his mustache sleepy kiss
Amalia Puspa

feels very nice lately
cause I get to receive
his mustache sleepy kiss
that is kindda ticklish

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in your many tiered mustache ride.
Keith Collard
Keith Collard
Jan 17, 2013

The prussian stache, on the wafty pine,
sticky black snuff, on your stache has dried,
I excuse your tobacco dipping while I climb,
just to sway with the wind,
in your many tiered mustache ride.

As I reach the zenith of my ascent,
a small french stache of upward bent,
offered no more for me to climb,
so downward tickle, of the mustache pine.

Daniel Magner
Daniel Magner
Mar 23, 2014

upper lip now hidden
behind a display
of maturity
chin ridden with
a blanket
of adulthood
grown out
just in time
to separate me

but a child
still resides
in these

Daniel Magner 2014
#growing   #mustache   #meh  
Lorna Bradley
Lorna Bradley
Apr 27, 2010

Mustaches (so grand
and furry on their faces)
take men great places.

Will Storck
Will Storck
Sep 13, 2011

Laying back
I stare at the mustached men
Staring down at me
They all have white hair
And blue eyes
They float on by
With half smug grins
Holding back their pride
Of their mustaches
Some have big fat ones
Some have long wispy ones
Some are bristly
Some sway in the wind
Like an old sock on a telephone pole
Their stern gaze
Judge every face they see
Once in a while
Their faces swell
And get dark and puffy
Then the mustached men cry
And shower the landscape with tears
I wonder what they see
Looking down at us
That makes them so sad

Yue Wang Yidhna

To: Charles Rennie Mackintosh.
By:Yue Xing Yidhna Wang
Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Mackintosh, sir
Under the shades of the Willow Tree
I picked up the flower
Your Pink Rose
A nouveau time, nouveau mean
Lights shines through
The minimal window panes
I see, the marriage, renaissance
The White Rose and the Red one too
Blue, Scottish blues
Now, the pedals broken, they flew
Leaving only
My violet soul

'Get a load of that ridiculous mustache,'
βέƦẙḽ Dṏṽ the Smartass Rabbi

When an egoist often uses self-deprecating humor,
perhaps he's exposing himself ~
perhaps he really is isn't an egoist?

Maybe he's just playing the role of an egoist
because he has some other agenda that's not so obvious?

Do you think Hitler or Stalin looked in the mirror and said,
'Get a load of that ridiculous mustache,'
and ordered themselves shot?

Maybe, just maybe ~
there's some 'egoist' somewhere out there on Hello Poetry
with a Master's Degree in Theater,
who looks in the mirror and says to himself,
'Holy shit, I can't fucking believe I pulled this off!'

What could he possibly mean by this?

Jordan Gemieff
Jordan Gemieff
Jan 23, 2013

the thing that left an impression on me was how free and cool they were... like the breeze of a star child, wild and free doing what they damn well please.

Poetic T
Poetic T
Oct 30, 2014

Testaments wrote in language
Of old
To put hair on your chest,
"But accidents can happen"
Never sniff the jar full of mystery
Or you'll nose about it for weeks,
Upon it, styles just to hide the sight
Its growing from your nose in fact,
Do you like my
As you
And then the secrets are out,
Mischief with papers of old  
Noses shouldn't go
"Where noses shouldn't go"
Are for professionals, not those
"Nosy individuals"
Who should put things
Where they should nose they shouldn't go..

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Apr 28, 2014

I love you for your laughter
your soft hair
the morning routines I tried to adopt, that you have down to a science
the way you gaze into the abyss
with tender expressions
the careful footsteps
the blushing falseness
the pretty lace and ribbons
the black eyeliner and studded collars


beards and hunting and fishing
flannels and strength and handsome fellers
truck stops and smoking
whiskey and bonfires
g i joe and spiderman

but most of all batman and joker
the complications of comics

gaming on friday nights with bottles of bud
I love men and boys and women and girls and ladies and gentlemen

I can care for anything with a real soul.
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