John B
John B
May 11, 2014

Mandatory ignorance

Enforced through early cognizance

Until we come to recompense

Serrated lines of quote "logic"

Complicit as an etiquette

Preemptive nondivergence threads

United though we bow our heads

Suspension stasis animus

Alarming lack of sapience

Vendetted waking populace

Intrinsics lost to "evidence"

Orphans to our mother Earth

Regressive inbred immigrants

Staggering seductions ways

Lethargic lecherous hedonist craze

Ambrosia brown to black tar goes

Vivacious love to skanky hoe

Entropy or as that goes

Remorse I say might have some pros

Solemnly a lie you know

Empathy not lost on me

Retracting threats though not my thing

Epiphany perchance to sing

Nocturnal beasts of legend spring

Damnation comes to every fiend

Innocuous solutions seen

Perception slanted serpentine

Impressions sit supplanters quit

The jury rarely gives a shit

Yet here Im relating it

Daniel Magner
Daniel Magner
Jun 23, 2013      Jun 23, 2013

I've slowly fallen, like Satan, from the graces
swapped paces and places, to capture different faces
but the wanderlust on my breath is strong, taste this
It's hard to bond when half the time I'm gone
black hair, curves, four leafed clover thong,
afternoons snoozing and browsing Netflix
flashes of my life till I'm on to the next bit
I can't get no respite, I just might break my next flight
for this chick, hopeless romantic, can't stand it
but lately I've been ghost on this whole scene
mind stolen like my future is a bandit
who's mind set is all about the greed
a fiend for the green presidents that sink further into my dreams
calling my name, telling me it's worth the pain to gain
have pockets on swoll with no shame to get a foothold in the game
thousands would be pocket change but the man in the mirror
doesn't look so set, half stoned, dressed for bed
wishing he could disappear for a bit, maybe never come back
the king of disappearing, yeah he likes the sound of that.

© Daniel Magner 2013
in your many tiered mustache ride.
Keith Collard
Keith Collard
Jan 17, 2013

The prussian stache, on the wafty pine,
sticky black snuff, on your stache has dried,
I excuse your tobacco dipping while I climb,
just to sway with the wind,
in your many tiered mustache ride.

As I reach the zenith of my ascent,
a small french stache of upward bent,
offered no more for me to climb,
so downward tickle, of the mustache pine.

Daniel Magner
Daniel Magner
Mar 23, 2014

upper lip now hidden
behind a display
of maturity
chin ridden with
a blanket
of adulthood
grown out
just in time
to separate me

but a child
still resides
in these

Daniel Magner 2014
#growing   #mustache   #meh  
Poetic T
Poetic T
Oct 30, 2014

Testaments wrote in language
Of old
To put hair on your chest,
"But accidents can happen"
Never sniff the jar full of mystery
Or you'll nose about it for weeks,
Upon it, styles just to hide the sight
Its growing from your nose in fact,
Do you like my
As you
And then the secrets are out,
Mischief with papers of old  
Noses shouldn't go
"Where noses shouldn't go"
Are for professionals, not those
"Nosy individuals"
Who should put things
Where they should nose they shouldn't go..

#fun   #i   #hair   #magic   #mustache   #sneeze   #nose   #potions   #nosy  
'Get a load of that ridiculous mustache,'
βέƦẙḽ Dṏṽ the Smartass Rabbi

When an egoist often uses self-deprecating humor,
perhaps he's exposing himself ~
perhaps he really is isn't an egoist?

Maybe he's just playing the role of an egoist
because he has some other agenda that's not so obvious?

Do you think Hitler or Stalin looked in the mirror and said,
'Get a load of that ridiculous mustache,'
and ordered themselves shot?

Maybe, just maybe ~
there's some 'egoist' somewhere out there on Hello Poetry
with a Master's Degree in Theater,
who looks in the mirror and says to himself,
'Holy shit, I can't fucking believe I pulled this off!'

What could he possibly mean by this?

Richard D Remler
Richard D Remler
Dec 2, 2014      Dec 2, 2014


The next time I fall in love
I'll be a bit more me.
I'll mind her less or more or less
She'll love the change she's gonna see.

I'll kiss her every Tuesday,
If her breath don't make me cry.
And I'll kiss her like I mean it,
At least it's worth a try.

I'll up and go at any time
If'n I feel the need.
Relationships can't help but grow
When you tend that seed.

Of course, she'll think I'm kidding
When I forget that she's about.
She'll learn important things like
Cleaning catfish, bass and trout.

And I'll probably never mention she's
Someone I can't live without.
That's just another pointless thing
Real men never talk about.

I'll keep out of all her arguments
Why ruin a good day?
And of course she'll know I've listened
When I've nothing new to say.

And if'n I forget her name,
She'll probably think it's cute.
So if she does, from time to time,
I'll share a wholesome toot.

This time  I'll lounge about a spell
In my Scooby underwear.
She'll probably like it better
If I'm completely honest there.

I'll go fishing every now and then,
Because fishing's where it's at.
And she'll love it, oh, she'll learn to
Love my grungy fishing hat.

It's got kerbobs and lures and hooks
Up here and over there,
And it ain't been washed in fifteen years
And never will, I swear!

She'll love that I'm so honest
When I tell her something new,
I'm gonna guess that honesty's
A couples super glue.

Eh, of course she'll be a'wanting things
I'm never gonna buy,
Which just proves our love will flourish
Like ragweed in July,

Yeah, next time I fall in love
I'll be a lot more me.
Relationships work better when
You're honest to a T.

Copyright © 2002 Richard D. Remler

"A kiss is a lovely trick designed by
nature to stop speech when words
become superfluous."
~Ingrid Bergman
waxed mustache was his upside
Wuthering Heights

He said his
waxed mustache was his upside
down smile.

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