror - because everybody
is hypnotized - clouded eyes - got a fear of time, running out
South northerns aching for nobody except birds,
Birds don’t have feelings until they die - because they fly -
They’re not hypnotized like Man, or slaves like legs -
They’re bound to the sky in subject chance - it’s nothing
It’s nothing - they scatter when winds blow - within time
Within time, without time - inside nothing nowhere,
In a nowhere flat, sad without sadness and searching for nothing
Nowhere time anyhow - everywhere - it’s nothing
Time is nothing - and everybody is hypnotized

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