May 2, 2015

you can't spell execute without cute,
Slaughter without laughter,
Kill without i'll,
melt without me,

But you can spell love without "u",
spell friendship without "u",
Savior without "u",
and salvation without "u",

Don't come trying to save me.

Christina Brobston
Christina Brobston
May 31, 2015

Deeply she fell
Under his spell
The wishing well
Just couldn't tell
Or hear her yells
Right through her cell
Within it dwells
Her living hell

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Moleko Sula
Sep 12, 2015

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Her eyes spelled magic...
Husna Shahan
Apr 12, 2015

He was standing there
Gazing at her
Captivated as though
He was watching a wonder...❤️

Her hair spread fragrance
Her eyes spelled magic...
She was a miracle
That defied every logic...❤️

He couldn't help but wonder
The beauty she held
Was it for real
Or some charms spelled....❤️

If magic exists in her!
#love   #beauty   #wonder   #magic   #spells   #charms  
Reece Howard
Reece Howard
Nov 2, 2015

this spell is not a ransom note
it is not a shotgun telling you
to say i do
it’s just a beacon to the universe
saying please
i want to know what
could happen
in a world where good things
are for me to experience
and not just from a distance
a world where we are the
best we can be
just because we’re in eachother’s lives

#love   #magic   #spell  
Francisco DH
Francisco DH
Apr 30, 2014


E-Q-U-A-L-I-T-Y         X

F-R-E-E-D-O-M           X

I-N-T-E-G-R-A-T-I-O-N   X

S-E-G-R-E-G-A-T-I-O-N     ✔

O-P-P-R-E-S-S-I-O-N         ✔

I-N-E-Q-U-A-L-I-T-Y          ✔


I had a Sub the other day. She described how it was for her growing up during the Civil Rights Movement before and after mentioning her first spelling lesson was how  to spell "Colored" from her mother. The seed was planted and I kept thinking and this is what I got. Hope y'all enjoy ^-^
Feb 7, 2015

Find the girl
Find her world
From the tower
Of crawling bricks
From it's walls
Make her fall
Make me as her all
Make me break
Her even more
She'll bear this curse
She'll bleed the worst
Day after another
Feed her more
Make her live
She'll suffer this
Until darkness occurs
From this day on
This spell be sealed
Make this true
After her sleep

#hurt   #forever   #curse   #spell   #sadist   #immortality  
Sum It
Sum It
May 4, 2014

Walking alone
with some music
breeze whispering to trees
stars winking ceaselessly
alone with nothing but you
I have always thought
Why is mind so fond
of nights at dawn
of moon behind clouds
of clouds that has fallen
of face behind veil
of things we lose
of feelings untrue
What is so precious
about stones that shine-
only on light.

Written on April 16, 2014
Got deleted by mistake. #repost
#thoughts   #magic   #spell  

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