his mustache sleepy kiss
Sep 10, 2015

feels very nice lately
cause I get to receive
his mustache sleepy kiss
that is kindda ticklish

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in your many tiered mustache ride.
Keith Collard
Keith Collard
Jan 17, 2013

The prussian stache, on the wafty pine,
sticky black snuff, on your stache has dried,
I excuse your tobacco dipping while I climb,
just to sway with the wind,
in your many tiered mustache ride.

As I reach the zenith of my ascent,
a small french stache of upward bent,
offered no more for me to climb,
so downward tickle, of the mustache pine.

Daniel Magner
Daniel Magner
Mar 23, 2014

upper lip now hidden
behind a display
of maturity
chin ridden with
a blanket
of adulthood
grown out
just in time
to separate me

but a child
still resides
in these

Daniel Magner 2014
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Lorna Bradley
Lorna Bradley
Apr 27, 2010

Mustaches (so grand
and furry on their faces)
take men great places.

Will Storck
Will Storck
Sep 13, 2011

Laying back
I stare at the mustached men
Staring down at me
They all have white hair
And blue eyes
They float on by
With half smug grins
Holding back their pride
Of their mustaches
Some have big fat ones
Some have long wispy ones
Some are bristly
Some sway in the wind
Like an old sock on a telephone pole
Their stern gaze
Judge every face they see
Once in a while
Their faces swell
And get dark and puffy
Then the mustached men cry
And shower the landscape with tears
I wonder what they see
Looking down at us
That makes them so sad

Yue Wang Yidhna
Yue Wang Yidhna
Oct 11, 2015

To: Charles Rennie Mackintosh.
By:Yue Xing Yidhna Wang
Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Mackintosh, sir
Under the shades of the Willow Tree
I picked up the flower
Your Pink Rose
A nouveau time, nouveau mean
Lights shines through
The minimal window panes
I see, the marriage, renaissance
The White Rose and the Red one too
Blue, Scottish blues
Now, the pedals broken, they flew
Leaving only
My violet soul

Nameless Wonder
Nameless Wonder
Feb 4, 2016

I felt a jolt,
Yeah that's right,
Like I had been struck by a lightening bolt
That conducted happiness through my veins.
The moment I noticed a couple of parallel black lines below my nose and above my top lip.

I was on-top-of-the-world happy for I knew I had transcended from boy to man.

XD it may have not been a big deal for many of you, but man, my day was made :v
(I hope you found it to be funny and not stupid)
The way his mustache twitched
Mike Hauser
Mike Hauser
Dec 1, 2015

Just the other day
I met Robert Goulet

I was surprised a bit
The way his mustache twitched

A mind of its own
Like in the Twilight Zone

Jumping right off his face
His mustache ran away

Teeny boppers next door
Giggled out of control

As Roberts mustached jumped
Landing in someones lunch

That's when the Maítre ď
Let out a girly scream

Quite an embarrassment
To all us burly men

Then throughout the day
The mustache of Robert Goulett

Made a name for itself
As it ventured about town

His mustache all could see
Has a tinder streak

Helping old ladies out
To get across the street

Why it even saved a cat
Giving all its nine lives back

Pulled it from a tree
That was burning excessively

At that same moment saved the town
Itself from burning down

But that story's much to long
To try to abound

The town was so impressed
They trimmed up the mustache

Of Robert Goulett
Then gave it a ticker tape parade

After that they named a street
Because of its heroic feat

If it had two hands to greet
Would have handed it the city's key

And if the mustache could talk at all
Would have given the greatest speech

If Roberts mustache had only known
It'd do this good out on its own

It would have left the upper lip
Along time ago

Jan 23, 2013

the thing that left an impression on me was how free and cool they were... like the breeze of a star child, wild and free doing what they damn well please.

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